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world record!
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  1. ZHC


    Anno fa

    If you think this is fake keep in mind I’ve been swimming for 13 years, I have a record of 4:03 and the world record is over 22 minutes who is your fave youtuber? I wanna let you choose for the next one again! Subscribe cuz I have some crazy stuff for u guys soon ;) congrats on first comment: dmarion draws

    • Prady's Station

      Prady's Station

      12 giorni fa

      Pls draw the Prady's Station logo, that is my channel 😀

    • Adam Nguyen

      Adam Nguyen

      16 giorni fa


    • Morgan Monkey

      Morgan Monkey

      27 giorni fa


    • Alex Sotirov Bulgaria

      Alex Sotirov Bulgaria

      3 mesi fa

      Joshdub plz

    • ZyrrO_2k


      4 mesi fa


  2. Abhav Thandava

    Abhav Thandava

    43 minuti fa

    What song is this pls tell me

  3. Fidel Persaud

    Fidel Persaud

    Ora fa

    He held his breath very long tho

  4. iisunset Dreams

    iisunset Dreams

    3 ore fa

    One of m favorites is (Leah Ashe)

  5. ligma3itch


    3 ore fa

    Can we accept the fact that this man says it turned out horrible but still draws 10,000 times better than me (the guy is flexing hard)

  6. Mobin Hassani

    Mobin Hassani

    3 ore fa

    Sorry i didnt like the video because u didnt draw lazarbeam

  7. Cheyenne B

    Cheyenne B

    3 ore fa

    Do Melanie Martinez

  8. Jess Chan

    Jess Chan

    4 ore fa

    He’s doing the challenge with him?

  9. Erika L

    Erika L

    5 ore fa

    It makes sense that he can hold his breath for so long if he's been swimming for 13 years. I've been swimming for about 10 years (5 competitively) and have a record of about 1 min 21 sec

  10. Eva Seno

    Eva Seno

    5 ore fa

    Draw poke

  11. Eva Seno

    Eva Seno

    5 ore fa

    Nice draw

  12. Mariyam Shafi

    Mariyam Shafi

    6 ore fa


  13. Tony Byrne

    Tony Byrne

    7 ore fa

    How do you do this

  14. Maricar Galve

    Maricar Galve

    8 ore fa

    Did anyone notice that each time he's holding his breath his face turns red

  15. Mary Canete

    Mary Canete

    8 ore fa

    Do dream

  16. Daisy Castro

    Daisy Castro

    9 ore fa

    Drow it's Funneh

  17. Just A man

    Just A man

    9 ore fa

    Draw something until you in hospital

  18. Mc bang cousins Forever

    Mc bang cousins Forever

    11 ore fa

    I would be dieing

  19. Angela Reyes

    Angela Reyes

    12 ore fa

    Who else held their breath while watching him draw? 😅😅

  20. druppy ducky

    druppy ducky

    14 ore fa

    Doc:Zach is diagnosed with insane lungs Zach:what does that mean Doc: it mean u must make this video and give me all the money

  21. druppy ducky

    druppy ducky

    14 ore fa

    I love how when he says I mest up I see nothing

  22. Amber Lin

    Amber Lin

    15 ore fa

    He can draw better than me holding his breath I can’t even draw that good even when I am able to breathe Lol

  23. Lyn Ortiz

    Lyn Ortiz

    16 ore fa

    Can you customize your youtube play button please 😞

  24. Lillyam Hernandez

    Lillyam Hernandez

    18 ore fa


  25. axis-Wario Doritos

    axis-Wario Doritos

    18 ore fa


  26. Rascon Allysson

    Rascon Allysson

    20 ore fa

    i thank you should make faze rug

  27. Nigelzapper NC

    Nigelzapper NC

    20 ore fa

    when u need jesus for help 1:36

  28. Abbey Brown

    Abbey Brown

    20 ore fa

    That’s crazy dude grate job

  29. tayloricecreamcone


    21 ora fa

    Is he still alive after this?

  30. Little Vertigo915

    Little Vertigo915

    21 ora fa

    i cant even hold mine for 15

  31. Alexa katie fan lover #qwencas

    Alexa katie fan lover #qwencas

    22 ore fa

    Plz do part 2 witjdazz games tea party hat ?

