Pewdiepie & MrBeast Review my Art! - Drawing Pewdiepie for 24 Hours Straight!

Pewdiepie And MrBeast Reviewed My Art!
Watch me draw pewdiepie for 24 hours straight:
LATEST COMPETITION: Roast me using a drawing (draw me) title it ZHC Roast
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  1. Sampo


    4 ore fa

    I want 1 doler

  2. Scott P

    Scott P

    10 ore fa

    Prestonplayz and Brianna Olivia

  3. Scott P

    Scott P

    10 ore fa

    Prestonplayz and Brianna

  4. Dakota Russ

    Dakota Russ

    13 ore fa

    Hey you guys need to stop being so meanto ZHC he is really nice and cool so stop being mean

  5. Sri mathi

    Sri mathi

    13 ore fa

    ZHC u are looking handsome guy....😘😘😍

  6. Sahel rahimi

    Sahel rahimi

    15 ore fa

    What is a red so sometimes it's so when you do that I can't really draw it because you're doing it fast but it's fine just calling for you and I made this time she'll make a weird monster at space orange made something where you can make my logo and you can actually make that has a tiger so you can make it kind of weird if I know it's kind of weird thinking I don't know if you like it or

  7. Andrews Oliveira

    Andrews Oliveira

    19 ore fa

    what is amazing

  8. Vikas Garg

    Vikas Garg

    23 ore fa

    I just finished watching the 24 hour livestream

  9. Cyril P

    Cyril P

    Giorno fa

    I dare give me $1000 I'll make a parcore video and send it ti you

  10. Mr. Spells out penalties

    Mr. Spells out penalties

    Giorno fa

    Bruh let's be honest, even me as a Indian found about T-series threw PewDiePie

  11. Fawad Khan

    Fawad Khan

    Giorno fa

    give me 1 11 pro phone I like your vadio

  12. Basia Kura

    Basia Kura

    Giorno fa

    I love your videos ZHC please never quit!

  13. Jamie Doggett

    Jamie Doggett

    Giorno fa

    It looks like it was 100000000000000000000000000 hours

  14. Paul ly

    Paul ly

    2 giorni fa

    Can I have a 1000$

  15. Dog Kage

    Dog Kage

    2 giorni fa

    3:30 and farther was the best (I like your drawing!)

  16. Vihanga Viragika

    Vihanga Viragika

    2 giorni fa

    Can you give me a phone

  17. Black Panther

    Black Panther

    2 giorni fa

    Everyone be like: yay im the best at drawing we all be like when we see this:nvm im not that good at drawing

  18. Nikki Hawke

    Nikki Hawke

    3 giorni fa

    I watch the live stream JK everyone subscribe for more Livestreams from Zhe

  19. Nicodeanima


    3 giorni fa

    this guy was at 800,000 subscribers one year before and now he has 16 million in just 1 million ( ._.)

  20. Dylan Garcia

    Dylan Garcia

    3 giorni fa

    She has friends! Turkey🙂

  21. Kashvi Priyadarshi

    Kashvi Priyadarshi

    3 giorni fa

    small youtuber... yeah, right P.s. Love your vids :)

  22. Mateo’s Munch Matsalap

    Mateo’s Munch Matsalap

    3 giorni fa

    This guy should go to world record books.

  23. Ian Savella

    Ian Savella

    4 giorni fa


  24. Violita Decatoria

    Violita Decatoria

    4 giorni fa

    Your hair is not blue today

  25. HeyItsCarr


    5 giorni fa

    Back then 800k subs 2020-almost 17 mil

  26. The Twin Dudes

    The Twin Dudes

    5 giorni fa

    guys pls subscribe to my channel i need some support

  27. Shreyam Singh

    Shreyam Singh

    5 giorni fa

    damn the longest i have ever drawn is only 8 hours lmao

  28. ShanthFTW


    5 giorni fa

    thi is how i found you a year ago

  29. moamen morked

    moamen morked

    5 giorni fa

    ZHC In 2064: Draws The Earth Venus Mars in 24 hours Me: Draws An apple In 55 hours gets proud of my self:Sees his drawing(BANGGG!!!!)

  30. Arta sumardiawan arta

    Arta sumardiawan arta

    6 giorni fa

    roy kyosi anyingg

  31. Kian Rezaei

    Kian Rezaei

    6 giorni fa

    The legend get 1mil in 1monthe

  32. Creepy Jerry

    Creepy Jerry

    6 giorni fa

    Wait he is brother of MING from Jumanji 2!

