I Made Giant Art Using 100,000 Legos | ZHC

About 100000 legos were used.
I made a huge piece of art using only legos. The creation of this mosaic took about 75 hours to make and 100,000 legos were used
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My goal is to help as many homeless people and people in need as possible!
The more I do youtube and art, the more I love it! Thanks for always supporting me and watching my videos!


  1. ZHC


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    Subscribe and I will take you shopping This literally took 5 days was insane We raised so much money for charity in this video! Thanks for supporting me and allowing me to do these things for the community! First comment: The Mobile Player

    • 10 truth's

      10 truth's

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      @ZHC Minecraft Next

    • sandra Aigbedion

      sandra Aigbedion

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      AISOSA And Vanderbilt 😍😘🤑👌🏻👌🏻

    • Arya AdhityaPW

      Arya AdhityaPW

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      Can you help me to pay my college bill? Ill give it back if i already have money

    • Crozz


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      Angel Lucifer ok

    • Natalie Mapletoft

      Natalie Mapletoft

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      ZHC ☘️

  2. جنان الخالدي

    جنان الخالدي

    2 minuti fa

    ابي مااءء

  3. Grassy Tree

    Grassy Tree

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    It must Ed took 3 days to go it

  4. BlueVegeta YouTubeChannel

    BlueVegeta YouTubeChannel

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    Bruh all legos are square but that was so good that it didn’t look square

  5. Gulnaz Khan

    Gulnaz Khan

    2 ore fa

    Me steps on legos my leg herts there're called leg os for a reason

  6. AndrewTesho Gaming

    AndrewTesho Gaming

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    Everybody gangsta till mr.beasts asian brother joins lego party

  7. Matthew Ford

    Matthew Ford

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    Now to make it 3D by making the shoulder extrude as well as the spikes on it to extrude further

  8. L L

    L L

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    WTF i want this for my room 😯



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    Fat cat + Fat dog = tnt



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  11. Gillian Sexton

    Gillian Sexton

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    I feel bad for Michele she doesn’t get much I think compared to other people

  12. Gillian Sexton

    Gillian Sexton

    8 ore fa

    I feel bad for Michele she doesn’t get much I think compared to other people

  13. Gillian Sexton

    Gillian Sexton

    8 ore fa

    Imagine how much work that took 👁👄👁

  14. Blood mark

    Blood mark

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    Okay, are you going to step on it now?

  15. Angel m g

    Angel m g

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    Bruh it's so weird seeing people without mask

  16. spazlazrbeam


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    bro funny part is his logo is cyan not green he sus ngl



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    *Art Mr beast*

  18. Lance Pourian

    Lance Pourian

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    guys turkey is the so rude he’s hoarding his money instead of giving it to charity

  19. SteamPunk Plays

    SteamPunk Plays

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    Ima make a charade for turkey.

  20. that one Guy

    that one Guy

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    o 0 8 o o Mitosis

  21. Aditi Jha

    Aditi Jha

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    Everyone stop and say uuuhhhh and kick turkey

  22. ashlynn thompson

    ashlynn thompson

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    That would be really hard to cover the whole thing and starts out Legos how did you do this?

  23. Dark Cyde

    Dark Cyde

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    @ZHC Just So You Know The Plural of Lego is Lego Not Legos

  24. Hailey Kim

    Hailey Kim

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    they are so rich!!



    16 ore fa

    i saw when i was about to play the video i saw that yall were watching the 100 trust me my cousins like to watch the 100

  26. Graciela Balderas

    Graciela Balderas

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    Now you have a Lego rug

  27. SpiderSquareTuber


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    ME relising that i have more legos than this vid :O

  28. Pikachu


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    6:33 the hulk family

  29. I wona

    I wona

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    Zhc im just going to give a bit of money clicked 1000 what!

  30. Luisa Pitzer

    Luisa Pitzer

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    No one: The ad the played before the vid: “Write 999” The guy on the ad: *3725262672* SMH

  31. tamara maglore

    tamara maglore

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    hi i am a big fean

  32. Adam Hayashi

    Adam Hayashi

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    Cause i have a cavite

  33. Adam Hayashi

    Adam Hayashi

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    When he said looks like he has cavities i be like like me

  34. Mardade Mardadee

    Mardade Mardadee

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    Lego does not = basketball

  35. Truffleupabonkus


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    Rename this video to world's deadliest carpet

  36. yeeep Gamer cz

    yeeep Gamer cz

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    Im inspired i will build my profile photo on youtube

  37. Hannah Rowles

    Hannah Rowles

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    Michelle: I approve UwUz Zach: DUDE WHATS WRONG WITH MY EYES? :) BTW LYSM I bet ur merch looks awsome but I am broke

  38. Penguin Pop

    Penguin Pop

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    Who else wants to just go up to the LEGO art with all them Watching and destroy it ALL 😏✨

  39. Penguin Pop

    Penguin Pop

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    Who else looks at the comments and not the video 😏✨

  40. Sxrcx


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    13:13 jarvis without aimbot LOL

  41. Samantha Clifford

    Samantha Clifford

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    Please can you start a gaming channel

  42. Samantha Clifford

    Samantha Clifford

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    I could probably do better than that Sike it’s amazing and I love how you donated to charities💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵

  43. Thomas


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  44. BLAZE gaming

    BLAZE gaming

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    This what you came for 14:01

  45. Afiq Kacak

    Afiq Kacak

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    Bro please build tower by electronic legoo

  46. theasiancorn


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    I just came here because you said legos...

