Locked In My Art Room For 100 Hours

I can't believe I did this lol...
I Locked Myself In My Art Room For 100 Hours
Hope you enjoyed
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  1. ZHC


    5 mesi fa

    Subscribe if you want me to give you one of the iPads or iPhones I customized in the video :) Choosing 5 winners on August 17th on my instagram! Also the place I spray painted was the balcony of my art room!

    • Adi Patel

      Adi Patel

      Mese fa

      Please give me

    • Horse Girlie

      Horse Girlie

      2 mesi fa

      hey.....i loveur art :)

    • Amelia’s life

      Amelia’s life

      2 mesi fa

      I did

    • Evelynn Lockett

      Evelynn Lockett

      2 mesi fa

      Ohhh ok I was confused

    • Itz Josh Playz

      Itz Josh Playz

      3 mesi fa

      Zack! what editor you use??? bc its nice

  2. Fernanda Garza

    Fernanda Garza

    53 secondi fa

    I know it’s late but 5:11 had me cracked up 🤣

  3. tamano radjael

    tamano radjael

    28 minuti fa

    I wish you can give away on the philipines but its to far away

  4. Andrija Zuvela

    Andrija Zuvela

    47 minuti fa

    MM M M mM

  5. ferdaus mansor

    ferdaus mansor

    Ora fa

    I want a giveaway 😢😢😢😢😢

  6. EG Gahira

    EG Gahira

    3 ore fa

    Yum durian I'm

  7. Rincy Benny

    Rincy Benny

    4 ore fa

    I see Caylus/infinite

  8. Claire Powers

    Claire Powers

    4 ore fa

    when he was spray painting the car he was outside btw your art is really cool.

  9. Maria Medina

    Maria Medina

    6 ore fa


  10. CK Weinrieb

    CK Weinrieb

    6 ore fa

    Technically he had to go out of the room to spray paint

  11. The Sweaty BOIIS

    The Sweaty BOIIS

    6 ore fa

    Its cool that you where Mr beast Kerch instead of your own how nice

  12. Memos Canvas

    Memos Canvas

    8 ore fa

    go crazy

  13. Fide Mendoza

    Fide Mendoza

    8 ore fa


  14. maxx_ohare


    8 ore fa


  15. Supreme Lists

    Supreme Lists

    10 ore fa

    Ur coping MrBeast!

  16. Rudy Risk-Jones

    Rudy Risk-Jones

    10 ore fa

    That sounds hard😩

  17. Julia H#2.0

    Julia H#2.0

    11 ore fa

    Zhc you are soo good in drawing

  18. Adeel Amer Javed

    Adeel Amer Javed

    12 ore fa

    U step put

  19. Ava iris

    Ava iris

    12 ore fa

    The durian is not the stinkiest fruit but i some how HATED IT

  20. Julius Smith

    Julius Smith

    13 ore fa

    did he make that lizard off the cheeto the he just ate

  21. Julius Smith

    Julius Smith

    13 ore fa

    the music montages are sick

  22. roblox big fan

    roblox big fan

    14 ore fa

    I sub good edits tho btw

  23. Fulcrum Wizard

    Fulcrum Wizard

    15 ore fa

    He went outside the art room for spray painting

  24. Fiona CHING

    Fiona CHING

    15 ore fa

    Im a kid but im 11 year old 😌

  25. Fiona CHING

    Fiona CHING

    15 ore fa

    Zhc pls

  26. Karma Almasry

    Karma Almasry

    17 ore fa

    2050 : spending 30 days to Customise the moon!!

  27. i dont care what are u sayin.

    i dont care what are u sayin.

    19 ore fa

    1:17 omg iam Indonesian fans😌❤

  28. Sukhdeep Kaur

    Sukhdeep Kaur

    19 ore fa

    100 hours are when u get old right

  29. Navpreet Patel

    Navpreet Patel

    20 ore fa

    Go to Mr beast and give him a Tesla part 2

  30. Navpreet Patel

    Navpreet Patel

    20 ore fa

    Go to Mr beast and send him a Tesla part 2

  31. RAINBOW UNICORNS playing with rania

    RAINBOW UNICORNS playing with rania

    20 ore fa


  32. anthony chavez

    anthony chavez

    21 ora fa

    can you do a fortnite custom ps4 and give it to me pleaes:)

  33. Shatay Hay

    Shatay Hay

    21 ora fa

    My birthday is august 17th

  34. mav Daartist

    mav Daartist

    22 ore fa

    💯 Creativity ❤️

  35. Tushi Das

    Tushi Das

    22 ore fa

    Who like ZHC Like Here And who like Zach king comment fast

  36. Crazy Panda

    Crazy Panda

    Giorno fa

    3:21 RIP Headphone Users

  37. Daniel Heminger

    Daniel Heminger

    Giorno fa

    i love infinite

  38. Pratosh B

    Pratosh B

    Giorno fa

    Yo he broke the challenge he went outside to spray paint is that braking the rules

  39. tyler kilburn

    tyler kilburn

    Giorno fa

    wait hold up he said he will STAY in his art room but the thing is he left his art rooms to spray paint

  40. Jeremiah Perko

    Jeremiah Perko

    Giorno fa

    hi uhh self promo--if you like art it'd b really cool if you watch my video where i make fun of my art , thank you!!

  41. Mirella Singh

    Mirella Singh

    Giorno fa

    Poor you

  42. Young_galaxy _wolf

    Young_galaxy _wolf

    Giorno fa


  43. Max Shen

    Max Shen

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  44. Theo The loner

    Theo The loner

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  45. Luxegirlblue ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Luxegirlblue ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Giorno fa


  46. rigged Gaming

    rigged Gaming

    Giorno fa

    camera man...