  33. S gamer Skits

    S gamer Skits

    6 giorni fa


  34. SR Tech Series

    SR Tech Series

    6 giorni fa

    Can you give me 200 dollars

  35. Perfectly Balanced

    Perfectly Balanced

    6 giorni fa

    I would actually love a custom art pc made by you, oh well, you can never dream too much 😅

  36. STONKS


    7 giorni fa

    Can i get 0 dollars Edit: yas hoomans another hoooman have meh 0 dollar

    • STONKS


      6 giorni fa

      @The Wilson Dab Bro tenk u kind hoooman

    • The Wilson Dab Bro

      The Wilson Dab Bro

      6 giorni fa

      Yes here

  37. Ajdin Bulja

    Ajdin Bulja

    7 giorni fa

    i dare u to buy me some robux on my roblox acc

  38. Israel Diaz

    Israel Diaz

    7 giorni fa

    ZCH i dare you to paint AMONG US PLS ACCEPT

    • Israel Diaz

      Israel Diaz

      6 giorni fa

      Or do or paint about among us

  39. Vivian Li

    Vivian Li

    7 giorni fa

    3:31 somone sweard again

  40. Vivian Li

    Vivian Li

    7 giorni fa

    1:48 someone sweard

  41. Luis Jimenez Jr.

    Luis Jimenez Jr.

    7 giorni fa

    I miss this zhc when he didn’t take the customization thing to far and did actual art

    • Brandon Ojeda

      Brandon Ojeda

      5 giorni fa


  42. Aravind P

    Aravind P

    7 giorni fa

    Ppl are so rude, all ppp rude to Zhc suck and are bad at everything, like this comment if u agree

    • iiNotJoshXD


      7 giorni fa

      Potato :3

  43. Deserie Escosar

    Deserie Escosar

    8 giorni fa

    I'm so very proud of you ZHC your so awesome ✨

  44. xXWolfieee


    8 giorni fa

    This is the meanest most time wasting comment you see! Heart this comment for no reason

  45. Mari Hipolito

    Mari Hipolito

    8 giorni fa

    It's crazy how he grew so much in a year because of Tiktok

  46. Marthena Bacher

    Marthena Bacher

    8 giorni fa

    can u give me 1 dollar im joking and I'm a fan from the philippinesssssssss

  47. Milk Man

    Milk Man

    8 giorni fa

    Pencil + eraser + a epic dumass doing a epic drawing = *this video*

  48. Matt Liquit

    Matt Liquit

    8 giorni fa

    Boooo pwedipie sucks

  49. Robotics Technology

    Robotics Technology

    8 giorni fa

    Is drawing your profession???

  50. Audrinas Birthday

    Audrinas Birthday

    8 giorni fa

    If you see this I dare you to ship me 1000$

  51. Machiel Kortenhoff

    Machiel Kortenhoff

    8 giorni fa

    I cant believe how u see him like a god😑

  52. XxGacha_NerdxX


    8 giorni fa

    I dare you to Draw Me! :D Big fan! have a great day! you inspired me to start drawing :D

  53. Ma Jerrylinn Tanjutco-Ferrer

    Ma Jerrylinn Tanjutco-Ferrer

    8 giorni fa


  54. Once Victoria

    Once Victoria

    8 giorni fa

    Imagine he burned the paper



    8 giorni fa

    *the ending tho😂thanks for making my day*

  56. Fluffy Games

    Fluffy Games

    8 giorni fa

    Small ITputr *16 Million subs*

  57. GreenFlame19


    8 giorni fa


  58. Mansour Art

    Mansour Art

    8 giorni fa

    dAMN tHIS iS cRAZY!!! I hope PewDiePie reviews my art one day so i get this kind of traction to my art channel :)

  59. OceanFoxGaming 0103

    OceanFoxGaming 0103

    9 giorni fa

    May he rest in peanuts 🥜

  60. Skillz XD

    Skillz XD

    9 giorni fa

    ZHC: thx for 800k About one year later: 16,7 Million lmao

  61. Joseph Hendrick

    Joseph Hendrick

    9 giorni fa

    Can i have 1000$??? pls

  62. Krishna Chauhan

    Krishna Chauhan

    9 giorni fa

    Can I get 100 dollors

  63. Supprimer


    9 giorni fa

    Can i have 1$

  64. Zabrina playz

    Zabrina playz

    9 giorni fa

    Can you draw a giant zhc logo

  65. imperfect me

    imperfect me

    9 giorni fa

    look at him now totally a "small youtuber"

