Drawing Pewdiepie in One Breath! - MrBeast, Odd1sOut, Dude Perfect, Ninja and More!

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watch me draw pewdiepie for 24 hours straight:
watch me draw mrbeast for 24 hours straight:
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world record!
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  1. ZHC


    Anno fa

    If you think this is fake keep in mind I’ve been swimming for 13 years, I have a record of 4:03 and the world record is over 22 minutes who is your fave youtuber? I wanna let you choose for the next one again! Subscribe cuz I have some crazy stuff for u guys soon ;) congrats on first comment: dmarion draws

    • Marcus Harland

      Marcus Harland

      16 giorni fa

      Modest pelican please please please

    • Caleb Ethanael Kenan Sihotang

      Caleb Ethanael Kenan Sihotang

      Mese fa

      The 500th comments

    • Betsy Salzer

      Betsy Salzer

      2 mesi fa

      Kid Crafter

    • Galih


      2 mesi fa


    • Prady's Station

      Prady's Station

      3 mesi fa

      Pls draw the Prady's Station logo, that is my channel 😀

  2. Lisa


    11 ore fa

    I’d get out by now even 2 seconds in

  3. reacter


    20 ore fa

    I watched the video in 2 brethes

  4. bruh


    Giorno fa

    Excuse me sir, how do you hold your breath for so long? I'll have to arrest you because that's I M P O S S I B L E.

  5. Glenn Lumpan

    Glenn Lumpan

    Giorno fa

    You tube

  6. Glenn Lumpan

    Glenn Lumpan

    Giorno fa


  7. Cora & Cali Plays roblox

    Cora & Cali Plays roblox

    2 giorni fa

    If I did it I would faint

  8. Daksh Kapoor

    Daksh Kapoor

    2 giorni fa

    T-series Jk

  9. The King of Games

    The King of Games

    2 giorni fa

    I pause the video you can breath now

  10. bhootgamer 7

    bhootgamer 7

    2 giorni fa

    everybody how he doesnt breathe me how he paint this fast

  11. bhootgamer 7

    bhootgamer 7

    2 giorni fa

    not breating painting wow

  12. Sandy Li

    Sandy Li

    3 giorni fa

    ZHC : holds breath for 2 minutes and over Me: can’t hold for a single minute Lol

  13. BestDream


    3 giorni fa

    U dare you draw me

  14. Brody Pratt

    Brody Pratt

    3 giorni fa

    I can only hold my breath 4 like 50 seconds

  15. muhammad yousuf

    muhammad yousuf

    3 giorni fa

    Oh my god he is keeping his breath for almost 3min man that's crazy I can just do it for some 30 seconds ❤️❤️❤️😂

  16. AyyyAiza


    3 giorni fa

    Sorry if u can't draw my hair.. -Jaiden

  17. Daniel Fernandes

    Daniel Fernandes

    3 giorni fa

    Barely i can draw myself stop it guys

  18. B. sharvadharshini

    B. sharvadharshini

    3 giorni fa

    Can you draw elsa and anna

  19. Blesyl Guillera

    Blesyl Guillera

    4 giorni fa


  20. dare to win

    dare to win

    4 giorni fa

    draw caylus

  21. Miss Sunshine

    Miss Sunshine

    4 giorni fa

    Never do this again

  22. Banana head VIP

    Banana head VIP

    4 giorni fa

    Should I dare you to draw super sonic LOL

  23. luisernestorangel


    4 giorni fa

    4:03 is imprsessive cuz I can’t even do it for 1 minute

  24. Amna Asad

    Amna Asad

    4 giorni fa


  25. HUN ANDREI diaz

    HUN ANDREI diaz

    4 giorni fa

    you can breath 3 mins google said atleast 2 min

  26. Craig West

    Craig West

    5 giorni fa

    My favorite ITput or is you or it would be Preston or Brianna you can do both if you want.