  47. Jason Karakaxas

    Jason Karakaxas

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    Fat idiots

    • Johnyxl Playz

      Johnyxl Playz

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      Im johny

  48. Vina Tanha

    Vina Tanha

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    I appreciate your efforts!!!! Cheers from India

  49. • Golden _ tea •

    • Golden _ tea •

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    They legit make me wanna cry They are so kind c':

  50. Pinky fox

    Pinky fox

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    Is cool

  51. dingo studio

    dingo studio

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    That is not mrbeast

  52. crwuser


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    What does zhc stand for

  53. Yoona Lee

    Yoona Lee

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    Am so impressed

  54. Monkey x2

    Monkey x2

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    I unsubscribed just from this video

  55. Chelsea Darbonne

    Chelsea Darbonne

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    How many times did u step on legos

  56. TheBig UwU

    TheBig UwU

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    This just a MrBeast video with different people

  57. Bernard Goble

    Bernard Goble

    2 giorni fa

    Wow you should put that in an art museum so everybody can see your art

  58. Adonis Dolan

    Adonis Dolan

    2 giorni fa

    can i have some money?

  59. sin nombre xd

    sin nombre xd

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  60. tiktok funny video

    tiktok funny video

    2 giorni fa


  61. Vamsi Krishna

    Vamsi Krishna

    2 giorni fa

    If you would have destroyed the Legos then it would be epic

  62. Seal0704


    2 giorni fa

    I love how u guys donated to cancer center and I’m ten and I had to deal with skin cancer

  63. Acidic Eternity

    Acidic Eternity

    2 giorni fa

    Cool project but Im not a big fan of the constant reminders that you have money

  64. RheaRandom33


    2 giorni fa

    that would be so satisfying to just break but idk why0

  65. Elytra Catburger

    Elytra Catburger

    2 giorni fa

    I thought stepping on lego hurt

  66. Kevin Cruz

    Kevin Cruz

    2 giorni fa

    Oh my god when I saw the recreation of ZHC, Michelle, and turkey I thought tha they where zombies🤣🤣🤣 like if you thought that

  67. Skye Elaine

    Skye Elaine

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  68. Mayte Rubio

    Mayte Rubio

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    When you guys were talking on the coach You were holding something It was something fluffy It had some money in the middle of the hands I also love your ITput channels When I see something you do Sometimes I try to do it Love you so much guys I am one of your biggest fans Am also the first one Bye love you all bye❤👄💋👌👍

  69. Gaming Girls

    Gaming Girls

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    One like equals one prayer for these peoples feet

  70. Isaac Garcia

    Isaac Garcia

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    Stop hiting turkey

  71. cristian Vergara

    cristian Vergara

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    Me suscribo por qué me da la gana y no entiendo mi madre pero me agradan estos vidios :V

  72. Elizabeth Anguiano

    Elizabeth Anguiano

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    Do you live in geyservill

  73. Sofia Garcia

    Sofia Garcia

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  74. Luke Schroeder

    Luke Schroeder

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    How does his comment have 546 replies??

  75. -Emily Afton-

    -Emily Afton-

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    imagine having to be the one to get the legos a part ;-;

  76. -Emily Afton-

    -Emily Afton-

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    don’t step on those

  77. Kieron Joice

    Kieron Joice

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    Just casually a few thousand bucks in my wallet, no big deal😎😎

  78. Tieche and friends!

    Tieche and friends!

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    Hi does someone want to see my channel?

  79. x-tra mayo

    x-tra mayo

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    how in the world do stub ur toe that frequent

  80. kharding924


    2 giorni fa

    that's so cool

  81. Cole Watts

    Cole Watts

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    omg i didnt realize you hit 10 mil congrats!

  82. Melissa Spence

    Melissa Spence

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  83. Melissa Spence

    Melissa Spence

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  84. UnknownEccentricYT


    2 giorni fa

    You really like dax

  85. Galaxy Esports

    Galaxy Esports

    2 giorni fa

    "i like Big Black Legos" Me: idk she seems kinda sus

  86. Emma Mears

    Emma Mears

    2 giorni fa

    Can you do how can lye on Lego for a change

  87. Emr1982


    2 giorni fa

    Imagine the shop like uuuhhhhhh so you want yo buy 100,000,000,000 logos Him:yes

  88. Mahphia Tramix

    Mahphia Tramix

    2 giorni fa

    This is sick

  89. Karolynn Brinkman

    Karolynn Brinkman

    2 giorni fa

    When mom thinks legos are useful for once

  90. color vids

    color vids

    2 giorni fa

    Is Dax green? I feel like he is teal

  91. Brylers unbreakable

    Brylers unbreakable

    2 giorni fa

    Did anyone see that it said fu zhc

  92. SadGirl1431


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  93. Slyngemor


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    Mrbeast is betyer

  94. Yo crXsh

    Yo crXsh

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  95. Komal Agrawal

    Komal Agrawal

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    Zach you are so devoted to youtube you make such graeat content you are so hardworking love ypur art sooo much Keep making more content ❤😏☺️ and you are so kind and you donate so much to charity you are so great

  96. Pink Kitty

    Pink Kitty

    3 giorni fa

    Did you actually get Mr beast to help you film this video or are you just doing a really good impression of Mr beast

  97. Snow Angel

    Snow Angel

    3 giorni fa

    it looks more green than teal, but thats still something that I could never do so...

  98. Wut name

    Wut name

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    There fingers gotta be bleeding.

  99. jelo alpay

    jelo alpay

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    do 1million legos

  100. Jessica 103

    Jessica 103

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    Where are you going to put your art project

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