Surprising Addison Rae With A Custom Car!! 🚘 🚗 ft. Tik Tok | ZHC

I surprised Addison Rae with her dream custom car! ITputr surprises Tik Tok star!
Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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  1. ZHC


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    Please subscribe cuz I want to do nice things for other people and my subscribers! I am also teaming up with a local children's hospital soon for an event so profits will be used to fund it❤️ So thankful for all of you! Love each and every one of you so so much! First comment: Brian Thornley



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    • Stone Walton

      Stone Walton

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    • Gavin Ray

      Gavin Ray

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      Can you

    • thazin htun

      thazin htun

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      I want the gift but you can’t

    • ArchMatteo _

      ArchMatteo _

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  2. Rayhan’s World

    Rayhan’s World

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    When she said “Y’all are so thoughtful”! you guys are actually thoughtful

  3. Carla Guerra

    Carla Guerra

    52 minuti fa

    i hope i can earn one

  4. Kylam Doan

    Kylam Doan

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    ❤️❤️🥳🥳🥳 this is amazing!

  5. Yes Night

    Yes Night

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  6. Brooke Rose

    Brooke Rose

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    ZHC in 1999 years I am going to customize a new planet

  7. Noah Bradshaw

    Noah Bradshaw

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    Has anyone seen the VIDEO on the special website

  8. wanelya robart

    wanelya robart

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    What if want to clean it cuz it was a rainy day does all the colores gonna go

  9. Melgar Saga

    Melgar Saga

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    Dios vendiga mi prosimo suscriptor 🙋

  10. James Barber

    James Barber

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  11. LocalFreakx


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    Yeah, she’s more grateful than charli

  12. joemamafat I hate my life

    joemamafat I hate my life

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    When he said mr bee I thought he said mr beast who else thought that or

  13. Arifah Karim

    Arifah Karim

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    That smile face was the best drawing i have ever seen 4:21

  14. Ashton Janssen

    Ashton Janssen

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  15. Madhav Bhardwaj

    Madhav Bhardwaj

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    i wish i could have a girlfriend like yours

  16. Hala Aleid

    Hala Aleid

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    i love it so so so so so so so so much

  17. Iza Abuladze

    Iza Abuladze

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  18. Taylor Cassady

    Taylor Cassady

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    Do you like Alison more than Charlie

  19. Therese Parent

    Therese Parent

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    You guys are soooo talented people think I’m a good artist but I don’t think they have seen you

  20. Hi How Are You

    Hi How Are You

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    What if Addison needs that spare wheel?

  21. Said Suleiman

    Said Suleiman

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    I subscribe to you can you give me a shout out and can you give me a phone

  22. Anwar Al- Otaibi

    Anwar Al- Otaibi

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    You are the sweetest the way I love you in Polish

  23. Chikchik555 yt

    Chikchik555 yt

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  24. Maya Hussam

    Maya Hussam

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    Suprise Leo next time I feel bad 🥺

  25. Coleen Jaira Dimla

    Coleen Jaira Dimla

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    you are so rich

  26. Shaimaa Mazeb

    Shaimaa Mazeb

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    What. Is

  27. super sibling

    super sibling

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    The wheel in the back of the car is so cool😎😎😎😎

  28. julie slvdr

    julie slvdr

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  29. مستر طرومك: Mr ToRoM

    مستر طرومك: Mr ToRoM

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    وربي حرام في النعمه اللي ترمونها

  30. Mark Anderson

    Mark Anderson

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    I just want to have it

    • Mark Anderson

      Mark Anderson

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      The new one is a good culer

  31. nabeeha rahmaan •100 years ago

    nabeeha rahmaan •100 years ago

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    ZHC painting Me :O HOW ARE YO UGUYS SO TALENTED:0000

  32. Nasrah Asif

    Nasrah Asif

    17 ore fa

    How is it a surprise when she knows that ur giving her a custom car Btw love ur vids

  33. Marianne C.

    Marianne C.

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    When Addison Rae Needs To Wash The Car 😀😀

  34. Sparks Flickz.

    Sparks Flickz.

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    Need to blur number plate

  35. Risee Nathaniel Yu

    Risee Nathaniel Yu

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    If you wash the car the paint won't be washed out right?

  36. Arifin Boen

    Arifin Boen

    20 ore fa

    I miss leo

  37. Kawaii youtuber :D

    Kawaii youtuber :D

    21 ora fa

    Zhc the first vid you uploaded I watched it an I was like he is a bad ITputr then now you’re amazing I really want to be in the giveaway plzz

  38. Anna's World

    Anna's World

    22 ore fa

    I also bought your Merch I bought the little turtle

  39. Norma Alcantara

    Norma Alcantara

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    Wait Addison is rich right can't she afford one?

  40. I


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    Zhc in 2021 "suprising the new president with a custom white house

  41. FindMeh


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    Goes in a car wash ZHC: .....

