Custom Lamborghini Vs Tesla Race, Winner Keeps Car!

I can't believe we customized a Lamborghini and a Tesla then gave them away!
Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching:)
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      Did you know rug suck

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      I am your big fan

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      Wait ZHC is Mr beasts son?

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      Pania Altoveros

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      H lamborghini

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    Dorcas Cua

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    Shelby sucks

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    Muhammad Hassan

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    When would be my turn to be surprise🎅🎅🎅

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    karthikeya kumbham

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    First time seeing Michelle swear :( Don’t do it anymore

  5. GamerYeet


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    that is rugs lambo

  6. Ironshlasher


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    It was faze rugs Lamborghini

  7. Jacob Cassar

    Jacob Cassar

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    Mabika Sava

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    Don't subscribe because you want a giveaway,subscribe because the video is actually fun

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    I'm trying so hard to get to you. Please enter my name in the giveaway list 🥺🙏🙏



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    rug rats where you at

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    i live in china

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    Jace & Erica Abrams

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    Please Please surprise me

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    Jace & Erica Abrams

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    I like your videos so much you are my favorite ITputr

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    Pong Data

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    michelle do not diserve it

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    Dark Aura playz

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    Bruh spicy Cheetos are so good and they aren’t spicy

  18. Adil_the_mobile _Gamer

    Adil_the_mobile _Gamer

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    ZHC is literally Trying To Be Mr Best

  19. Philicia Fields

    Philicia Fields

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    Keep the eye on

  20. Wasteful Sdjgml

    Wasteful Sdjgml

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    Tesla person is better than Lamborghini person

  21. Murtaza's World

    Murtaza's World

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    I like spicy so much

  22. Toxic King

    Toxic King

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    Faze sister i think its boy



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    Whoa nice design!!!

  24. Captin Sabapathy

    Captin Sabapathy

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  25. Lakmalee Perera

    Lakmalee Perera

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    Wait how did the 2 contestants know where there specific cards were

  26. zaryab khan

    zaryab khan

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    i am fan how do you do it bro

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    Please surprise me I would never nothing from a ITputr

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    Estefana Avila

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    Zach you customize stuff really good best customizer ever Zach😄 hi zach😄

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    Howell Zhan

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    10:07 Dude are you serious ;-;

  30. Kerry Gould

    Kerry Gould

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    I like the video bro

  31. Clayton Jones

    Clayton Jones

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    she looks like lizzy

  32. Esfada Batingal

    Esfada Batingal

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  33. Justin Laporte

    Justin Laporte

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    You should’ve got a Tesla model S plaid edition

  34. Danny Torres

    Danny Torres

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    Faze. Rug

  35. Panda B_N

    Panda B_N

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    3:10 did he say hi sister?????????????

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    chiana Sangma

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    Please lie your eyes on me🥺

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    Khial Nawaz

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    One day he will customize the world if you think 👇

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    kai playzz

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    I eat Carolina reapers every day and they can't even handle hot cheetos

  39. Ra'Mya Antenor

    Ra'Mya Antenor

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    I like how calm he says I bought a teasla

  40. Beau Bryant

    Beau Bryant

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    I think this is your best vityo yet

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    Fkri Pirasali

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    Bye you never invited me un sub



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    7:43 when he said oh my god i was laughing so hard 🤣😂🤣😂

  43. Guadalupe Jarquin

    Guadalupe Jarquin

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    If my dad had a tesla he would be so happy because he really needs a car.

  44. Samuel Fafure

    Samuel Fafure

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  45. 4lex ic3whit3

    4lex ic3whit3

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    your gf is a bit dumb because she could have used launch mode😂

  46. Mclaren Fan

    Mclaren Fan

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    Do a lamborghini aventador sv

  47. KING LEO


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    Rug disappointed me in this one

  48. Thomas Bond

    Thomas Bond

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    a ZHE

  49. Lorena Martin

    Lorena Martin

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    Y like místico bus can you Diamondbacks a aifon en you can sande

  50. Jayce Yang

    Jayce Yang

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    Tesla slowwwww

  51. IIBoi


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    FaZe Rug Lol

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    Archer Guffey

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    faze won because it was his lol

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    I don,t live with you zhc but can you to New Zealand pls

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    D Raghruam

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    bro what did you do with the lambo \

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    Tiana Lorenzin

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    You should surprise James Charles with something customed

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    But I will NEVER EVER UNSUBSCRIBE!!!! because you inspire meeeeeeee!!

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    wow bro its fun

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    Elijah Sanchez

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    Bruh visit me I dare you🇭🇰

  60. krekzy


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    This video is literally Mr. Beast's lambo race just low budget lmao

    • Shadow


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      Low budget?

    • bongbinbonggbongbongbongbingbing


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      Low budget what?

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    Txc Abhi

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    Fan from india ❤️

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    I want ps5 pd5 pls pls❤️❤️❤️

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    i would’ve finished in 0.1 secs

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    Faze rug bro

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    love your vids

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    help me make it to 1k subs

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    I see the title: Lamborghini vs Tesla Me: Its obvious which car wins

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    i love fazerug and zhc

  71. *gAmerz_ sQuAd*

    *gAmerz_ sQuAd*

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    Where the curse word do I go 1:53

  72. *gAmerz_ sQuAd*

    *gAmerz_ sQuAd*

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    I love James

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    No one: ZHC videos: SATISFYING!!!

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    ZHC chech my vid I’m 7 it is Bonnie Ornelas my name is Austin

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    I sub

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    everyone go check out c and in golf

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    FaZe RuG



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    That was INTENSE Lol

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    Shanaya Prakash

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    Yay Michelle won your the best Michelle and zhc

  81. Chuggy Chug

    Chuggy Chug

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    I really thought faze rug would of won dat

  82. EDC


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    I enjoyed this video thanks man

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    William Ayele

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    I feel sorry for Faze rug

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    SUrprise me



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    Lamborghini is of faze rug

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    im u big fan

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    Mr.Beast 2.0

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    don’t skip ads guys! enjoy :)

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    Liam Lachica

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    how is micheal crying from eating cheetos their not even that spicy

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    One in the Lamborghini one in the Tesla 😁,duh! It won’t drive itself

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    Zavian Reki

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    thats rugs car

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    Hudson Flintrop

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    I didn’t even see faze rug

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    Hi Zach I want meet you so badly

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    Tesla is faster

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    Dudes Rule

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    Wow..... Michelle is really good at riddles✌👌👏👏

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