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Designing and Drawing My Spidersona - WHY IS THIS EVEN TRENDING?!

I saw a ton of artists creating their Spidersonas so I decided why not try it out for myself and design my own...
If you try it out for yourself submit it to my reddit page and title it spidersona for a chance to appear on my art review!
Title your post based on category (art review, critique, meme, contest, fanart, random)


• MY INSTAGRAM: zhcomicart
• MY PERSONAL IG: zachhhsieh
• MY FACEBOOK: zhcomicart
• MY SNAPCHAT: ih8ns4pch4t911

Join me on my journey to the top! Practicing all day everyday and always creating new content for you guys! LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT and I will be your slave for life! You guys are the BEST!!!
If you read all the way down here I LOVE YOU!
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  1. ZHC


    2 anni fa

    like this video or I'll be mad Send me memes in the disquad server!! If you try it out for yourself submit it to my reddit page and title it spidersona for a chance to appear on my art review! First comment legend: Kiare Leon

    • Tom music

      Tom music

      Mese fa


    • Manjeet Rana

      Manjeet Rana

      2 mesi fa

      My name sona 🤣🤣🤣

    • Wander ann

      Wander ann

      3 mesi fa

      Im the 600th like

    • Brandon Lopez

      Brandon Lopez

      3 mesi fa

      What’s the link for the pencil?

    • Singh Taukoor

      Singh Taukoor

      7 mesi fa

      How to share my spidersona with you

  2. master clipper

    master clipper

    16 ore fa

    Am I the only one who sees 18.6 M subscribers

  3. Karim Mallak

    Karim Mallak

    18 ore fa

    In the first it looked Like black panther with no ears

  4. Theopro15


    Giorno fa

    This is how many people thought that he rapped at the intro. Btw the amount of people are in the like button bellow this bye :)

  5. Ruwad


    3 giorni fa

    Who's watching in 2021

  6. Nur Aishah

    Nur Aishah

    4 giorni fa

    You chubby boy 😂

  7. Nur Aishah

    Nur Aishah

    4 giorni fa

    Where did you put the crust hachin

  8. Ro nite

    Ro nite

    4 giorni fa

    Can you draw dragon ball Suff

  9. my name is idiot

    my name is idiot

    5 giorni fa

    100k subs 18 millon subs 2 years later

  10. Malciosic


    5 giorni fa


  11. Rachelle Sherer

    Rachelle Sherer

    6 giorni fa

    Compared to my drawings yours is God level and I am a peasant

  12. For the Love of Music

    For the Love of Music

    6 giorni fa

    Am I the only one who heard the rap song as the video started?

  13. IKaayuu1


    8 giorni fa


  14. phantom 25s

    phantom 25s

    8 giorni fa

    If u would give me that drawing of your spidersona I would frame it and name it as the"masterpiece of ZHC THE GREAT"

  15. Ag beats

    Ag beats

    8 giorni fa


  16. Upansh Botcha

    Upansh Botcha

    9 giorni fa

    Could you add more memes

  17. Zentorno


    10 giorni fa

    He gOt 18.5 MiLioN SuBs In lEss ThAn A yEar?!

  18. Zentorno


    10 giorni fa

    hEs AddIcTeD Boi!

  19. Seema Turale

    Seema Turale

    11 giorni fa

    Its....actually NOT nice ...and the baground is not even properly defined and the head is too small and etc...u just messed it up

  20. Grayson Weagle

    Grayson Weagle

    13 giorni fa

    I was hurt when he ripped that drawing

  21. Legend Caleb

    Legend Caleb

    14 giorni fa

    Hype spider got rich out of nowhere

  22. Otniel Rahadyanta

    Otniel Rahadyanta

    15 giorni fa

    Im like whaaat that is not bad

  23. Priyanka Londhe

    Priyanka Londhe

    15 giorni fa

    to be honest it wasnt that bad

  24. Falci.mp4


    16 giorni fa

    2019 congratulations for winning 100,000 subs 2020 good job of getting 18 million subs man subs go fast

  25. Marcus Ray Estrada

    Marcus Ray Estrada

    17 giorni fa

    The arm do be looking long doe!😂

  26. Doaa Nice Beshir

    Doaa Nice Beshir

    17 giorni fa

    what markers do you use???

