Last To Stop Customizing Gets Tesla!! 🚘🚗 (Challenge)

YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHO WINS THE COMPETITION AND HOW THEY DO IT! Hope you enjoyed! Subscribe if you're new! Thanks for watching:)
The cheapest Tesla we could find online at the time was around $15,000 so the contestants split that as the prize money!
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  1. ZHC


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    Before the challenge we found a cheap tesla online for around $15,000 so the winner would have the option of getting it or taking $15,000 as the winning prize! We did this video with no sponsor so if you want us to do more crazy stuff for you, please subscribe, spread the word and watch more of my videos! Thanks for allowing me to do crazy things like this!

    • Kayla cat

      Kayla cat

      6 giorni fa

      Y,all acting like you have a reality show

    • Muhamed Imeri

      Muhamed Imeri

      6 giorni fa


    • Anya Ruley

      Anya Ruley

      26 giorni fa


    • kia


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    • Quý Đức Trần

      Quý Đức Trần

      28 giorni fa

      Who the **** is El0n btw

  2. Irene Bravo Álvarez

    Irene Bravo Álvarez

    2 giorni fa

    La china q no se metió en la piscina estubo en musas

  3. فلان الفلاني

    فلان الفلاني

    4 giorni fa

    What’s wrong with you guys with Elon in this episode



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  5. Iron Maven

    Iron Maven

    4 giorni fa

    it's wrapped first lol...

  6. Archer Crocker

    Archer Crocker

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  7. Richeal Monteiro

    Richeal Monteiro

    5 giorni fa

    four of them together are hilarious

  8. Nidhi Matharu

    Nidhi Matharu

    6 giorni fa

    OMG zhc

  9. EllaDawn Wahl

    EllaDawn Wahl

    6 giorni fa

    When i saw Rae in there i almost cried

  10. EllaDawn Wahl

    EllaDawn Wahl

    6 giorni fa

    Rae and you are my favorite artist

  11. Louise Morris

    Louise Morris

    6 giorni fa

    Utan thank you

  12. Yaretzi Cruz Rios

    Yaretzi Cruz Rios

    7 giorni fa

    Me sorprendí cuando vi a Sandra omg

  13. Yoshi Akamine

    Yoshi Akamine

    7 giorni fa

    Good job editor for including this 10:39

  14. armantoukht Maxime

    armantoukht Maxime

    7 giorni fa

    ZHC in 2060: Last one to custom the Statue of Liberty gets it.

  15. Gopu Sora

    Gopu Sora

    8 giorni fa

    Zhc should be brand ambassador of Tesla

  16. لمار السلمي

    لمار السلمي

    8 giorni fa

    هل يوجد عرب😖❤

  17. Kristine Flores

    Kristine Flores

    8 giorni fa

    I think it’s %100 good

  18. Billy Baker

    Billy Baker

    9 giorni fa

    It’s 2021 u got 12m subs in a year great accomplishment

  19. Bonnie Seckham

    Bonnie Seckham

    9 giorni fa

    Wow I did not know you would do it.

  20. Maddex Percy

    Maddex Percy

    9 giorni fa

    What kind of markers are those

  21. Aaliyah matheu

    Aaliyah matheu

    10 giorni fa

    Aaliyah Si

  22. Carsten Reuter

    Carsten Reuter

    10 giorni fa

    but like when they take themto the camera to like talk about whats happeining arent they like out omg the makes like no sense

  23. Hailey Geesling

    Hailey Geesling

    10 giorni fa

    love video

  24. georgemaster CRACK

    georgemaster CRACK

    10 giorni fa

    No sabia que iba a estar sandra y harold

  25. Sarah DeLaurier

    Sarah DeLaurier

    11 giorni fa

    Hands them Dasani: water with salt 🧂

  26. Cute Girl

    Cute Girl

    11 giorni fa

    Love vexx

  27. Erdem Şahin

    Erdem Şahin

    11 giorni fa

    We can not defeat a very storng Turkey

    • Erdem Şahin

      Erdem Şahin

      11 giorni fa


  28. Hakan İnce

    Hakan İnce

    11 giorni fa

    Sony Rewards

  29. Jocelyn Mciver

    Jocelyn Mciver

    12 giorni fa


  30. Danielle Maccallum

    Danielle Maccallum

    12 giorni fa

    Zach in 2040: Hi guys I bought a neighbourhood and I’ll be customizing it and I’m giving it always

  31. Mery Chill Delicana

    Mery Chill Delicana

    12 giorni fa


  32. Archer Crocker

    Archer Crocker

    13 giorni fa

    6:54 YOU DID!?

