I Surprised MrBeast With A Custom House

We surprised MrBeast with a custom house then gave it to someone who really needed it lol
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ZHC & MrBeast surprise someone with a custom hand painted house
Special thanks to @MrBeast and his crew!


  1. ZHC


    Mese fa

    Subscribe right now if you want to win custom items and money in my next video! No joke I give away most of what I make back to my subscribers lol I love you guys! Special thank to MrBeast

    • Rohan JOHNSON

      Rohan JOHNSON

      2 giorni fa


    • Sahal Mahmed Sakil Patel

      Sahal Mahmed Sakil Patel

      2 giorni fa

      The notifaction is making me turn airplane mode on 😥😭😭

    • Jaelin Wad

      Jaelin Wad

      2 giorni fa

      Karls reaction to the shrek was the cutest

    • farnaz siddiqui

      farnaz siddiqui

      11 giorni fa

      I live in Australia 🇦🇺

    • Axel Bueso

      Axel Bueso

      Mese fa

      16:39 meatcanyon vibes

  2. Sync


    9 minuti fa

    How can I get something,I am from little Serbia,not from USA..

  3. Brandon Mascareno

    Brandon Mascareno

    Ora fa

    titel should be change tto i suprised noalon whith A Custom house

  4. among us plays

    among us plays

    2 ore fa

    OMG your my favorite artist

  5. Isla World

    Isla World

    2 ore fa


  6. Denis Godonoaga

    Denis Godonoaga

    2 ore fa

    I bet mrbeast has enough money to buy 13 more but hey a custom House does sound nice

  7. Parth Patel

    Parth Patel

    2 ore fa

    Mr. beast

  8. Idontknowwhyimhere ???

    Idontknowwhyimhere ???

    2 ore fa

    Zhc is the artist version of Mr beast

  9. Mai Lippke Larsen 3. kl

    Mai Lippke Larsen 3. kl

    3 ore fa

    at 16:14 karl went from chill to murder jump

  10. iam mazig

    iam mazig

    3 ore fa

    Mrbeast : This was fun Me : meh it wasnt even close to fun , maybe for 8 yold kid tho idk🙄

  11. Ashlynn Martin

    Ashlynn Martin

    4 ore fa

    Was the screen black for anyone else ?

  12. Squadz Production

    Squadz Production

    4 ore fa

    Can you really send customise gift to Pakistan 😂😂😂Really man ?🤐🤐

  13. Chuzzywuz


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    Everyone who is watching sub to mr beast

  14. J Englund

    J Englund

    4 ore fa

    I want dat house!🤩😄

  15. Demon Edits

    Demon Edits

    6 ore fa

    he looked so happy to get the house omg

  16. Axel Rodrigez

    Axel Rodrigez

    6 ore fa

    Mr beast

  17. Axel Rodrigez

    Axel Rodrigez

    6 ore fa


  18. Demon Edits

    Demon Edits

    6 ore fa

    lol imagine the owner inviting someone round and then they just see mr beast everywhere they go..

  19. Bread


    6 ore fa

    Thank you for the house i love waking up in it

  20. Timer im Grinder

    Timer im Grinder

    6 ore fa

    if i would get this i would paint it over on the first day

  21. Jasper Cayat

    Jasper Cayat

    6 ore fa


  22. Hansgreed7


    6 ore fa

    Alert 2nd Mr beast

  23. on fire

    on fire

    6 ore fa

    Me beast reverse!

  24. MrJade Stknds

    MrJade Stknds

    7 ore fa

    13:50 i wouldnt even know thats a door, thanks for labeling it

  25. Yousaf Ali

    Yousaf Ali

    7 ore fa

    Looooool for the comments ZHC Hearted

  26. Stas Romsak

    Stas Romsak

    7 ore fa


  27. David Cardona

    David Cardona

    7 ore fa

    Should’ve bought a new roof lol

  28. Zul Dzy

    Zul Dzy

    9 ore fa

    tq bro keep your work for helping everyone

  29. Pranit Prasham

    Pranit Prasham

    9 ore fa

    I'm your big fan

  30. Sara Hussain

    Sara Hussain

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  31. Paul_30pro565


    9 ore fa

    This Channel should be called "Suprising ITputrs"

  32. Luiz Chavez

    Luiz Chavez

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  33. Luiz Chavez

    Luiz Chavez

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  34. Luiz Chavez

    Luiz Chavez

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  35. Lorie Revozo

    Lorie Revozo

    11 ore fa

    If someone says I'm homeless, I'll wait for him to give me house too

  36. lola


    11 ore fa

    imagine walking into the house and seeing this massive shrek at night omg i would freak out

  37. Air Benders

    Air Benders

    11 ore fa

    Omega amazing!!

  38. Ivy Jane

    Ivy Jane

    11 ore fa

    OMG im crying at "the key video" hahahah

  39. clark ortiz

    clark ortiz

    12 ore fa


  40. Bhasura Minila

    Bhasura Minila

    12 ore fa

    woa. these apintings are amazing

  41. Bonox Gamer

    Bonox Gamer

    12 ore fa

    I remember when he had 1 million subs good old times

  42. 5 techy Vlogs

    5 techy Vlogs

    13 ore fa


  43. shiven shah

    shiven shah

    14 ore fa

    I live in Thailand so its unlucky for me

  44. Carmela Villanueva

    Carmela Villanueva

    14 ore fa

    I am so obsessed with their i wish i was as good as them😍😍a fan here in the philippines!!praying someday i may be one of those people who got your give aways..that will be word can explain🤣🤣but its gonna be a dream come true😊

  45. Savage Marty

    Savage Marty

    15 ore fa

    Welp ima sub now

  46. AR BS

    AR BS

    15 ore fa

    They work so much on a house... Mr beast's next video: "I just gave away an awesome house"

  47. Tagoff09


    15 ore fa

    What key videoooooo "hahahaha" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  48. Sabrina Sadeghian

    Sabrina Sadeghian

    15 ore fa

    Kinda wish I knew this was happening so I could watch or offer to help with maybe moving stuff. I happen to live in NC right now. It's my dream to one day be able to afford to buy my mom a house so she wont have to deal with landlords anymore. So it's fun to see these and pretend I can do that too. I loved the shark, that was probably my favorite since I love sharks.

