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The Most Detailed CIRCLE EVER??? | ZHC

I challenged myself and my subscribers to make the most detailed circle ever...
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  1. ZHC


    2 anni fa

    What would you draw using just a circle... LOVE YOU ARTIST ARMY!! Thank you for the endless support! You guys are the best!! LETSGOOOO BABBBYYYYY YEEEEEEEET!! Congrats on first comment: XxDerpy DragonxX

    • Foxy Awesome

      Foxy Awesome

      Mese fa

      a melon 😏

    • Dawlat Algamal

      Dawlat Algamal

      Mese fa

      Hi zhc



      2 mesi fa

      I am first

    • Cresentlight Of Riverclan

      Cresentlight Of Riverclan

      2 mesi fa

      I would draw a time turner from Harry Potter

    • Louis Watson

      Louis Watson

      2 mesi fa

      Zach maybe chill a bit

  2. Sarah Altemus

    Sarah Altemus

    4 giorni fa

    yeah someone who I'm no longer friends with was rude and destructive about my art and just don't let it get to u

  3. miki the cat

    miki the cat

    14 giorni fa

    When ZHC draws: *Epic craziness* When I draw: Aw come on, my paws already hurt amd I was about to draw a line.... It took me 5 hours to draw a straight line come on! Am never drawing again it's so hard.. *Gets catnip* I quit.

  4. Paridhi Sharma

    Paridhi Sharma

    14 giorni fa

    ITput: let's put this on recommendations after an year

  5. Pile of wires And spaghet

    Pile of wires And spaghet

    14 giorni fa

    First i thought you were drawing a flower :/

  6. Felicity Waffer

    Felicity Waffer

    15 giorni fa

    Yo it’s now 2021

  7. RHGaming Holmes

    RHGaming Holmes

    15 giorni fa

    Me: tries to make a circle but ends up making a swirl ZHC : Pathetic.

  8. Chaitanya H.k

    Chaitanya H.k

    16 giorni fa

    Where is Stanley :(

  9. Athdrix


    16 giorni fa

    ZHC: draws a perfect circle and even draws the inside really good Me: draws a horrible circle and writing smile in it only

  10. Marshmallow Bunny

    Marshmallow Bunny

    17 giorni fa

    when i grow up i want to be an artist too!! i wanna draw when i grow up! i love drawing at my free time

  11. ImLevin


    17 giorni fa

    Zhc: drawing detailed circle *epic music in the background*

  12. G Mummy

    G Mummy

    17 giorni fa


  13. G Mummy

    G Mummy

    17 giorni fa

    Ooo i like it i allready subscribe but where is caipton amarica?????

  14. Marion Franks

    Marion Franks

    17 giorni fa


  15. jumana arsiwalla

    jumana arsiwalla

    18 giorni fa

    umm i think you can get 420 likes since umm u now have 144,385 likes lol edit: also can u do one for 2021

  16. Gabriel Goldman

    Gabriel Goldman

    18 giorni fa

    Who else is watching this January 2021 LOL

  17. The kid artist #Love to draw

    The kid artist #Love to draw

    18 giorni fa

    Um this to my a bit weird but pls be to my channel omg I'm like doing this to every video I watch 😅

  18. superdeadlyhuis gaming

    superdeadlyhuis gaming

    18 giorni fa

    Notch: * scared noises*

  19. boruto _56

    boruto _56

    18 giorni fa

    Most detaild circle but sonic edition



    19 giorni fa

    Most detaild Trialgle ever

  21. Summer SQUAD

    Summer SQUAD

    19 giorni fa

    Who else is watching in 2020 to hear his emotional speech cause of how the year is

  22. Yousaf Ali

    Yousaf Ali

    19 giorni fa

    Bro its 2021

  23. Nehemiah His Many Lightnings

    Nehemiah His Many Lightnings

    19 giorni fa

    This is cool

  24. Elsa Gosselin

    Elsa Gosselin

    20 giorni fa

    Wow you are GOOD

  25. N o o b i e

    N o o b i e

    20 giorni fa

    Whos here in 2021?

  26. alexander jackson

    alexander jackson

    20 giorni fa

    go job man im as bad ass you

  27. B k

    B k

    20 giorni fa

    I be part of art army I also am bullied for how bad my art is by my little BROTHER'S!!😥😥

  28. RAYnish


    20 giorni fa


  29. GCKScar1shot


    20 giorni fa


  30. Maria Totanes

    Maria Totanes

    21 giorno fa

    BTW I am a new sub. Shootout plz

  31. Maria Totanes

    Maria Totanes

    21 giorno fa

    People say I'm the best at anime art at school...Big fan ZHC!