  33. Archer Crocker

    Archer Crocker

    13 giorni fa


  34. FJK Kyry

    FJK Kyry

    13 giorni fa

    Customize a space x rocket

  35. Chris Sanchez

    Chris Sanchez

    13 giorni fa

    I like the part we’re the ant was on the maker but it shake i was laughing

  36. Feranca Sabella

    Feranca Sabella

    13 giorni fa

    2050 : Last to customizing the Eiffel Tower keeps it

  37. Cupcake Roblox

    Cupcake Roblox

    13 giorni fa

    "1000 dollars rn" "i gave you that 1000 dollars" Me:AHAHAHAAHAHHH XD LMFAO

  38. Heather Gibson

    Heather Gibson

    14 giorni fa

    ZHC: I really have to go poop, I’ve been holding it in! ME:🤢

  39. Маргаріта Байдецька

    Маргаріта Байдецька

    14 giorni fa

    Драсти я марго

  40. Demi Revell

    Demi Revell

    15 giorni fa

    I love all ZHCS art it’s so cool

  41. Vahida Khan

    Vahida Khan

    15 giorni fa

    I DONT like Elon

  42. NJ Videos

    NJ Videos

    16 giorni fa


  43. N A I T M A R

    N A I T M A R

    16 giorni fa

    Кто русский лайк

  44. vili Hämäläinen

    vili Hämäläinen

    16 giorni fa

    Se puhu suomeeeee

  45. Melissa van Heeringen

    Melissa van Heeringen

    16 giorni fa

    I have the exact same car. And I love it!



    16 giorni fa

    Most of my favourite artists In one video

  47. Nedjeljko Andrović

    Nedjeljko Andrović

    17 giorni fa

    ZCH in 2070: Last one to stop drawing the Moon gets it.

  48. Ricci Rogan

    Ricci Rogan

    17 giorni fa

    Me:A face of the murder that killed cardboard Elon musk 16:10

  49. Cassandra Mutia

    Cassandra Mutia

    17 giorni fa

    Hey ZHC can you draw some anime👉🏻👈🏻

  50. Kassy Time

    Kassy Time

    17 giorni fa

    ZHC : tesla giveaways broke Me: like giveaway lol

  51. Kassy Time

    Kassy Time

    17 giorni fa

    omg i love rae tho im glad she was in the challenge

  52. Aiger Akabane

    Aiger Akabane

    17 giorni fa

    Dum Michelle

  53. Gaming Dragon

    Gaming Dragon

    17 giorni fa

    ZachHcolours? Is the full form i think 🤔 😮



    17 giorni fa

    I think Harold going to Wim!!!!

  55. Lynyel Duggins

    Lynyel Duggins

    17 giorni fa


  56. Gulshan Khan

    Gulshan Khan

    18 giorni fa

    if there would be a child he would totally win because he will try to make it look awesome and he would have more immunity.

  57. Benson Bohm

    Benson Bohm

    18 giorni fa

    elon musk kinda remind me of muselk

  58. Jeramiah Morales

    Jeramiah Morales

    18 giorni fa

    Zack you should do a another challenge like this

  59. jamil durrani

    jamil durrani

    18 giorni fa

    ZHC in 2047 , Last one to customize a hotel gets it

  60. Ezaiah Leon

    Ezaiah Leon

    18 giorni fa

    Vice vice chancellor of state for a great 😊 year round of a new set in in a bid for its new economic policy to help promote economic

  61. Marcos Pacheco

    Marcos Pacheco

    18 giorni fa

    The sharp path systematically want because ornament terminally spell anenst a next action. juvenile, cluttered pheasant

  62. Ruben Movies

    Ruben Movies

    18 giorni fa

    Bro mad respect for this editer!!!!!

  63. Indiraben Gohil

    Indiraben Gohil

    18 giorni fa

    Rey I know you

  64. Antonio Socarras

    Antonio Socarras

    18 giorni fa

    Can you guys customize a truck for 100 hours?!!??!!?