  27. Aydin Mansoor

    Aydin Mansoor

    19 giorni fa

    Idk watch this get like 100000000000 likes because I just said idk 😂

  28. Aydin Mansoor

    Aydin Mansoor

    19 giorni fa


  29. sajeev pk

    sajeev pk

    19 giorni fa

    Hey can i take to my new youtube channel profile

  30. MagichatTV


    19 giorni fa


  31. LathoDrums


    20 giorni fa

    zhc: off white off white off white me: ?????????????????? everyone: bruh

  32. Geeky Wolf

    Geeky Wolf

    21 giorno fa

    whenever he mentions artist army I picture people throwing sharp pencils at people who criticize somebody's art

  33. itzharrison McGrath

    itzharrison McGrath

    23 giorni fa

    Is There sHrEcKsOnA

  34. Caleb Chonko

    Caleb Chonko

    24 giorni fa

    I love your drawing But I think it’s to gray

  35. Rahib Chowdhury

    Rahib Chowdhury

    27 giorni fa

    It looks good

  36. maleah stone

    maleah stone

    28 giorni fa

    Can you please do mine a female and has a hood and a nice and edgy kind of girl and her powers are mind viewing and weather control and coler is black indigo and pink with a half mask on the eyes with shorts and a short shirt and a jacket your not gonna do it srry im wierd ok bye

  37. Rajeena Akbar

    Rajeena Akbar

    28 giorni fa

    Now he is 17m

  38. Bradley Tubby

    Bradley Tubby

    29 giorni fa

    Me at the start:do you just like always have a knife next to you what the fu....

  39. Don Xhema

    Don Xhema

    29 giorni fa

    Yo when he was talking about stalking I was struggling between 2 thoughts 1. Ok ha funny 2. Who would stalk ur marker sniffing dead grass on hair lookin ass! (Twas only a thought!)

  40. X Perfect plays

    X Perfect plays

    Mese fa

    A love it but u ript it 😕

  41. Lancier Sama

    Lancier Sama

    Mese fa

    It's almost 2 years, congrats Zach for having 17.8m subs now!

  42. Johnzel


    Mese fa

    Artists: My sketch is so bad! "RIPS PAPER" Us: It actually looks really goo- NOOOOO!!!!!!!

  43. Irene Pinzon

    Irene Pinzon

    Mese fa

    You are good at drawing

  44. Khaled Almajed

    Khaled Almajed

    Mese fa

    First the persona next the fersona and then the spidersona lol🤣

  45. Wolfy B (Benjamin)

    Wolfy B (Benjamin)

    Mese fa

    so you got 17.6 million subs in a year LIKE WHAT!!!!

  46. Robert Plays

    Robert Plays

    Mese fa

    It should have been Hyper Spider

  47. TrickShotZan


    Mese fa

    Hey ZHC you should go back to doing art review I loved those videos

  48. BKKBOX #j junior

    BKKBOX #j junior

    Mese fa

    what••••••••••• covit markers

  49. Zking 28soldier

    Zking 28soldier

    Mese fa

    Naw lets make him a rich kid whos dad was a villain with a lot of enemies so one day spider man broke into his house and him and the villain started fighting he woke up and his dad told him to run and as he ran into the woods he trip into a ditch and was knocked out when he woke up a spider bit him he was filling a little wozzy because he had a little bit to much to drink and he walked as if he was gonna pass out

  50. Sabira Shajeel

    Sabira Shajeel

    Mese fa

    U printed and tier

  51. Lucas Palma

    Lucas Palma

    Mese fa

    MOM " what happened!! Did you break something, fracture, cancer. WHAT!!" YOU " I got flexed on" MOM "OH NO"

  52. G4and1 Outlook

    G4and1 Outlook

    Mese fa

    zhc with 17mill subs now me watching this and seeing his 100,000 plaque and realylsing this was one year ago DAMN zhc go for it

    • Biboy Cania

      Biboy Cania

      Mese fa

      Damn spending money makes subs

    • Biboy Cania

      Biboy Cania

      Mese fa


  53. EthanGames


    Mese fa

    ZHC:ohh i look kinda ugly Me:tell me something idk

  54. Imposter times

    Imposter times

    Mese fa

    call him the guccie man

  55. William Latu

    William Latu

    Mese fa

    Name him hype void

  56. Blue. And Landon

    Blue. And Landon

    Mese fa

    He makes better sketches than I do drawings

  57. 2eeet


    Mese fa

    U had 100k a year ago? Whaaaat

  58. LC Saiyan

    LC Saiyan

    Mese fa

    1 year ago 100k Now *17mil*

    • 2eeet


      Mese fa

      Fr do

  59. Zexxor art

    Zexxor art

    Mese fa

    I thought it was good

  60. Marco Ignacio

    Marco Ignacio

    Mese fa

    you live in USA

  61. Marco Ignacio

    Marco Ignacio

    Mese fa

    you live in USA

  62. Manfred Montera

    Manfred Montera

    Mese fa

    I like you drawing and make memes

  63. udaya kumari kariyawasam

    udaya kumari kariyawasam

    Mese fa

    Then and in 2020 subscribes

  64. Unmasked Gamer 101

    Unmasked Gamer 101

    Mese fa

    It’s not zhcs spidersona it’s a turkeysona

  65. Flux ART

    Flux ART

    Mese fa

    I think Gucci pp not belt

  66. Timothy Grace

    Timothy Grace

    Mese fa

    Does an Ohuhu smell like a Coptic?

