Drawing For 100 Hours Straight Challenge | ZHC

I held the previous record of longest drawing on youtube when I drew for 10 hours straight and broke it again when I drew for 24 hours straight. Today we are going to attempt something that has never been done before
My challenges were originally inspired by mrbeast but this time I want to take it to the next level
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If you read all the way down here I LOVE YOU!
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  1. ZHC


    Anno fa

    SUBSCRIBE OR...plz just subscribe.. I have no energy left... Shoutout to my fans who were on the livestream to witness the world record! Also I did end up doing 100 hours so hope you guys enjoy the vid! Congrats first comment: Chuck Cards email me for a giftcard since u are first :D

    • gmg junior short filims

      gmg junior short filims

      Giorno fa


    • Frerh Girls

      Frerh Girls

      3 giorni fa

      ZHC no just sleep plz

    • Melania Rodriguez-Cordova

      Melania Rodriguez-Cordova

      5 giorni fa


    • Liyan Tsopoe

      Liyan Tsopoe

      5 giorni fa

      Zhc hi 😆😝

    • Kamryn Lomeli

      Kamryn Lomeli

      7 giorni fa

      You are crazy

  2. Charlyne Marte

    Charlyne Marte

    4 ore fa

    could you give to me a Nintendo switch please also subscribe weed 16 accounts

  3. Midnight 0030

    Midnight 0030

    5 ore fa

    Where you get your pencil

  4. Midnight 0030

    Midnight 0030

    5 ore fa

    When Michel went to the shop she said icy hot and that is a nickname for an anime character called todoroki 😆😲🤯😃👌🏻

  5. Araceli Glass

    Araceli Glass

    6 ore fa

    I have ADHD to

  6. Jayla Trumbull

    Jayla Trumbull

    8 ore fa

    You: Icy Hot Me: ... Also Me: ✨s h o t o t o d o r o k i✨

  7. XenP77


    10 ore fa


  8. Vuk Jankovic

    Vuk Jankovic

    16 ore fa

    Ju have pink hair

  9. Jadege Jean-Claude

    Jadege Jean-Claude

    22 ore fa

    I stay up more then 100 hours he is getting tired

  10. purple galaxy

    purple galaxy

    Giorno fa

    I think his hand is dead

  11. D Schmit

    D Schmit

    Giorno fa

    How was that challenge. Zucchini

  12. E.G. Carlson

    E.G. Carlson

    Giorno fa

    Sorry I said your name wrong

  13. E.G. Carlson

    E.G. Carlson

    Giorno fa

    Zack can you say Eliza it was my birthday yesterday

  14. 5000 subscribers with one video

    5000 subscribers with one video

    Giorno fa


  15. Blooming Dale Diwa

    Blooming Dale Diwa

    Giorno fa

    I thought it was live lmao

  16. Jairus Clarence Beltran

    Jairus Clarence Beltran

    Giorno fa

    Without eating WTF

  17. Pausantimor lol

    Pausantimor lol

    Giorno fa

    ZHC: you will notice is not detailed Drawing: ULTRA MEGA OMEGA NANI DEJA VU BANANA JELLY OMG detailed*

  18. Silka Slavin

    Silka Slavin

    Giorno fa

    How did u not sleep like all I do is sleep Who sleeps all day well not all day but ye u get it

  19. Cindy Felicia

    Cindy Felicia

    Giorno fa

    Good drawing :3

  20. Venkatesh Chowdary Annabathuni

    Venkatesh Chowdary Annabathuni

    Giorno fa

    your are my favorite youtuber ever and ever

  21. Candice Wilson

    Candice Wilson

    Giorno fa

    Can you please draw on a100 iPhones. 11s

  22. Candice Wilson

    Candice Wilson

    Giorno fa

    How old are you zhc

  23. Lyn Ortiz

    Lyn Ortiz

    Giorno fa

    You will be sick I mean not sleeping for 100 hours 😲😲 don't do this again to your self be careful what video you will make it may affect your health don't do this again, so you will be safe😃😃

  24. Claire Foster

    Claire Foster

    Giorno fa

    Thats so risky

  25. Che Bernabe

    Che Bernabe

    2 giorni fa

    I Love Zach s drawing soo much and for Michele i love pink too.

