I Surprised Zach King With A Custom Van

i can't believe we surprised Zach King with a custom van
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We customized a car and lived in it for 24 hours with Zach King
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    10M dollars is literally people’s total of money! Zach: 10M dollars is 1 dollars for zach So I’m saying HE RICH!

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    michelle bribed to not ive in the van for $10

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    your so lucky you have so much supplies for art 😭😭 i can’t even afford cheap alternatives of copics ;-;

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    Zack: We have a- Add: aM i PrEgNaT?

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    15 Years Later: I Customized A Planet!

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    i love you guys so much you guys are great artist happy 20201🥳🥳🥳

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