  66. vasudev gahlaut

    vasudev gahlaut

    9 giorni fa

    can i get a xbox controler

  67. Icy


    9 giorni fa

    I'm just mad that such a talented artist does the folds in the clothing completely wrong

  68. NINETY NINE 99


    9 giorni fa

    1:05 l will not subscribe for u only how I can subscribe for pewdiepie 🤮

  69. Amanda Ryans

    Amanda Ryans

    9 giorni fa

    Iv been here since 1mill

  70. Ghost Rider

    Ghost Rider

    10 giorni fa

    Hello New sub is here 😍😍😍

  71. Kuroha


    10 giorni fa

    Wow. 800k subs to 16.7million subs in just a year. What a feat

  72. James Aung

    James Aung

    10 giorni fa

    3:30 who would hat him he a artist Me:I agree I have a hard time drawing a hand

  73. zanish hanz

    zanish hanz

    10 giorni fa

    ZHC can you teach me how to draw

  74. Rumaisa Maryam

    Rumaisa Maryam

    10 giorni fa

    Zach I dare you draw evrystate in the US and colour it. I am a bad artist so no wonder I failed :(

  75. Nico Jetajobe

    Nico Jetajobe

    10 giorni fa

    Can you please notice me🥺 your arts is incredible men I hope you can draw me too pleaaaaaaaaassseeee🥺🙏

  76. lisacha1229


    10 giorni fa

    l dare you to draw the solar system

  77. Art Pressence

    Art Pressence

    10 giorni fa

    Wow, you’re amazingg ❤️

  78. Angry birds 2 ZONE

    Angry birds 2 ZONE

    10 giorni fa


  79. Your Dad

    Your Dad

    10 giorni fa

    You are a wonderful human being. 🤣❤❤🎈🎈🌈🌈🌈

  80. Maxym Kruiswegt

    Maxym Kruiswegt

    10 giorni fa

    Ah back in the before 1 milion days were amazing

  81. Vuth Bi

    Vuth Bi

    10 giorni fa

    lol this guy got 16 million subs in 1.5 years. insane.

  82. Pete andrei V saludaga

    Pete andrei V saludaga

    10 giorni fa

    bro u got 15m in almost 2 yrs u are crazyy

  83. AgentZed


    10 giorni fa

    Can u buy me an art. Collection of pens lol... And send a drawing of a price of art... Thankyou😄 comment ZHC for email.

  84. Marvin Del Rosario

    Marvin Del Rosario

    10 giorni fa

    I dare u too draw preston I swear u wont do this

  85. You know who

    You know who

    10 giorni fa

    It goes like this ZHC-Mr beast-pewdiepie



    10 giorni fa

    I saw PewDiePie and then I saw you in recommended

  87. bread head777

    bread head777

    10 giorni fa

    Yeah pewdiepie uses to be so rude

  88. Resistakill


    10 giorni fa

    800k almost 2 years ago. Wow. Big changes!

  89. VSM unofficial

    VSM unofficial

    10 giorni fa

    Senpai finally noticed you

  90. XxDemonxX


    10 giorni fa

    Imagine that I watched this man from the start And this man has emerged from silver to diamond

  91. Fred Sjögren

    Fred Sjögren

    11 giorni fa

    PewDiePie is from sweden and his name is Felix and i liv in sweden

  92. Noah Dominic Madamba

    Noah Dominic Madamba

    11 giorni fa

    The haters of ZHC are just jealous of his impressed drawing and his a firend of the Beast

  93. Samuel Adjei

    Samuel Adjei

    11 giorni fa

    I dare you to draw the world Map

  94. Chillify


    11 giorni fa

    1 like = 1 inch

  95. Rajat Chakraborty

    Rajat Chakraborty

    11 giorni fa

    Can I have $500 for a PS5?

  96. Andre Baslot

    Andre Baslot

    11 giorni fa

    this is so COOL!!!!😲😲😲



    11 giorni fa

    An dude

  98. EdAn PlAyZ

    EdAn PlAyZ

    11 giorni fa

    Hey can you help me start up my channel

  99. Michael S. Oliveros

    Michael S. Oliveros

    11 giorni fa

    Thats bad

  100. Liza !

    Liza !

    11 giorni fa

    Imagine ZHC only having 800k a year ago...

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