  49. Logan VLogs

    Logan VLogs

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    Where is my custom gift for subscribing lol

  50. Janeen Whitney

    Janeen Whitney

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  51. jihane geagea

    jihane geagea

    15 ore fa

    i subscribe 2 months ago

  52. Srishti Das

    Srishti Das

    17 ore fa

    Just waitin' for " suprising nasa with a custom rocket"

  53. swosg


    17 ore fa

    It’s like a mrbeast video but opposite

  54. Dominique Adonis

    Dominique Adonis

    17 ore fa


  55. Jacob Bouffard

    Jacob Bouffard

    17 ore fa

    That was amazing

  56. dipti mayee

    dipti mayee

    17 ore fa

    Alright this is amazing

  57. drew


    17 ore fa

    The key video🤣

  58. drew


    17 ore fa

    Keep doing the art videos i love them

  59. Chris Buckston

    Chris Buckston

    18 ore fa

    The melted locust exemplarily record because biology additionally note about a bizarre rubber. numberless, dear dinghy

  60. Fallin4emmz


    18 ore fa

    i had never heard of u till now but honestly not disappointed

  61. Trash Gon Main

    Trash Gon Main

    18 ore fa

    Hmm, DITTO

  62. Seraphim Baker

    Seraphim Baker

    19 ore fa

    This was really cool! Good job man

  63. Gilgalad


    19 ore fa

    I see Nolan I clicked

  64. Oui Matcha

    Oui Matcha

    19 ore fa

    Can we get a free Oui Matcha painting - like a cart, or a tea shop is also fine 😂

  65. Orlandon Mazonjr

    Orlandon Mazonjr

    19 ore fa

    The key video 😌😌

  66. Peachy


    19 ore fa

    When he gives a little kid like a thousand dollars Me: ...

  67. Kyle


    19 ore fa

    The Cousin Of MrBeast!!!

  68. mel bruzzano

    mel bruzzano

    20 ore fa


  69. Renee Evans

    Renee Evans

    20 ore fa

    i love your vids!

  70. Ayden YinDam

    Ayden YinDam

    21 ora fa

    Mr beast:I’m sorry this is mine

  71. David Fox

    David Fox

    21 ora fa

    Do you know the Xbox X is better two PS five is going to be garbage that

  72. RJBucc


    21 ora fa

    How dumb that house must look

  73. Game bros

    Game bros

    22 ore fa

    really awesome video would have been better if they gave it to a homeless person

  74. sumia halasa

    sumia halasa

    22 ore fa

    Hi I love watching your videos I subscribe and always really want something frome you

  75. Allison Churella

    Allison Churella

    22 ore fa

    yet we never saw a vid on mr beast channel about this. or him in it.

  76. yong park

    yong park

    23 ore fa

    i suded

  77. Naim Ortiz

    Naim Ortiz

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    That's an abomination

  78. Robloxgirl123


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  79. Edward Ertz

    Edward Ertz

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  80. Puzzle gaming

    Puzzle gaming

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  81. Puzzle gaming

    Puzzle gaming

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  82. Robert Bombard

    Robert Bombard

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    they literally got the mark of the beast lol

  83. BlueDoodle 284

    BlueDoodle 284

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    Subscribe with your fist

  84. Jace Apps

    Jace Apps

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    No way mrbeast is in the chat

  85. ginger aragon

    ginger aragon

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    • ginger aragon

      ginger aragon

      Giorno fa


    • ginger aragon

      ginger aragon

      Giorno fa


  86. Ziggy Is Dumb

    Ziggy Is Dumb

    Giorno fa

    Imagine if the person who moved in didn’t know who mrbeast is.

  87. Isileli Fonohema

    Isileli Fonohema

    Giorno fa

    Idc about the painting I care about the editor

  88. Eli 21

    Eli 21

    Giorno fa

    who else loves zic

  89. Believe your self

    Believe your self

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    Waiting your gift. Need it !!!!

  90. josh brabham

    josh brabham

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    best vid yet

  91. Josh Decal

    Josh Decal

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    Damn he is good that is all i can say

  92. sorrells fam

    sorrells fam

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    sub 2 sorrells fam so i can get a ps4

  93. ROBERT artt

    ROBERT artt

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    de donde saca tanto dinero

  94. Ben Kartashevsky

    Ben Kartashevsky

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    this was a great a episode

  95. Vivian DeMille

    Vivian DeMille

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    I love your videos I actually do are myself

  96. Jacqueline Decker-Sanchez

    Jacqueline Decker-Sanchez

    Giorno fa

    Can you please send me the house

  97. Sophie McCreath

    Sophie McCreath

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    Hi I love this vid pls give me a shout out to my BFF phoebe and Casey and me sophie

  98. Dmitri RBJ

    Dmitri RBJ

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    I feel so bad you looseing money im going to subscribe mabye when i have my own money i will donate :) (Im not a boy just fyi ME LOVE THE PINKKKKKKKKK)

  99. Jenor Waje

    Jenor Waje

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    When they say he key video he was confused

  100. Eva Pan

    Eva Pan

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    This is Awesome

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