  42. Kirsten cassey Arambulo

    Kirsten cassey Arambulo

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  43. Harrysbonesx


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    I wonder what will happen if it rains

  44. Vera Floden

    Vera Floden

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    I am a huge fan



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    You are my Favorite ITput or

  46. Jamie Kers

    Jamie Kers

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    13:45 ay that kid got it

  47. Claraa pires

    Claraa pires

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    Eu só queria ser rica só um dia pra mim já tava bom dms

  48. Bonfilia Medina

    Bonfilia Medina

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    Y you love. Bint

  49. Christopher Wilson

    Christopher Wilson

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    Can some one count how many times Addison Rae said y’all???🤔

  50. Jozlyn Dahl

    Jozlyn Dahl

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    Some of the tap were satisfied but not all sorry

  51. Michael Sk8terboi

    Michael Sk8terboi

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    When do I get a jeep

  52. Lana Green

    Lana Green

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  53. sports fan rambow

    sports fan rambow

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    The song tho on 5:32

  54. Queen Queen

    Queen Queen

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    Good job bruh

  55. Littleharlz


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    If making satisfying vids on youtube was illegal you would be dead

  56. Cblanc 16

    Cblanc 16

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    I made a Smoothie in the middle of watching the video

  57. Johanna Tayaban

    Johanna Tayaban

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    Michelle always ruins the most expensive things!! You need to stop her!!!

  58. Qwackzy


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    Anyone realize he doesn’t mess uo

  59. White Fox

    White Fox

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    How she gonna wash her car?

  60. Mr. Donut

    Mr. Donut

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    TikTok is trash

  61. VYBZ gaming

    VYBZ gaming

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    I subed and followed you on tik tok and can I have switch pls

  62. Kaitlyn Steele

    Kaitlyn Steele

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    I subscribe

  63. Kaitlyn Steele

    Kaitlyn Steele

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    Can I have a phone

  64. JunYu Chen

    JunYu Chen

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    you might crash it c:

  65. Lumps and Bumps

    Lumps and Bumps

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    yo this is the next mr beast

  66. Hilem Drera

    Hilem Drera

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    how was ur McDonalds with Addison

  67. Nuhejla Trbunja

    Nuhejla Trbunja

    Giorno fa

    Omg i cant believe addison cried like i love you all

  68. Nazia Rehan

    Nazia Rehan

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    Werer do you get the pens because I wanto color my dwaring

  69. Megan Lewis

    Megan Lewis

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    He’s such a nice person

  70. Vishnu Ravi

    Vishnu Ravi

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    Come to kerala bro

  71. ʀᴀʜᴍᴀ sɪɴᴅɪ

    ʀᴀʜᴍᴀ sɪɴᴅɪ

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    this is how many times addison sayd "OMG" 👇

  72. Yanira Francis

    Yanira Francis

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    hi i love your videos :3 . never stop being you have a nice day

  73. Royale Bella

    Royale Bella

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    This got a LOT of views Bc Addison is in it

  74. LEGO’s and video games 51

    LEGO’s and video games 51

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    Where’s Leo in you new videos

  75. shahima koly

    shahima koly

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    I did it can I have a phone

  76. Evie Anne

    Evie Anne

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    When Michelle was making the smoothie: montage with Michelle / Michele however u spell it!

  77. Soledad Robles

    Soledad Robles

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    All I want is the banana xD

  78. nabeeha rahmaan •100 years ago

    nabeeha rahmaan •100 years ago

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    14:21is my favourite part

  79. killer diva

    killer diva

    Giorno fa

    Hi guys i am new to this channel can ya'll tell me a little about this guy

  80. ahmedeltaher Elshagmani

    ahmedeltaher Elshagmani

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    He should give pork people money insteed of giving more money to rich people like if u want him to see this

    • Zara


      Minuto fa

      u meant poor people right? 😬

  81. Raahim Umar

    Raahim Umar

    Giorno fa

    Id like one too

  82. Zylloz


    Giorno fa

    Yes give a free car to Addison Rae-cist

  83. caroll mcmurdo

    caroll mcmurdo

    Giorno fa

    She is legit the most grateful human being

  84. Lama Altamimi Altamimi

    Lama Altamimi Altamimi

    Giorno fa


  85. Jasper Blair

    Jasper Blair

    Giorno fa

    Give it to a homeless person not someone already super rich

  86. Exel Esports

    Exel Esports

    Giorno fa

    Its the "Look Banana" for me 13:04



    Giorno fa

    Next custom moon please

  88. Crypt447


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    The number of times Addison said y'all | | | \/

  89. Megan Kaberia

    Megan Kaberia

    Giorno fa


  90. larissa Kojic

    larissa Kojic

    Giorno fa

    Ded is so coolll

  91. Limeboba_456


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    I’m so inspired by your art work I’ve always wanted to be a professional artist😄😄

  92. Macaron GamingXOXO

    Macaron GamingXOXO

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    ZHC: bounces tyre.. Michelle: OoAAooO! It’s a bouncy ball! 😮......😂😅😂



    Giorno fa

    Hope you all are having a good day!

  94. Sera Lois Mariano

    Sera Lois Mariano

    Giorno fa

    2:00 🤣

  95. Ayse Baldemir

    Ayse Baldemir

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    ken jouw kif me 2 pvone pro in nedeland

  96. Thariq Zulfahmi

    Thariq Zulfahmi

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    13:00 i feel bad about that orange

  97. Jacke Wolfshaut

    Jacke Wolfshaut

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    y tho

  98. Yazmin Chavez

    Yazmin Chavez

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    Luke’s kept talking about the bannana

  99. Roblox_cheerSLIME_squad


    2 giorni fa

    Pls it’s my dream I age. Yo worst phone I love you you are amazing pls anwser

  100. Ayden Pereira

    Ayden Pereira

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    The amount of times Addison said y’all 😂😂

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