  65. Aliessa Aguilar

    Aliessa Aguilar

    19 giorni fa

    you should put Ms. munchie on the car

  66. Sumanth Gembali

    Sumanth Gembali

    19 giorni fa

    Next time try to customize a Lamborghini

  67. Brett Creece

    Brett Creece

    19 giorni fa


  68. Milla Nguyen

    Milla Nguyen

    19 giorni fa

    Chloe is a little sassy like me lol

  69. Rat SIBLING 3

    Rat SIBLING 3

    20 giorni fa


  70. Kenesa Evans

    Kenesa Evans

    20 giorni fa


  71. wolfie moon angel

    wolfie moon angel

    20 giorni fa

    Also it is 2am where I live so I think I would win this video I usually stay up till 4am

  72. wolfie moon angel

    wolfie moon angel

    20 giorni fa

    (I'm being for real its been four hours and my stomach still hurts actually I think its been five hours)

  73. wolfie moon angel

    wolfie moon angel

    20 giorni fa

    Zach:I'm starting to feel a little sick. Me: same I just had chocolate milk and found out I'm lactose intolerant

  74. wolfie moon angel

    wolfie moon angel

    20 giorni fa

    Who else watches rae's chanel

  75. E l l i e _ 6

    E l l i e _ 6

    20 giorni fa

    Anybody notice how it said he had like 6 Million subs? Dang he gained like x3 that amount- he has like 18.6 Million right now. I’m one of them-

  76. Faith Schweda

    Faith Schweda

    21 giorno fa

    i love zhc

  77. Amelia Johnstone

    Amelia Johnstone

    21 giorno fa

    it is not called stibbling it is called pointalisum

  78. Folicia’s Emporium

    Folicia’s Emporium

    21 giorno fa

    Who’s watching in 2021 and seeing that on the screen he only had 6 million subs!!! I still can’t believe he made enough money to do that

  79. Mairead O'Shea

    Mairead O'Shea

    21 giorno fa

    i wish i could get in give waay but me no aloud

  80. Juan Parra

    Juan Parra

    21 giorno fa

    Editing and everything so cool and crazy

  81. Kathryn Sharpley

    Kathryn Sharpley

    21 giorno fa

    I love you videos

  82. asa zbl

    asa zbl

    21 giorno fa

    The tan agreement moberly complete because improvement karunagappally wave amongst a lonely belt. direful, faded pink

  83. waydart fallon lau

    waydart fallon lau

    22 giorni fa

    You should get a van then turn it in to the Scooby doo van

  84. Ramandeep singh

    Ramandeep singh

    22 giorni fa

    A point to be noted when zhc introduced himself he showed his subscribers 6.5 million now he is 3x his subs

  85. -* MayJenn *-

    -* MayJenn *-

    22 giorni fa

    ZHC in 2050: Last one to customize the Apple Store wins it!

  86. XxAlpha_DemonxX xox

    XxAlpha_DemonxX xox

    22 giorni fa

    ZHC in the future giving away The statue of Liberty

  87. Margaret Mc mahon

    Margaret Mc mahon

    22 giorni fa

    I love your videos

  88. LLama Playz

    LLama Playz

    22 giorni fa


  89. LLama Playz

    LLama Playz

    22 giorni fa

    That’s not cheap bro

  90. Anja Dayman

    Anja Dayman

    22 giorni fa

    Them: Drawing on a Tesla Me: Drawing on PAPER

  91. cat gaming phy

    cat gaming phy

    22 giorni fa

    I hope rae when's because I watch her and she does really realistic art

  92. Vivienne McDonald

    Vivienne McDonald

    22 giorni fa

    I feel bad for Michelle

  93. Jessica Escobar

    Jessica Escobar

    23 giorni fa

    Sandra cires talks spanish

  94. Jessica Escobar

    Jessica Escobar

    23 giorni fa

    In suscribe to Sandra cires art

  95. ImaSillyBaconMan


    23 giorni fa

    Wait soooooo... Customising is painting a house in the Milky Way?

  96. Music Meister

    Music Meister

    23 giorni fa

    lol, at the time of the challenge, ZHC had half the amount of subscribers as Sandra

  97. Elizabeth Kern

    Elizabeth Kern

    23 giorni fa

    Kind of weird but Michelle kind of reminds me of wengie

  98. Lacey Todd

    Lacey Todd

    23 giorni fa

    Hi I'm your fan

  99. Too Funnei

    Too Funnei

    23 giorni fa

    sorry, i was focusing on the elon merch more than the challenge.

  100. Melvin Stenström

    Melvin Stenström

    23 giorni fa


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