  32. Edith Yonguep

    Edith Yonguep

    22 ore fa

    jackspticai wait u mean monsters inc

  33. Nicolas HOLAN

    Nicolas HOLAN

    23 ore fa

    me: cant draw mr beast logo in 2 days zhc: draws it in 3 minutes whilst not even breathing

  34. Karen Zapata

    Karen Zapata

    23 ore fa

    Yesssss or nooooooo

  35. Dildar Goga

    Dildar Goga

    Giorno fa

    You are real artist wow 💯real artists 👇

  36. yep


    Giorno fa

    Everybody: WOW HE CAN LAST THAT LONG Me: well I guess if hes drowning he has like 4 minutes of help

  37. NotCeso Plays

    NotCeso Plays

    Giorno fa

    The skills when he draws things with only one breath are my art skills put to the maximum

  38. Gian Carlo Bermudo

    Gian Carlo Bermudo

    Giorno fa

    The reason i subbed is because you draw jaiden animations

  39. Toca Girl

    Toca Girl

    Giorno fa

    He can breath from his mouth

  40. Kimberly Trotter

    Kimberly Trotter

    Giorno fa

    Y'all know he can breath with that in his nose I stayed like that for 32 hours

  41. Amirakirby 1

    Amirakirby 1

    Giorno fa

    He be like gon from hunter x hunter bc gon can brave for 5-9 minutes

  42. Justine plays Lim

    Justine plays Lim

    Giorno fa

    Keep in mind. A kid almost drowned in a pool because the drainage ole sucked his feet on the hold and cant get out,he survived by holding his breath for almost 3 hours ...

  43. Plaid Penguin

    Plaid Penguin

    Giorno fa

    Meanwhile I cant hold my breath for more than 20 seconds

  44. ZR Gamer

    ZR Gamer

    Giorno fa

    R.I.P ???-2019 Good ITputr LMAO

  45. Aldis Kruze

    Aldis Kruze

    Giorno fa

    I subskribe to u

  46. Aldis Kruze

    Aldis Kruze

    Giorno fa

    Mind blowing🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  47. Aldis Kruze

    Aldis Kruze

    Giorno fa

    I lowe your vidios

  48. Aldis Kruze

    Aldis Kruze

    Giorno fa

    And more crazy🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  49. Aldis Kruze

    Aldis Kruze

    Giorno fa

    2 min

  50. Aldis Kruze

    Aldis Kruze

    Giorno fa


  51. Aldis Kruze

    Aldis Kruze

    Giorno fa

    Are de best

  52. Aldis Kruze

    Aldis Kruze

    Giorno fa


  53. iLoveMayaB


    Giorno fa

    Im a fan i draw too but im prakticing

  54. Villain Deku

    Villain Deku

    Giorno fa

    me: tries to hold my breath me like 40 seconds in me: i give up

  55. Raikko Refol

    Raikko Refol

    Giorno fa

    Yess mr beast and jadens anmiation is here my favorite youtuber

  56. Julia Luczak

    Julia Luczak

    Giorno fa

    Is it only me that when starts doing the art in one breath i do it too

  57. Gulnar Akdemir

    Gulnar Akdemir

    Giorno fa

    I wanted to him draw guava juice and the spy ninjas only if he knows those youtubers

  58. Raffa Maulana Alvaro

    Raffa Maulana Alvaro

    Giorno fa


  59. Raffa Maulana Alvaro

    Raffa Maulana Alvaro

    Giorno fa

    Konten chenel ini apa si

  60. x张某某是美女


    Giorno fa

    I literally hold the breath with him!