  67. Fishyambfnm pogs

    Fishyambfnm pogs

    Mese fa

    Ai am a artist lol i draw

  68. Fishyambfnm pogs

    Fishyambfnm pogs

    Mese fa

    What micro pens lol

  69. Fishyambfnm pogs

    Fishyambfnm pogs

    Mese fa

    Which pen

  70. Weird Weels663

    Weird Weels663

    Mese fa

    try an ironsona

  71. JSN Gaming

    JSN Gaming

    Mese fa

    Zach: *rips* Me:NO

  72. TNT Animations

    TNT Animations

    Mese fa

    Hey, I’m an artist but how do you draw all those poses

  73. Satan


    Mese fa

    100,000 subscribers around 2 years ago, now has 17 m. What the-

  74. osi funmilayo

    osi funmilayo

    Mese fa

    Stop doing thet

  75. Lil _Kidflash

    Lil _Kidflash

    Mese fa

    Me:ooo that looks good ZHC:Riiiiiiiiip

  76. Pixel Pig

    Pixel Pig

    Mese fa

    Spider soner 2020

  77. Cxpture YT

    Cxpture YT

    Mese fa

    ZHC: rips master piece Me: jumps through screen and smacks the copics out of him 🤦🏾‍♂️😭🙏🏾😂

  78. Sticky Keys

    Sticky Keys

    2 mesi fa

    Call me a furry, but I miss spidersonas and thus I can't wait for 2021 for the new Spiderverse to be introduced.

  79. Mohit Vallurupalli

    Mohit Vallurupalli

    2 mesi fa

    2020 anyone

  80. Fine tip Art

    Fine tip Art

    2 mesi fa

    I almost died at 6:40

  81. the craz zone

    the craz zone

    2 mesi fa

    wtf that is cooli can draw that.

  82. Abdallah


    2 mesi fa


  83. Kwale Handpumps

    Kwale Handpumps

    2 mesi fa

    Broo y did you rip a master piece im struggling trying to learn draw and you ripped your painting

  84. Khldx2 Ahmad

    Khldx2 Ahmad

    2 mesi fa


  85. V CUBER gm

    V CUBER gm

    2 mesi fa

    17:57 as an pro artist,I can say that it isn't looking right,...his hip is been hyper sized or something

  86. Art Fever

    Art Fever

    2 mesi fa


  87. Joi


    2 mesi fa

    Hi Make a shout out for me

  88. NervousMoose


    2 mesi fa

    bbp = B I G B LA C K P E N

  89. olti bytiqy

    olti bytiqy

    2 mesi fa


  90. stefanie gamble

    stefanie gamble

    2 mesi fa


  91. Logan Lewis

    Logan Lewis

    2 mesi fa

    Man I don’t want to stock you. We cool 😎

  92. Po TATO

    Po TATO

    2 mesi fa

    Could’ve made him hanging from a building like venoms pose and make the face like venoms but daxs

  93. Shut Ice

    Shut Ice

    2 mesi fa

    Wait a minute we're u a BTS army (fan)? 🤔😧

  94. Offline Skateboarding

    Offline Skateboarding

    2 mesi fa

    ZHC Introducing.... The Duct Tape PENCIL!

  95. Cloud 9

    Cloud 9

    2 mesi fa

    your spidersona looks like spiderman noir

  96. Deni Best

    Deni Best

    2 mesi fa

    mans got 16 million subs in 2 years

  97. THC


    2 mesi fa

    New sona ironsona!!!

  98. Lã Mai Quỳnh Chi

    Lã Mai Quỳnh Chi

    2 mesi fa

    I usually spin the paper when I draw too

  99. Jinulal


    2 mesi fa

    To be Frank, I am not a good artist but I want to say that it was epic draw. You just tore it for writing 2018. (Maybe) By the way, good luck next time.

  100. IWolfWolfie


    2 mesi fa

    😏😏😏 😏 😏😏😏 😏 😏😏😏

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