I Made Giant Art Using 100,000 Legos | ZHC

About 100000 legos were used.
I made a huge piece of art using only legos. The creation of this mosaic took about 75 hours to make and 100,000 legos were used
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    Subscribe and I will take you shopping This literally took 5 days was insane We raised so much money for charity in this video! Thanks for supporting me and allowing me to do these things for the community! First comment: The Mobile Player

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      10 truth's

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      @ZHC Minecraft Next

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      AISOSA And Vanderbilt 😍😘🤑👌🏻👌🏻

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      Can you help me to pay my college bill? Ill give it back if i already have money

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      Angel Lucifer ok

    • Natalie Mapletoft

      Natalie Mapletoft

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      ZHC ☘️

  2. Jayasree Ramaskandhan

    Jayasree Ramaskandhan

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    miccele cheated

  3. Xayvion Chapman

    Xayvion Chapman

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  4. Maddy Heuker

    Maddy Heuker

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    I ❤️His huge❤️

  5. Ezra Coronado

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    • Ezra Coronado

      Ezra Coronado

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      I love you zhc

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    Preston Quinn

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    says im sorry for turkey him realizing he is a turkey

  7. TheRichNoob Gamer

    TheRichNoob Gamer

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    Dax is my real name so scary

  8. Tyrone Miguel's Vlogs

    Tyrone Miguel's Vlogs

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  9. Wright Arthur

    Wright Arthur

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    Can I do a vid with u PLZ

  10. Mazen Fathy

    Mazen Fathy

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  11. KyleIsHere


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    ZHC team \ \ | \/ Making everybody happy

  12. Aboudi Achkantana

    Aboudi Achkantana

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    My name is Jude and you donated to Jude help care

  13. 17 Denki LEUNG Kwong Lun

    17 Denki LEUNG Kwong Lun

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    That was EPIC🤩

  14. 17 Denki LEUNG Kwong Lun

    17 Denki LEUNG Kwong Lun

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  15. Sofia Chavez

    Sofia Chavez

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    I'm a kid my dreams is go to come true thx blond girl

  16. Aurora Magaña

    Aurora Magaña

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    Thet is so 😎 cool



    4 giorni fa

    wow, nice lego art

  18. Eva Meras

    Eva Meras

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    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Satisfying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  19. Alexa Ayala

    Alexa Ayala

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    hi you are so cool i what you do!

  20. Aaron N

    Aaron N

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    This gives them to me because I lost our baby girls go by when you get money

  21. Aaron N

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    Please get some to me because I lost the I forgot what it was called but you get a lot of money if you and I'm just saying that because I can say right

  22. Betina van Schalkwyk

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  23. Liz ahumada

    Liz ahumada

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    Man it look so cool

  24. Arabella Hiner

    Arabella Hiner

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    This is the first ZCH video

  25. Pug Lover123

    Pug Lover123

    5 giorni fa

    i really like it, you should've used smooth pieces tho

  26. William lemay

    William lemay

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    oh oh yeah mann I ADORE AND LOVE LEGOSSSS that is really amazing man

    • William lemay

      William lemay

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      love them love them love THEMM

  27. ssgss gogeta

    ssgss gogeta

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    People that felt bad for zhc that hit his toe twice 👇

  28. Saharsh Kotapati

    Saharsh Kotapati

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  29. lillie McClintock

    lillie McClintock

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    Next do a meetup with mew

    • lillie McClintock

      lillie McClintock

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      Mewtwo I mean

  30. kallianidi eva

    kallianidi eva

    7 giorni fa

    Zach you inspired me to draw and paint masterpieces like you. my drawings are getting better everyday from now, i asked my mom for markers like yours and when she said yes i was so happy that i was jumping. i wish you good luck for the rest of your life Zach .

  31. Jill Adrian

    Jill Adrian

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    How much money you still have 😂😂😂

  32. Chaos News

    Chaos News

    7 giorni fa

    But how do they get it off the floor? Oh its a lego challenge mat

  33. Aaron kim

    Aaron kim

    7 giorni fa

    the sound of the lego falling 😌

  34. Gibson Heath

    Gibson Heath

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    steve dead

  35. Anonymous Bruh or Maddie

    Anonymous Bruh or Maddie

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    ZHC just casually promoting mr beast Merch

  36. Ralph Felisha

    Ralph Felisha

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    The yielding capital simplistically drag because butane critically launch of a helpful approval. observant, tender tense weasel

  37. Little.graciegrey


    9 giorni fa

    You should try doing this in Minecraft!

  38. SBruno Studios

    SBruno Studios

    9 giorni fa

    Those peices r dusty

  39. Noddie Marie

    Noddie Marie

    10 giorni fa

    He did that for 4 days and 120 hours

  40. Fiona Harvey

    Fiona Harvey

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  41. Space ranger 2.o

    Space ranger 2.o

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    Pinned by ZHC ZHC 1 year ago Subscribe and I will take you shopping This literally took 5 days was insane We raised so much money for charity in this video! Thanks for supporting me and allowing me to do these things for the community

  42. KoPi_Gamez


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    It's kinda weird to see ppl not wearing mask now

  43. KoPi_Gamez


    11 giorni fa

    Zhc I was wondering, do you still have this lego art

  44. Shark Gains

    Shark Gains

    11 giorni fa

    Love the video so far

  45. RopoNicky 2.0

    RopoNicky 2.0

    12 giorni fa

    Wai green

  46. Mag22nus


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    *Fun Fact:* LEGO® is made in Denmark

  47. P. N. A Nonis

    P. N. A Nonis

    13 giorni fa

    Can you give me logo

  48. Yari Giron

    Yari Giron

    13 giorni fa

    I just started watching your videos and my name Zashary and in Spanish is Zachary🙂

  49. son goku

    son goku

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  50. son goku

    son goku

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  51. Alexcoolguy277 Gaming

    Alexcoolguy277 Gaming

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    Imaging having one peice left over



    14 giorni fa

    can you deliver a iphone12 to usa barrios street 2610 2618 pls

  53. Nascar play's!

    Nascar play's!