  61. Bill Cypher

    Bill Cypher

    Giorno fa

    his logo looks like if venom, bowser and mr.beasts logo had a kid

  62. shashank reddy

    shashank reddy

    Giorno fa

    Draw ninja 24 hours straight

  63. kiki the kitty Gibson

    kiki the kitty Gibson

    Giorno fa

    Can you do steve cash the owner of talking kitty cat

  64. critical mystic

    critical mystic

    Giorno fa

    A soul for a draw

  65. NourXGAMER


    Giorno fa

    This was so breathtaking

  66. super panda

    super panda

    Giorno fa

    Wat about mouth

  67. Ma. Cristina Bautista

    Ma. Cristina Bautista

    Giorno fa


  68. Grant PH

    Grant PH

    Giorno fa

    Jen animations is a filipino dude

  69. Moushumi Majumdar

    Moushumi Majumdar

    Giorno fa

    Draw carryminati

  70. Lance Mangubat

    Lance Mangubat

    Giorno fa

    the first time I watched this video ZHC has 1M subs but now its 16M whoooooh



    Giorno fa

    You r liying

  72. TomilHVH


    Giorno fa

    I can't hold mine for 20 seconds lmao

  73. Sync - ROBLOX

    Sync - ROBLOX

    Giorno fa

    Bring the coffin dance here

  74. Riley Soloma

    Riley Soloma

    Giorno fa

    Draw FGTeeV

  75. Fatima Nawab

    Fatima Nawab

    Giorno fa

    I can’t believe you did that wow

  76. Fatima Nawab

    Fatima Nawab

    Giorno fa

    I cancan’t do this I

  77. Jayme Wood

    Jayme Wood

    Giorno fa

    U might wanna draw markiplier

  78. XxGalixWoofie Xx

    XxGalixWoofie Xx

    Giorno fa

    Two words: Oh god-

  79. Min Kan Kaung

    Min Kan Kaung

    Giorno fa

    hi zhc can you draw sonic for me?

  80. Taija Molina

    Taija Molina

    Giorno fa

    She doesn't got to logo

  81. Taija Molina

    Taija Molina

    Giorno fa

    Sssniper Wolf

  82. Belen Bailon

    Belen Bailon

    Giorno fa

    Draw dream the youtuber

  83. Frog olampices Saturn

    Frog olampices Saturn

    Giorno fa

    Draw faze rug

  84. Nathan Ferrer

    Nathan Ferrer

    Giorno fa

    Next video make 230 push ups

  85. Chelsea Darbonne

    Chelsea Darbonne

    Giorno fa

    Shoutout to all the people who held there breath with him

  86. Catherine Jones

    Catherine Jones

    Giorno fa

    Do unspeakable Preston or Chewie cat

  87. Michelle Chan

    Michelle Chan

    Giorno fa

    Subconsciously holding my breath here and almost passed out

  88. chelsealee154😘


    Giorno fa

    If you do a next can you do sniperwolf! Pls

  89. Life with the Jones Crew

    Life with the Jones Crew

    Giorno fa

    Draw Prestonplaz

  90. Andre Wiegand

    Andre Wiegand

    Giorno fa

    I honestly dont think this is real bc of how comfortable he looks

    • Andre Wiegand

      Andre Wiegand

      Giorno fa

      Could be wrong dou

  91. Potato Potaaato

    Potato Potaaato

    Giorno fa

    My dude has lungs of steel

  92. enrique galindo

    enrique galindo

    Giorno fa


  93. Dunya Noor

    Dunya Noor

    Giorno fa

    Do Mr bean 🤭🤭🤭🤭

  94. KK and George

    KK and George

    Giorno fa

    Who else tried to hold their breath when he did I know I did

  95. Peinguin Coffee

    Peinguin Coffee

    Giorno fa

    Did u work at nemo's filming? Cos u sure hold ur breath. For long.

  96. Peinguin Coffee

    Peinguin Coffee

    Giorno fa

    Plot twist. He's breathing throught his ears.

  97. AshtonLorand's Channel

    AshtonLorand's Channel

    2 giorni fa

    that is so dangeruos

  98. Jimin Mad

    Jimin Mad

    2 giorni fa

    O!G maiden animations!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Parsa Gamer

    Parsa Gamer

    2 giorni fa

    that breath keeping was crazy me having 2 chances of getting breath and with ur edits i couldnt take my breath lol

  100. •ɢʟᴏssʏ- Bʟᴏssᴏᴍ•

    •ɢʟᴏssʏ- Bʟᴏssᴏᴍ•

    2 giorni fa

    Cmon we all just feel bad for one person right? ......ZHC

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