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  1. ZHC


    Anno fa

    I made the video 9:59 so u guys dont hafta watch more ads I bought the most expensive colored pencils in the world for your entertainment lol subscribe and click on another one of my vids in recommendations or imma go broke :(( Also thanks to James for helping me test them! Subscribe to him! He is 30k away from 1 mill! First comment: The Mobile Player

    • ChopperArt


      3 giorni fa

      Can you shout me out pls? Your the best youtuber!

    • Hiba El Rhiraki

      Hiba El Rhiraki

      9 giorni fa


    • Aarv Lahir -Gaming

      Aarv Lahir -Gaming

      22 giorni fa


    • Glenda Robinett

      Glenda Robinett

      Mese fa

      I love your movie so so so so so so so so so so much.

    • Mary Velásquez

      Mary Velásquez

      Mese fa


  2. Oluwamurewa Fadare

    Oluwamurewa Fadare

    6 ore fa

    Please could you review Felissimo coloured pencil and Amazon basics for hyper realism

  3. Donny Benjamin

    Donny Benjamin

    Giorno fa

    RIP for ZHC I phon

  4. Anubhav Pal

    Anubhav Pal

    3 giorni fa

    Imagine sharpening these 1000$ colour pencils with a 10 cents sharpener.

  5. غرام محمد 8

    غرام محمد 8

    3 giorni fa

    Oh yea that would be cool but my dad cant aford it☹

  6. Jerick Dave Adoracion

    Jerick Dave Adoracion

    3 giorni fa

    Yeah i wanna buy that but we're poor😭

  7. Darren Bachus

    Darren Bachus

    3 giorni fa

    "Smells like the Morning Wood"...

  8. • your local alien •

    • your local alien •

    3 giorni fa

    I brought these to school and my friend asked me if they could use them and I literally shouted NO and then my teacher said shut up to me :(

  9. Bianca Leone

    Bianca Leone

    4 giorni fa

    Oh good

  10. Kyle Lambert

    Kyle Lambert

    4 giorni fa

    How do you not know what Faber Castell and Prisma color pencils are? They are the best!

  11. Rama Devi

    Rama Devi

    4 giorni fa

    If you were going to spend money then you should have gone for Faber castle pencils

  12. lifeas Jessica

    lifeas Jessica

    7 giorni fa

    Are you took Arabic

  13. Jaxon The Robloxian

    Jaxon The Robloxian

    7 giorni fa

    2:07 beautiful 🤩

  14. Elena Vasile

    Elena Vasile

    8 giorni fa

    Draw a flipbook

  15. boy mo

    boy mo

    8 giorni fa

    Which one is better

  16. منوعات العاب روكسانا

    منوعات العاب روكسانا

    9 giorni fa

    ليش هي غلي مدام في يوم قيام ما في فيد مرح تستفيدو شي

  17. Nur Riyana

    Nur Riyana

    9 giorni fa


  18. ARWAA〆


    9 giorni fa

    امانه انت تعرف عربيي

  19. devansh the warrior

    devansh the warrior

    10 giorni fa

    More than half of money would be on the pouch



    11 giorni fa

    I have those pencils

  21. KoPi_Gamez


    11 giorni fa

    I'M FROM 2021

  22. Soofia Siddiqui

    Soofia Siddiqui

    11 giorni fa

    Me enjoying the montage Ad plays: iMaGiNe If YoU cOuLd DeSiGn PrOdUcTs As QuIcKlY aS yOuR iDeAs FlOw

  23. Nevie O' Connor

    Nevie O' Connor

    12 giorni fa

    Back when Zach was single..

  24. Seyid Hasbay

    Seyid Hasbay

    12 giorni fa

    İlke atana 10000000 robux

  25. Farah _UwU

    Farah _UwU

    12 giorni fa

    Ur so rich 😫💔

  26. hâmžá. kiñğ

    hâmžá. kiñğ

    13 giorni fa


  27. Thủy Hoàng

    Thủy Hoàng

    13 giorni fa


  28. Thủy Hoàng

    Thủy Hoàng

    13 giorni fa


  29. Lavy R

    Lavy R

    13 giorni fa

    Him : u can use it for fashion Ad: are u trying to do a handmade business Me: oh

  30. رفوفة قلبي رفوو

    رفوفة قلبي رفوو

    13 giorni fa

    تصحيح اغلى وليست غلى

  31. شهد تركي

    شهد تركي

    14 giorni fa

    تتكلمون عربي او ماي كاد

  32. heheBOY


    14 giorni fa

    U guys don't appreciate a thing do u?