  32. Lizzy Girl

    Lizzy Girl

    21 giorno fa


  33. [CK] Flyinpigeon

    [CK] Flyinpigeon

    21 giorno fa


  34. Cupcakes :3

    Cupcakes :3

    21 giorno fa

  35. Cupcakes :3

    Cupcakes :3

    21 giorno fa

    Drawing a circle, sponsoring a square, representing it with a rectangle? wow.

  36. The coo coo guy

    The coo coo guy

    21 giorno fa

    This is really cool I’m new

  37. • Dice •

    • Dice •

    21 giorno fa

    my sister told me this was an art tutorial so i watched it and tried draw it- spoiler: i failed

  38. Barbara Wong

    Barbara Wong

    21 giorno fa

    who is watching this in 2021?

  39. SweatMatt


    21 giorno fa


  40. SweatMatt


    21 giorno fa


  41. gacha liana

    gacha liana

    21 giorno fa

    𝕀'𝕞 𝔻𝕖𝕒𝕕 / ̄\ ⊂⊃ / ̄\ (// ̄\∧∧/ ̄\\) (// ̄ (*゚ー゚) ̄\\) (/(/ ̄(⊃※⊂) \\) (///| |\ \) (/(/ | |\)\) ∪ ∪

  42. Lily Gray

    Lily Gray

    21 giorno fa

    ZHC-can we get 420 like ! Me - bruh u gonna get A lot more than 420 u got 143k lol!

  43. H G Games

    H G Games

    21 giorno fa

    Zach is SO NICE

  44. H G Games

    H G Games

    21 giorno fa


  45. Emma Kim

    Emma Kim

    21 giorno fa

    Whoa just woah



    21 giorno fa

    Captain Marvel My favourite 😎😎

  47. Diamønd Wølfie

    Diamønd Wølfie

    21 giorno fa

    Who’s watching in 2021

  48. Nicole Ong

    Nicole Ong

    21 giorno fa

    How to draw anime

  49. Ophelia Blue

    Ophelia Blue

    21 giorno fa

    *me relizing it says 2019*

  50. No Context Man

    No Context Man

    21 giorno fa

    Thank hoodness this wasn’t an epic drawing for 2020...2020 didn’t deserve it.

  51. 0ubve _

    0ubve _

    21 giorno fa

    *this is AMAZING :O*

  52. Welovetofuu132 Toiletpaper

    Welovetofuu132 Toiletpaper

    22 giorni fa

    At the end big chungus comes out

  53. deividas kvietkauskas2

    deividas kvietkauskas2

    22 giorni fa

    Im from the future its 2021

  54. Gabe and Friends

    Gabe and Friends

    22 giorni fa


  55. Hussain Saleem

    Hussain Saleem

    22 giorni fa


  56. Shreyas Arun

    Shreyas Arun

    22 giorni fa

    your art is the worlds best

  57. Joblo123


    22 giorni fa

    Hey dude we have problems. First of all, groot and captain marvel aren’t avengers. Second of all, you’re missing black widow, captain America and Hawkeye

  58. Grace Wilkinson

    Grace Wilkinson

    22 giorni fa

    I love your work so much and your my favourite youchuber!! ♡

  59. Sesili Merabishvili

    Sesili Merabishvili

    22 giorni fa

    And you dont do thet

  60. Sesili Merabishvili

    Sesili Merabishvili

    22 giorni fa

    I love MARVEL 😍

  61. Bee Attacc

    Bee Attacc

    22 giorni fa

    draw a M U F F I N H A M P S T E R

  62. Mzen Viray Talipz

    Mzen Viray Talipz

    22 giorni fa

    Who got recommended this almost 2 years ago

  63. Chicken Wing Chicken Wing Hotdog and Baloni

    Chicken Wing Chicken Wing Hotdog and Baloni

    22 giorni fa


  64. Xxlolp-_ez


    22 giorni fa

    Pause the video on 7:35 to see MY DRAWING

  65. Maya Nadeem

    Maya Nadeem

    22 giorni fa

    You are the best artist ever

  66. Diviya Venkatesh

    Diviya Venkatesh

    22 giorni fa

    I am An Artist Army too and BTS Army Too 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🤗🤗🤗☺☺ Purple u ZHC 💜

