Surprising The Hype House With A Custom Bus 🚌 ft. Addison Rae & Tik Tok

I can't believe I spent this much money on a bus lol
Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching:)
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We even drew LilHuddy , Addison Rae , Charli D'Amelio , Dixie D'Amelio and more on the bus


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    • Helena Nordkvist

      Helena Nordkvist

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      I Saw how you triped on the staires into the bus xD You can’t hade nothing C=

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      wearing a mr beast top lezz go

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      Norvel Realda

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      hope i win❤️❤️❤️

    • Hailey Richelle Gatdula

      Hailey Richelle Gatdula

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      The bus looks so sick when it was all finished :)

  2. Arjun Sharma

    Arjun Sharma

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    what about custom masks LOL

  3. Robert Assaf

    Robert Assaf

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    Btw idk how u do that that is insane INSANE

  4. Robert Assaf

    Robert Assaf

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    Omg I'm such a big fan of u ZHC!:D

  5. Ruby Jamil

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    20 years zhc customising a house and giving it to a famous ITputr

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    👁 👄 👁

  7. Iosif and skippy

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    At 8:00 if you were hot you could take some milk from the ***

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    hey i just went to hollywood yesterday

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    Zach I am your BIGGEST FANN!!!

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    Actuqlly cool

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    I sub

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    Amagine driving on a boring rode trip and then just seeing this bus in front of you

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    How did u meet Michelle?

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    Its soo cool

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    Everybody : 👁️👄👁️ Me : 👁️👅👁️

  17. Meruyert Zhashenova

    Meruyert Zhashenova

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    100 years later: surprising nasa with a customized sun

  18. RbloxGurlGalingding♡


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    What does ZHC means zack hates craft? Probably yes

  19. Patricia leila Laderas

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    Wish u could get one of your costume items ☹️, by the way I'm your fan from the Philippines. Been watching your vids and it's inspired me alot!! Looking forward for your new videos ❤️❤️

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    I subscribe

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    wow a billioner a lot of money bro

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    wheres leo?

  23. Amirbek Najmeddinov

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  24. Reese Vega

    Reese Vega

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    The girl said “ i want reeses..!” Me:👁👄👁 YoU GOnNa EAT MEHhH?!

  25. Emilio Loya

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    Zhc in 21 years surprise nasa with a costom rocket

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    Hi zhc

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    Bye the time he turns into a Legend article he will have a stor whit costume phons and heat pods and lambert owned for free

  30. Christina Jahns

    Christina Jahns

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    500 years later he surprised them whit a costume earth

  31. Christina Jahns

    Christina Jahns

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  32. that one guy

    that one guy

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    ZHC what markers do you use I want to make a ITput channel like you but the markers i have a crayola i want better ones and you have the better ones

  33. Leah PollittYT

    Leah PollittYT

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    Michelle sounds so different when she doesn’t do the high pitched voice and I like it🥺

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    ,y neighbor is called Karen but she is so sweet and she lets us come over anytime she also lets us bake cookies with her and etc , so not all Karen’s r “gImMe uR maNagErr”

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    hey i subscribe to all never get giveaways

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    Zach is that your nee house?

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    4 years later: surprising Paris with a custom Eiffel Tower 🗼

  39. Jessica Cueva

    Jessica Cueva

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    I like how it it said watch your step and he tripped 😂

  40. Erin Dugan Villa

    Erin Dugan Villa

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    That was awesome I could do nothing like that bye Peace

  41. Hadie Juarez

    Hadie Juarez

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    Jake paul is quaking in his shoes just by watching this

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    ZHC I wish you where my teacher art or a brother

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    I really want to get a gift from zch. Because I am a fan of zch if I can tq very2

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    and people are staying his content isn’t original?

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    This looks so good!

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    You may or may not of noticed but when he is getting on the bus he trips.0:14

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    I need I pad

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    That is so cool 😘😘😘

  50. Patrick Martin

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    Is mrbeast your dad cuz ur always giving money and other things away

  51. Violet E

    Violet E

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    0:52 and 0:58 I don’t watch him often but that was cool

  52. Amy Kemp

    Amy Kemp

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    Oh my god you are so kind to your subscribers

  53. Ursula Gracey

    Ursula Gracey

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    Dont spend to much money you might lose it all. But your a talented artist wow 🌺

  54. Ivana Božić

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    What if one member leaves

  55. Gabor Hetenyi

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    Where is Leo?



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    Mr beast want to be lol

  57. Kemily squad!

    Kemily squad!

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    Charli is t in the hype house but I’m glad she’s in it

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    What “”””””””””””””

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    nobody sayin how sick those transitions were

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    I sub and like vids but I never got custom stuff :( it’s like my dream

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    Ok so one it was kinda a waste i mean theyre already rich like bruh Two if condensation dripped the paint what happens when it rains like how do they seal it ???

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    Im subsribed to ZHC crafts and ZHC i hope i can get a costom phone someday

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    Can you do something for Bella Poarch plsplsplsplspls

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    A fill for you....

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    You Wat Up

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    Give me that bus

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    Hope you did not use washable markers if you did how they gonna wash the bus ?????

  69. Leonardo Ordonez

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    Not hype snipe house

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    Sorry zhc i sub but i didnt hit the bell i do ti now

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    Can I have earpod_ that ZHC make

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    His forienss

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    I subcibe

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    i looked up facts abt u and apparently u took art classes in the city i live lol

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    am i the only one who say that trip? 0:13

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    Him: "oh yeah we did a design on the tablet." Me: ONE OF YOUR THOUSAND TABLETS?!?!???!!!

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    Can you do house tour

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    16 years later :ZHC surprises us with a new rainbow

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    Damn this is content

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    The younger kid has a low voice reminds me of my bro

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    0:14 trips on staits lul

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    How are u going to go to the car wash

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    Zach:noooo my favorite pair of shoes Michelle:at least it's pink Zach:I don't want pink Michelle well to badd Me:*did an evil laugh*

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    When I subscribe to your videos I never get one ??.?

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    You know how to drive a bus? Yeah I learned last week 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Awsome and nice

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    wheres charli

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    BEST. DIVE. EVER. 50/10

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    I am obsessed with watching your videos in a day your artwork is amazing 🥰😍

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    12 years later: ZHC surprising NASA with a custom rocket

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    ZHC pic was better than bryant

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