  26. Nikela Richards

    Nikela Richards

    2 giorni fa

    You can do it zach

  27. Jennifer Villeda Ramirez

    Jennifer Villeda Ramirez

    2 giorni fa

    That is long if i do that i will be so alone ): 🥺🥺

  28. Chi Bui

    Chi Bui

    2 giorni fa

    NOT LIVE so what

  29. Matea Radman

    Matea Radman

    2 giorni fa

    Boi i cant draw for an hour your amaizing

  30. Itz Amie Dark

    Itz Amie Dark

    2 giorni fa

    Sometimes i sleep in the morning and stay awake at afternoon to night! I feel life a vampire ;-;

  31. Xue Yan Xie

    Xue Yan Xie

    3 giorni fa

    Wooooweeeee I can't believe it!!!

  32. Brandon Bui

    Brandon Bui

    3 giorni fa

    when your said without sleeping you slept on your chair

  33. stephanie overman

    stephanie overman

    3 giorni fa

    Hi zach

  34. caiden moldovan

    caiden moldovan

    3 giorni fa

    How do you do that enough drawing for me is 25 minutes (LOL)

  35. Yuna haina Mostrera

    Yuna haina Mostrera

    3 giorni fa

    Zhc has took this tl far😔😔

  36. ali almanea

    ali almanea

    3 giorni fa

    The drawing is the best drawing I've ever seen

  37. Khant Htet Kyaw

    Khant Htet Kyaw

    3 giorni fa

    OK i can't do that that way to long

  38. Kb Soph

    Kb Soph

    3 giorni fa

    Hi zhc



    3 giorni fa

    dude your a alien

  40. dale larry esguerra

    dale larry esguerra

    4 giorni fa

    i am a big fan please draw a naruto in 100 hour

  41. Maysha Hajira

    Maysha Hajira

    4 giorni fa

    I am at life

  42. Maysha Hajira

    Maysha Hajira

    4 giorni fa

    100 hour is 4 days

  43. Maysha Hajira

    Maysha Hajira

    4 giorni fa

    Sh*t is your hand hurt?

  44. Byan A.A

    Byan A.A

    4 giorni fa

    Don't drink red bull. Drink ice water you dum dum

  45. Selena Lee

    Selena Lee

    4 giorni fa

    I think i was more focused in the beginning trap mix of fur elise

  46. Zara Pari

    Zara Pari

    4 giorni fa

    Next: draw for 1000

  47. Mikal Riddell

    Mikal Riddell

    4 giorni fa

    Who else realized the paper with "ZHC IS CHUBBY" lol

  48. Kailey Fernandez

    Kailey Fernandez

    4 giorni fa


  49. Given Sukarta

    Given Sukarta

    4 giorni fa

    draw my face

  50. lycan rock

    lycan rock

    4 giorni fa

    This how much ink or pens he used 👇

  51. Destinee Ulloa

    Destinee Ulloa

    4 giorni fa

    I could stay awake for 2 days

  52. Shatrunjay Rathore

    Shatrunjay Rathore

    5 giorni fa

    sir hatsoff to you

  53. Badie Qween

    Badie Qween

    5 giorni fa

    wow I could never stay awake for that long I wake up you turn around you see me trying to sleep

  54. Maranda williams

    Maranda williams

    5 giorni fa


  55. WolfiiPlayzz


    5 giorni fa

    Zach, Red Bull doesn’t give you wings!! It gives you type-2 DIABETES!!

  56. Liyan Tsopoe

    Liyan Tsopoe

    5 giorni fa

    Omg are u ok😅😅

  57. Liyan Tsopoe

    Liyan Tsopoe

    5 giorni fa

    Omg if is me I can't do it 😮 but later you can do with your girlfriend✌

  58. Anne Marie Tipa

    Anne Marie Tipa

    5 giorni fa

    you should do it for your whole life

  59. Anne Marie Tipa

    Anne Marie Tipa

    5 giorni fa

    your really good

  60. Emma k

    Emma k

    5 giorni fa

    Me: watches ur video to 2:55 and looks away with the sound on while I can't see the screen 😂 Zhc: Alright guys we need to stetch a little bit.. *makes alot of noise while doing it* lol

  61. •PurxpleMōøn BlxeStqr•치트

    •PurxpleMōøn BlxeStqr•치트

    5 giorni fa

    So is this how chris afton does it? (Fandom Five nights at Freddy)

    • Êlìzabeth Afton

      Êlìzabeth Afton

      4 giorni fa

      Yes. He does unfortunately, but I said I'll scoop him if he doesn't sleep this night. So yea!