  27. Team Blitz

    Team Blitz

    5 giorni fa

    People want you to suffer

  28. celia lin

    celia lin

    5 giorni fa

    And unspeakable plz

  29. celia lin

    celia lin

    5 giorni fa

    Can you draw Preston plays in one breath?

  30. AAO Tube

    AAO Tube

    5 giorni fa

    Who else tried to hold their breath too?

  31. Layan Elmehy

    Layan Elmehy

    5 giorni fa

    Can you draw flamingo ?not that real flamingo

  32. Niharika Dutta

    Niharika Dutta

    5 giorni fa

    Please draw bts

  33. Magma Jacob TV

    Magma Jacob TV

    5 giorni fa


  34. Bhavya Singh Nandiwal

    Bhavya Singh Nandiwal

    5 giorni fa

    pokemon Bantai

  35. Daniel Fernandes

    Daniel Fernandes

    5 giorni fa

    That song was ten feet

  36. Nitro


    5 giorni fa

    POV: you looking for a Mrbeast comment

  37. Roselle Avendano

    Roselle Avendano

    5 giorni fa


  38. Hugo Palomar

    Hugo Palomar

    6 giorni fa

    Draw tofuu

  39. Elisha Howe

    Elisha Howe

    6 giorni fa

    First one is odd1sout

  40. Robyn Weinberg

    Robyn Weinberg

    6 giorni fa

    I thought he was an artist there is alot of white bits UwU

  41. Mr. Warrior Gaming

    Mr. Warrior Gaming

    6 giorni fa

    Mr.Warrior gaming, my own channel

  42. TotaledChain 847

    TotaledChain 847

    6 giorni fa


  43. Shazjil Zara2012

    Shazjil Zara2012

    6 giorni fa


  44. Fiachanふぃあちゃん


    6 giorni fa

    U really look cute 😍😍

  45. Caroline Yuen

    Caroline Yuen

    6 giorni fa

    U are so cool 😎 ZHC

  46. Toxicflame Raptor uwu

    Toxicflame Raptor uwu

    6 giorni fa

    I joined you I hold my breath with the drawings and with this message

  47. Carine Faye Esmale

    Carine Faye Esmale

    6 giorni fa

    Draw prestonplayz plsss

  48. ıtz Mơơnlıght

    ıtz Mơơnlıght

    6 giorni fa

    Fun fact: Hes breathing On Hes Mouth :) Hes mouth is a little bit open

  49. Christine Guymer

    Christine Guymer

    7 giorni fa

    Thanks for drawing me

  50. Christine Guymer

    Christine Guymer

    7 giorni fa

    How does he draw like that

  51. Christine Guymer

    Christine Guymer

    7 giorni fa

    Dam Zack is good at drawing

  52. Mahesh barupal

    Mahesh barupal

    7 giorni fa

    Draw a pokemon

  53. Micho Ramos

    Micho Ramos

    7 giorni fa

    Draw Jen animations

  54. Micho Ramos

    Micho Ramos

    7 giorni fa

    Draw kristian ph please

  55. The Gamer Pals

    The Gamer Pals

    7 giorni fa

    ZHC likes Jayden animations

  56. NTE Gaming

    NTE Gaming

    7 giorni fa

    I’m not hating but I don’t think it’s possible to hold your breath for two minutes without making an expression

  57. lil monster

    lil monster

    7 giorni fa


  58. Katie Tunget

    Katie Tunget

    7 giorni fa

    I love theodd1sout

  59. Aisha Bilal

    Aisha Bilal

    7 giorni fa

    Sub to this man

  60. Kenny Noo

    Kenny Noo

    7 giorni fa

    Draw the dog

  61. Kenny Noo

    Kenny Noo

    7 giorni fa

    Can you draw my ITput acount

  62. Florent


    7 giorni fa


  63. Waffles World

    Waffles World

    7 giorni fa

    I like how he rushes everyone except Himself Or ZHC

  64. DatRobloxPotato!


    7 giorni fa

    If u do another of these can u drzwi my yt? PLEASE

  65. Amy Geraghty

    Amy Geraghty

    7 giorni fa


  66. Galax games Random stuff

    Galax games Random stuff

    7 giorni fa

    Next time peg your nose with two of them so we know

  67. Noval Dillys

    Noval Dillys

    7 giorni fa

    Draw pewdiepie

  68. Daniela Gomez

    Daniela Gomez

    8 giorni fa

    Draw alex

  69. Elsie Reyes

    Elsie Reyes

    8 giorni fa

    When he said the face looks awful I was speechless that to me looks like a $1,000 drawing