  67. Mini Seeker

    Mini Seeker

    22 giorni fa

    I suck at drawing

  68. Slow Sloth

    Slow Sloth

    22 giorni fa

    Wait so am bn I bullying myself

  69. Michelle Epoch

    Michelle Epoch

    22 giorni fa

    Who’s watching this in 2021



    22 giorni fa

    my entire family thinks my art is trash:C

  71. Evan The Artist

    Evan The Artist

    22 giorni fa

    I think the earth is the most detailed circle,oh sphere

  72. isaac lewis

    isaac lewis

    23 giorni fa

    When ur a minute and a half in and u think he’s finished lol

  73. N F

    N F

    23 giorni fa

    Repli to dis if ur watching this in 2021

  74. Charlotte Towne

    Charlotte Towne

    23 giorni fa

    You should do the most detailed square ever >U

    • Charlotte Towne

      Charlotte Towne

      21 giorno fa

      @HAPPY GIRAFFE thank ou I like giraffes too! :D



      21 giorno fa

      Ya I was thinking about that to charlotte btw nice picture a giraffe my favorite animal

  75. Azure and Crimzon

    Azure and Crimzon

    23 giorni fa

    Is anyone else watching this in 2021 🤣

  76. Vicky Chan

    Vicky Chan

    23 giorni fa

    Now is finally 2021.(Zach film at early 2019) Me:watch this at 2021

  77. Sid Lainton

    Sid Lainton

    23 giorni fa

    Then 2020 hapend

  78. Alzain 3612

    Alzain 3612

    23 giorni fa

    Love you zhc

  79. Elliot Best

    Elliot Best

    23 giorni fa

    ZHC I dare you to draw the most ditald Square

  80. Hello Nutgeterb

    Hello Nutgeterb

    23 giorni fa

    *when you see thanoses foot step out of the circle*

  81. Random Bros fz

    Random Bros fz

    23 giorni fa

    Circle space lol

  82. krishanth


    23 giorni fa

    What pencil

  83. Je Pg

    Je Pg

    23 giorni fa

    I am not a good artist 👨‍🎨, but I always try to be better and I also try to help others to be better.

  84. Janelle R

    Janelle R

    23 giorni fa

    I’m surprised you made a circle

  85. AandS brenits

    AandS brenits

    23 giorni fa

    Excuse my French how the frick did he draw that

  86. O TS

    O TS

    23 giorni fa

    Make the most detailed triangles Rules: You can only draw triangles It has to be plants

  87. Eden Tesoriere

    Eden Tesoriere

    23 giorni fa

    Please do a Bucky barns picture. PLEASE!

  88. Ender The bean

    Ender The bean

    23 giorni fa

    Sorry had to dislike you don’t stop talking

  89. Noah G

    Noah G

    23 giorni fa

    Yeah people be mean

  90. Noah G

    Noah G

    23 giorni fa

    Sup zhc your so cool

  91. liam craig

    liam craig

    23 giorni fa

    Middle school and a bit of last year in high school do got bullied cause I drew lewd anime an hentai

  92. Riley Mann

    Riley Mann

    23 giorni fa

    Zack: if you can help than do it Me: *gives a home liss person £10000* Zack: gap’s* Me: mrbeast 6000 wooo mrbeast you know his name!!!

  93. war machine 5 x

    war machine 5 x

    23 giorni fa

    If someone says your art is bad and he makes fun of it tell him do u even know how to draw

  94. Animatix


    23 giorni fa


  95. Bubbles Vaughan

    Bubbles Vaughan

    24 giorni fa

    Who is watching in 2021 well I am (just comment)

  96. Delia the Avocado

    Delia the Avocado

    24 giorni fa

    Now is 2021 :')

  97. 陈福永


    24 giorni fa

    That is indeed the most detailed circle in fact it’s the most beautiful and detailed circle I have ever seen!

  98. Achkar Leticia

    Achkar Leticia

    24 giorni fa

    I have a challenge for you you need to draw a big drawing writing your name only

  99. Dork 789

    Dork 789

    24 giorni fa

    I am Grot

  100. Welcometothewolfpack


    24 giorni fa

    I bet u went to art school, and that’s cool to I feel like that would be hard to get into. But I just want to say u got talent

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