  62. Aishah Abdul Shukor

    Aishah Abdul Shukor

    5 giorni fa

    I One brush tip ten pleas

  63. Budi Soebakti

    Budi Soebakti

    5 giorni fa


  64. Foreign Swaggers Sidibe

    Foreign Swaggers Sidibe

    5 giorni fa

    Who else is watching 2020 :p

  65. Valerie Nunez

    Valerie Nunez

    6 giorni fa

    I drawer you and your Girl frend

  66. The Crew

    The Crew

    6 giorni fa


  67. Lorriane Helberg

    Lorriane Helberg

    6 giorni fa

    I can stay longer awake I can stay awake for two days and not get tired

  68. Vearle Joseph

    Vearle Joseph

    6 giorni fa


  69. edwin jimenezmendoza

    edwin jimenezmendoza

    6 giorni fa

    who's whating this in 2020

  70. Robin Gamer

    Robin Gamer

    6 giorni fa

    I hope you are ok i feel bad for you 100 hour is to mutsh you probaly need to sleep 😊

  71. Hunter Gaming

    Hunter Gaming

    7 giorni fa

    100 hours to 9:22 minutes Like who edited it

  72. XxxLazy MonsterxxX

    XxxLazy MonsterxxX

    7 giorni fa

    Jeff:GO TO SLEEP Zhc:I can't

  73. XxxLazy MonsterxxX

    XxxLazy MonsterxxX

    7 giorni fa

    "I'm going to bye some icy hot" Me: SHOTO TODOROKI

    • Mikal Riddell

      Mikal Riddell

      4 giorni fa

      Its funny cus ur profile looks like toderoki unless it is.

    • Plum Sparkles

      Plum Sparkles

      4 giorni fa


  74. amina battogtokh

    amina battogtokh

    7 giorni fa

    Theres a ZHC is chubby fanart or something

  75. Preslie Laning

    Preslie Laning

    7 giorni fa

    I Love ZHC

  76. Bob Kirk

    Bob Kirk

    7 giorni fa

    sorry to hear about your 80-HD hope you are doing good

  77. Rommel Dionisio

    Rommel Dionisio

    7 giorni fa

    Poor you Zack you deserve a sub and like

  78. Krishna Phullel

    Krishna Phullel

    7 giorni fa

    oh my god

  79. JaVonte Blake

    JaVonte Blake

    7 giorni fa

    all you have

  80. Siti Aisyah

    Siti Aisyah

    8 giorni fa

    I was darwing gacha life

  81. X7 Dave

    X7 Dave

    8 giorni fa

    Let's appreciate how he sacrificed just to make a live stream for 100 or drawing for 100 hours straight

  82. ReubenGaming927 - TheFallenAngel

    ReubenGaming927 - TheFallenAngel

    8 giorni fa

    0:34 Girlfriend: So Beautiful! Me: I Agree

  83. Leisha Farrugia

    Leisha Farrugia

    8 giorni fa

    boo you suck

  84. g jivani

    g jivani

    8 giorni fa

    i thought its live

  85. Arushi Shetty

    Arushi Shetty

    9 giorni fa

    Please take care of yourself. We all love you and your efforts but your health comes first. Please ZHC we love you a lot and can't afford you to fall sick. Please. love you 💜❤️❤️🥺

  86. {Ofi Official}

    {Ofi Official}

    9 giorni fa

    Man i cant even draw for 1 hour-

  87. pro mine us

    pro mine us

    11 giorni fa

    Ooo I feel bad

  88. Optimal Express

    Optimal Express

    11 giorni fa

    I would love to be an artist like you and meet you but I can't because I live Pakistan

  89. Lovon Simmons

    Lovon Simmons

    12 giorni fa


  90. TGIFriday27


    13 giorni fa

    The things people will do for content

  91. Herbert Herbert

    Herbert Herbert

    13 giorni fa

    100 hours is long dude i feel bad for you're hand bruise

  92. Amira Tobler

    Amira Tobler

    14 giorni fa


  93. Inuka Vlogs

    Inuka Vlogs

    14 giorni fa

    100 hours is more than *four* days straight! Just realised



    15 giorni fa

    Cool bruh. Hahaha. Can't even draw for an hour straight



    16 giorni fa


  96. Ysabella Aziz

    Ysabella Aziz

    16 giorni fa

    Can’t believe he peed in a jug

  97. Galaxy The God

    Galaxy The God

    17 giorni fa


  98. Keshara Ekanayake

    Keshara Ekanayake

    17 giorni fa

    a cool drawing keep it up

  99. Leeroy Baxter

    Leeroy Baxter

    18 giorni fa

    This is my add every day RAID sHaDoW lEgEnDs

  100. Rishab Bandhu

    Rishab Bandhu

    22 giorni fa

    This man deserves way more respect that all of us give him. (NO SLEEP FOR SO MANY DAYS)

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