  47. Kristal Reyes

    Kristal Reyes

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    My birthday is on aguist 17

  48. Aaron Hart

    Aaron Hart

    Giorno fa

    Ernie Boch Jr

  49. Jerek Lujan

    Jerek Lujan

    Giorno fa

    He was out side at 6:25

  50. Kristi Vervack

    Kristi Vervack

    Giorno fa

    Ur my new fav youtuber

  51. Andrew Klein

    Andrew Klein

    Giorno fa

    i won't one

  52. Queen of marshmallows Hxrricane

    Queen of marshmallows Hxrricane

    Giorno fa

    A year later oh hii

  53. Verča Petrželová

    Verča Petrželová

    Giorno fa

    This happens when people don't now what to do with their time.

  54. Heather Brown

    Heather Brown

    Giorno fa


  55. Javen Lupa

    Javen Lupa

    Giorno fa

    name the snake nakey

  56. Game Fragger

    Game Fragger

    Giorno fa

    You Said it was torture but you are smiling

  57. JT Missouri o

    JT Missouri o

    Giorno fa


  58. Keren Ulloa

    Keren Ulloa

    Giorno fa

    I love your chanel so much

  59. عبدالله سلمان

    عبدالله سلمان

    Giorno fa

    Abdallah Salman saif

  60. TMS_ Cherry

    TMS_ Cherry

    Giorno fa

    What about 1k Houres

  61. The Cube Person

    The Cube Person

    Giorno fa

    he could have just signed in to one of those phones and used that

  62. Gaming with Melis

    Gaming with Melis

    Giorno fa

    4:02 you should have thought this through egg head.

  63. NyghT


    Giorno fa

    10 years later:suprising NASA with a customized rocket

  64. UNITechno


    Giorno fa

    Fluffy the snake merch

  65. Madison Fletcher

    Madison Fletcher

    Giorno fa

    I want one now

  66. Diana Makhooane

    Diana Makhooane

    Giorno fa

    Can you do a video without the colour teal

  67. Frances Lee

    Frances Lee

    Giorno fa

    I love the stinky fruit though

  68. csj 0703

    csj 0703

    Giorno fa

    Durian is delicious cause I am malaysian 😊

  69. Paul Angelo Fernandez

    Paul Angelo Fernandez

    Giorno fa

    Can you teach me how to draw a dragon please

  70. wishma the light

    wishma the light

    Giorno fa

    2:22 me: oh damn XD

  71. Dat girl Summer

    Dat girl Summer

    Giorno fa

    Who else paused the Video to read the news paper

  72. KFC Chicken

    KFC Chicken

    Giorno fa

    Michelle is cute and sounds adorable

  73. The Grassham Greats

    The Grassham Greats

    Giorno fa

    He was cheating when he was spray painting

  74. Anzhela Strashko

    Anzhela Strashko

    Giorno fa

    The bashful sidecar morphometrically shade because botany methodologically unlock beneath a deadpan door. shiny, old-fashioned bass

  75. Tulsi Dhara

    Tulsi Dhara

    Giorno fa

    please stop bringing her in your videos michelle sucks.

  76. VIctor COTHO

    VIctor COTHO

    Giorno fa

    the camera man ;_;

  77. Santi Ramirez

    Santi Ramirez

    2 giorni fa

    OMG when you said you are breaking up with me I was like noooo you are the best artes

  78. Cassandra Pizzi

    Cassandra Pizzi

    2 giorni fa

    That was calys

  79. Ace Ventura

    Ace Ventura

    2 giorni fa

    Remember when you used to show us how to draw and all that good stuff? Yes me too

  80. Retronaut


    2 giorni fa

    your snake is the chillest snake i've ever seen ngl

  81. Ella Thompson

    Ella Thompson

    2 giorni fa


  82. Ella Thompson

    Ella Thompson

    2 giorni fa


  83. Ella Thompson

    Ella Thompson

    2 giorni fa


  84. Declan K

    Declan K

    2 giorni fa


  85. Hakan İnce

    Hakan İnce

    2 giorni fa

    Siegfried and Roy

  86. • its cookie •

    • its cookie •

    2 giorni fa

    Punischment time! Me: did he just turned into monokuma

  87. ezy lux

    ezy lux

    2 giorni fa

    He stepped outside when the R C car painted

    • Noah’s Ark

      Noah’s Ark

      Giorno fa

      The balcony is attached to the room and the fumes are toxic

  88. Derya Erice

    Derya Erice

    2 giorni fa

    Dallas Mavericks

  89. mnbt. 1485

    mnbt. 1485

    2 giorni fa


  90. mnbt. 1485

    mnbt. 1485

    2 giorni fa


  91. Thijzzz_JW


    2 giorni fa

    I now want a snake pet as well!

  92. CandyKylie_Plays


    2 giorni fa

    Whats your favrite thing to paint

  93. Itzel Medrano

    Itzel Medrano

    2 giorni fa

    You went out of the room

  94. Elena Gaurean Gherasim

    Elena Gaurean Gherasim

    2 giorni fa


  95. Elena Gaurean Gherasim

    Elena Gaurean Gherasim

    2 giorni fa


  96. muhammmad zahir

    muhammmad zahir

    2 giorni fa

    Durian is so yummy😼

  97. Jimmy Dipple

    Jimmy Dipple

    2 giorni fa


  98. ultima werewolf mstreet

    ultima werewolf mstreet

    2 giorni fa

    I like the edits

  99. Shanelle The Little Baker

    Shanelle The Little Baker

    2 giorni fa

    Lol infinite list in the vid haha

  100. Shanelle The Little Baker

    Shanelle The Little Baker

    2 giorni fa

    Hey respect our country fruit it’s not stinky! It’s from Malaysia btw

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