    14 giorni fa

    R.I.P ZHC's toes

  54. Jack Weeks

    Jack Weeks

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    Can I have the lego please

  55. Babbi Ghai

    Babbi Ghai

    14 giorni fa

    Can you draw on a mountain I request

  56. Mannah Isabella

    Mannah Isabella

    14 giorni fa

    I wonder how hard it is to remove all of those legos..

  57. Cat5


    14 giorni fa

    here in 2021

  58. Bertha Cox

    Bertha Cox

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    The tiresome cereal aetiologically pop because sauce socially subtract between a alive octopus. earthy, substantial room

  59. Marwan Bkour

    Marwan Bkour

    15 giorni fa

    i love how how he say's "some money" him presseses 1'000 me:you sure that be "some money" am i wearing my glassses

  60. mike0408


    15 giorni fa

    avermative title donating my live savings and buiding a logo on lego for views

  61. Lucas Fletcher

    Lucas Fletcher

    15 giorni fa

    i like big black bricks

  62. Kason Hutchens

    Kason Hutchens

    15 giorni fa

    2:27 through 2:29 is weird

  63. Paige Hall

    Paige Hall

    15 giorni fa

    it is doap

  64. Certified Dream

    Certified Dream

    16 giorni fa

    me wondering how mr beast still didnt comment

  65. Joey Olivas

    Joey Olivas

    16 giorni fa

    I've got MORE LIKE A LOT MORE THAN 100,000

  66. Sky_Plays


    16 giorni fa

    Its like pixel art

  67. Shuxuan Hu

    Shuxuan Hu

    16 giorni fa


  68. Cheeks


    16 giorni fa

    That is INSANE

  69. jane li

    jane li

    16 giorni fa

    cool game just let me know if you're going to go to lego world and Make a ITput channel🤔

  70. Giraffeforu88


    16 giorni fa

    This is how many times ZHC said legos/lego below: 1 like= 1 time he said legos/lego

  71. Paul Britt

    Paul Britt

    16 giorni fa

    ZHC: I have never seen so many legos Me: *I have built a huge hogwarts out of lego that took me 1 month by my self and had to substitute some of the bricks from my extras*

  72. Cheezenut Gaming

    Cheezenut Gaming

    16 giorni fa

    The movie coin sound effects be like Movie teacher: that is how you learn to make coins sound effects!

  73. Davidplaz Duarte

    Davidplaz Duarte

    17 giorni fa

    What’s the name of the music at the end?

  74. Noah Allen

    Noah Allen

    17 giorni fa

    actually i caculated it and its actually 50,000+35,000+15,000x4=145,000 ur welcome please like my comment @ZHC

  75. Elouann LE BERRE

    Elouann LE BERRE

    17 giorni fa

    1:20 what have you listening ?!

  76. Cheesy Pants

    Cheesy Pants

    17 giorni fa

    I have more LEGO than that

  77. Ruth Campbell

    Ruth Campbell

    17 giorni fa

    U are the best artist P.s u gave me inspiration, thx!

  78. Sam Macario

    Sam Macario

    17 giorni fa

    ZHC: "...for the puppies and kittens." Edit: Kittens and puppies

  79. Froilyn Poblacion

    Froilyn Poblacion

    17 giorni fa


  80. Rafaele Namacamaca

    Rafaele Namacamaca

    17 giorni fa

    your really talented ZhC

  81. me too in 4th

    me too in 4th

    18 giorni fa

    Its not green its cyan

  82. TheGreatPrimoYT


    18 giorni fa

    1:21 MGSV TPP reference! *O H H H H H H*

  83. Kumaresan Kumar

    Kumaresan Kumar

    18 giorni fa

    omg Lott lego

  84. Kumaresan Kumar

    Kumaresan Kumar

    18 giorni fa

    hey what pappit

  85. T T

    T T

    18 giorni fa

    How meane

  86. Lee Smaldon

    Lee Smaldon

    18 giorni fa

    Please me

  87. TheBestGirl631


    18 giorni fa

    The whole video I literally almost thought I was watching MrBeast

  88. Roblox Manster

    Roblox Manster

    18 giorni fa

    The add really Rick rolled me :| great

  89. JustaBug -

    JustaBug -

    18 giorni fa

    ZHC is the kind of guy you want at your art store

  90. Adriana Guidaci

    Adriana Guidaci

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  91. Dan Ly

    Dan Ly

    18 giorni fa

    ZHC, you’re a really awesome guy, nice videos!

  92. Brayden Wright

    Brayden Wright

    18 giorni fa

    If had this many legos I would be a millionaire in lego currency

  93. Bill


    18 giorni fa

    The girl talking me looking at the Teddy’s head🤕

  94. Kimberly Uecker

    Kimberly Uecker

    18 giorni fa

    I am a few seconds into the video and im already cringing by how many times they maybe stepped on leggos ;-;

  95. clickiddy kid

    clickiddy kid

    19 giorni fa

    You guys are creative!

  96. Oliver Brough

    Oliver Brough

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  97. Goher Rafique

    Goher Rafique

    19 giorni fa

    Amazing 👌🔥🔥🔥🔥

  98. glitch


    19 giorni fa

    It said fuz not bad word

  99. Ragiebros


    19 giorni fa

    you garbage your chriying to mrbeast

  100. Erik Palmer

    Erik Palmer

    19 giorni fa

    Man the good old days before the bright dyed hair

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