  70. Sarah Martin

    Sarah Martin

    8 giorni fa

    Do me

  71. Jenson Caines

    Jenson Caines

    8 giorni fa

    Wow that’s amazing 🤩

  72. Esmeralda Herrera

    Esmeralda Herrera

    8 giorni fa

    Your face doesn't look awful

  73. Brynjar Ólafsson

    Brynjar Ólafsson

    8 giorni fa

    The jaiden one was kinda off

  74. MTN Biking43

    MTN Biking43

    8 giorni fa

    Jk the drawings looked awesome

  75. MTN Biking43

    MTN Biking43

    8 giorni fa

    I saw you breath

  76. The wonderful world Of Jada

    The wonderful world Of Jada

    8 giorni fa

    Zhc this isn’t good Me watching video dreaming about the day I would be able to ever draw like that

  77. Caroline Gordon

    Caroline Gordon

    8 giorni fa

    This is painful to watch

  78. Eric Chang

    Eric Chang

    8 giorni fa


  79. Sophie Beveridge

    Sophie Beveridge

    8 giorni fa

    this guy here has no care for his life so he will be draw with no beathing

  80. lukas salgado

    lukas salgado

    8 giorni fa

    I know all those you tubers except for number 8

  81. lukas salgado

    lukas salgado

    8 giorni fa

    Dude perfect should be the easiest

  82. MR. AW08

    MR. AW08

    8 giorni fa

    My foot no one can hold their breath for 2 mins

  83. Ian Ha Wei Xian

    Ian Ha Wei Xian

    8 giorni fa

    Draw Oofy



    8 giorni fa

    what is song for video

  85. Garyl_ 09

    Garyl_ 09

    9 giorni fa

    whos waching this on 2021

  86. Bailey Hinton

    Bailey Hinton

    9 giorni fa

  87. Jazzy.J Playz

    Jazzy.J Playz

    9 giorni fa

    You draw better with one breath than I draw in an hour

  88. Claudia Noriega

    Claudia Noriega

    9 giorni fa


  89. Claudia Noriega

    Claudia Noriega

    9 giorni fa

    I mean

  90. Claudia Noriega

    Claudia Noriega

    9 giorni fa


  91. Zubair Niazi

    Zubair Niazi

    9 giorni fa

    Sorry Zhc very good

  92. Zubair Niazi

    Zubair Niazi

    9 giorni fa

    Dummy dummy

    • Zubair Niazi

      Zubair Niazi

      9 giorni fa


  93. Tasneem Khan

    Tasneem Khan

    9 giorni fa

    Mumbo jumbo

  94. suryans shahi

    suryans shahi

    9 giorni fa

    don't ever do this challenges it's not good for your health 😟😟

  95. Merly Salvamante

    Merly Salvamante

    9 giorni fa

    Your logo is amazing

  96. Jessica Ramoz

    Jessica Ramoz

    10 giorni fa

    Dang he must have lots of strength to do that vidio

  97. 31-Sameer Shashi-II-D

    31-Sameer Shashi-II-D

    10 giorni fa


  98. Abrilovely


    10 giorni fa

    Don’t LIE u held ur breath also!

  99. Toni Fireheart

    Toni Fireheart

    10 giorni fa

    Him: be able to hold for 2 minutes Me: can only hold it for 1 minutes

  100. Audra Shipp

    Audra Shipp

    10 giorni fa

    Point I

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