  33. Strawberry Plays - Roblox

    Strawberry Plays - Roblox

    14 giorni fa

    It looks the same to idk the difference

  34. Lala Tran

    Lala Tran

    14 giorni fa

    I just came upon your video and am really curious to know, What happened to the Louis Vutton pencil crayons you bought? Do you still have them or did you give them away where are they now? Lol

  35. Maaike Leget

    Maaike Leget

    14 giorni fa

    Im sure i have 72 pencils for 15 euro’s *still the same quality*

  36. Plastic Rares xox

    Plastic Rares xox

    14 giorni fa

    They better Pay My Bills too.

  37. Petre Iulia Maria

    Petre Iulia Maria

    15 giorni fa

    Jefree Star looking at this video: i wanttt ittttt babeeee

  38. Mathuriya Suhana Singh

    Mathuriya Suhana Singh

    15 giorni fa

    You draw amazing from india

  39. Mr Verified

    Mr Verified

    15 giorni fa

    Does it have gold instead of lead?

  40. Your Life Is A Great Story

    Your Life Is A Great Story

    15 giorni fa

    ***Im pretty sure they are WATERCOLOR pencils. Just judging from the look on paper as well as the brush printed on the pencil next to the logo/name.***

  41. Froilyn Poblacion

    Froilyn Poblacion

    16 giorni fa

    color pensel

  42. عائلة انصاله

    عائلة انصاله

    16 giorni fa

    واو صراحه واو تستاهل كل الفلوس صراحه لأن بيه كل كل الاولن حرفيا كل درجاتهن 40 لون يمكن مادري حسبتهن المهم و اهم اهم شي هو انو موجود لون البشره هاذا اهم لون ميهم غير لون و ارجع اكول و احجي تستاهل كل الفلوس مع اني ماعرف شكد ههه

  43. Sudha Baheti

    Sudha Baheti

    17 giorni fa

    I don't think it's worth 1000 dollars

  44. Prishalini Anne

    Prishalini Anne

    18 giorni fa

    One small mistake... TEAR MARK GONE. .Oof☠🤡 *insert Coffin Dance song*

  45. Gage Infanger

    Gage Infanger

    18 giorni fa


  46. Ivie ante

    Ivie ante

    19 giorni fa

    Just for a pencil that’s not worth it you waste too much money

  47. giraffes forever yall

    giraffes forever yall

    19 giorni fa

    Ur rich all the time but I'm here with 1$

  48. Rabia Khan

    Rabia Khan

    19 giorni fa

    So bad Colour pencils they’re disgusting and I don’t describe your channel

  49. ZZesTow


    19 giorni fa

    i have 50 thousand dollars should i buy it?



    19 giorni fa

    Pls like this ZCH IF YOU WANT TO SAY HI IN the philippines say putanginamo and if you want to say take care in the philippines say bobo ok hope this helps im a fan

  51. ALYA_KASIM01


    20 giorni fa

    ZHC: Cause im no expert on art Me: your joking right?



    20 giorni fa

    Nice vid bro i idnt see this vid

  53. مطبخ رقيه

    مطبخ رقيه

    20 giorni fa

    My favorite color thurikse

  54. park ji suzy

    park ji suzy

    21 giorno fa

    You frend is cute

  55. Sofia Frimmelova

    Sofia Frimmelova

    21 giorno fa

    Skvele ste ma pobavili keď ste ukazovali na aké všelijaké spôsoby sa to dá dať😂! 👍👌💚💙

  56. X_Dexter


    21 giorno fa

    كأنو كاتب العنوان بالعربي؟

  57. Rakesh Saatkar

    Rakesh Saatkar

    21 giorno fa

    Hi l am new in your channel I watch your videos can you tell what is the meaning of ZHC

  58. Squazy Gamez

    Squazy Gamez

    21 giorno fa

    Imagine cracking those lol 😭👍

  59. Lezlie Me

    Lezlie Me

    21 giorno fa

    Hi I love your videos

  60. Coo coo Cookie

    Coo coo Cookie

    21 giorno fa

    Don’t sub to me....

  61. Selena Harmouch

    Selena Harmouch

    21 giorno fa


  62. Ben Johnson

    Ben Johnson

    21 giorno fa

    We all wonder how many tries it took to get in to ZHCs hand lol

  63. Janet Sowinski

    Janet Sowinski

    21 giorno fa

    I dare you to send me Louis Vuitton pencils



    22 giorni fa

    Total cap

  65. heehesi i

    heehesi i

    22 giorni fa

    I just remembered my classmate buyed that for teacher 💕🥺

  66. Beautiful Girl

    Beautiful Girl

    22 giorni fa

    woww its was only 9:59 haha almost 10 minutes

  67. Emmy Roblox player s

    Emmy Roblox player s

    22 giorni fa

    Thank you for all the adds 😆 lol

  68. Gökçem su Metinoglu

    Gökçem su Metinoglu

    22 giorni fa

    Tgvfvcdfc xfbbttynu8jyt4rdghuiokmjht4 uuttghhuiiijgt

  69. Anupam Tiwari

    Anupam Tiwari

    22 giorni fa

    Zach: I'm no expert when it comes to art Me: *traumatized*

  70. Google Drawings

    Google Drawings

    23 giorni fa


  71. Ashad Rausdeen

    Ashad Rausdeen

    23 giorni fa

    Deandre Baker

  72. layla thenoob

    layla thenoob

    23 giorni fa

    Rich kid do bez a bart

  73. GamingKnight ll

    GamingKnight ll

    23 giorni fa

    ბებიაშენი ყლეა თუ ტრაკი

  74. Geri Opanova

    Geri Opanova

    23 giorni fa

    I dit

  75. Geri Opanova

    Geri Opanova

    23 giorni fa


  76. Roop Kaur

    Roop Kaur

    23 giorni fa

    I choose criollo because criollo is much cheaper than Louis Vuitton

  77. Omar Gamer

    Omar Gamer

    23 giorni fa

    Guys count down zhc said color pencils

  78. iluvdrwho100


    23 giorni fa

    That is not fare because who would buy a Crayola pencils even when it's 1000 or $100

  79. Naseem Alsharqawi

    Naseem Alsharqawi

    23 giorni fa


  80. Immy Vlogs

    Immy Vlogs

    23 giorni fa

    They look exactly like my pencils from a dollar store

  81. Lina Refugjati

    Lina Refugjati

    23 giorni fa

    Me: wow😱

  82. Galaxy_Star


    24 giorni fa

    2050 Louis Vuitton : NEW LIMITED ADDITION LOUIS VUITTON COLOURING PENCILS THAT COST £999000 Apple workers: I don’t get money anymore I only get £ 20 Apple workers: Baii I’m quitting imma work at Louis Vuitton Pencils Steve Jobs :NOO MAH MONEY , LIFE IS SAD Me: NOO MY CRIPS IT FINSHED!!!!!!!

  83. Hensley Lorge

    Hensley Lorge

    24 giorni fa

    I love your channel but I'm sorry to say I only counted 41 pencils

    • Galaxy_Star


      24 giorni fa


  84. Hensley Lorge

    Hensley Lorge

    24 giorni fa

    I do love your Channel but just so you know I counted all the colored pencils and there was only 41 you guys can count to when I clicked on the video I counted all of them

  85. Ivy Rose Lalic

    Ivy Rose Lalic

    24 giorni fa

    the clored pencil is 42

  86. Kenan Hasanovic

    Kenan Hasanovic

    24 giorni fa

    love blue

  87. Persephone Rose

    Persephone Rose

    24 giorni fa

    My mouth is watering for these, but if I ever got these from someone I'd cry and feel guilty lmao

  88. Candy Taylor

    Candy Taylor

    24 giorni fa

    Hi my name is candy and I'm where your fans vital live in your country I live in Cardigan

  89. summa donnelly

    summa donnelly

    24 giorni fa

    If you better then drawing you need to get these flowers flowers

  90. Yi Chiang

    Yi Chiang

    24 giorni fa

    You guys suck at art

  91. Abeer Rahat

    Abeer Rahat

    24 giorni fa

    This is so funny

  92. Abeer Rahat

    Abeer Rahat

    24 giorni fa

    This is so fu

  93. Ben fuller

    Ben fuller

    24 giorni fa

    Well most colored pencils like prisma color is 20 dollars

  94. ツh e l l o

    ツh e l l o

    24 giorni fa

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s just normal color pencils in a Louis Vuitton pouch thingy?

  95. Raven Queen

    Raven Queen

    25 giorni fa

    So fun I’m jealous

  96. Shaziya Bibi

    Shaziya Bibi

    25 giorni fa


    • Shaziya Bibi

      Shaziya Bibi

      25 giorni fa

      U r amazing

  97. Ligitsters A

    Ligitsters A

    25 giorni fa

    Good video

  98. Ligitsters A

    Ligitsters A

    25 giorni fa

    Bad video

  99. Michael Majdanik

    Michael Majdanik

    25 giorni fa

    What that’s horrible

  100. Emily lin

    Emily lin

    25 giorni fa

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dam

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