Customizing Everything In An Apple Store, Then Giving It Away - $50,000 (Giveaway) | ZHC

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  1. ZHC


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    1 Million likes and I have an insane surprise giveaway for everyone! Last video got 1 million likes so we are giving away 50 custom iPhone 11s! I finally replaced my broken iphone thanks to my friend in this video! Congrats on first comments: Jurich Hermano Jason Michael Alicia Siriander

    • dahaleprasad sudhakar

      dahaleprasad sudhakar

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      I want galllexy eair pods please

    • Emily Quizana

      Emily Quizana

      Mese fa

      Thats a lot of replies 😮and Hi

    • Paige L Roberts

      Paige L Roberts

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      Hi ZHC

    • Rosa De Leon

      Rosa De Leon

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      It will be cool to get a give away please

    • Lee Houghton

      Lee Houghton

      3 mesi fa

      Ii uni

  2. Hailey Yok

    Hailey Yok

    4 minuti fa

    wait wait how do u know where people houses are like how

  3. Katelynn Kuahine

    Katelynn Kuahine

    25 minuti fa

    can I have a Iphone11 pro max

  4. Adnan Abdel Salam

    Adnan Abdel Salam

    28 minuti fa

    Good luck

  5. Lorena Sandoval-Torres

    Lorena Sandoval-Torres

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  6. Tripatreet Kaur

    Tripatreet Kaur

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    How many times did ZHC draw turkey in space? ⬇️

  7. Saabir Noor

    Saabir Noor

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    Hi I hope I get this phone i can't afford

  8. Anna Mohamed

    Anna Mohamed

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    Zack i subscribe i love your vids and you and Michelle have really cute voices when you talk to each other

  9. Adassah Martinez

    Adassah Martinez

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    You guys are the best

  10. Madison Victor

    Madison Victor

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    lucky i dont even have a phone

  11. Sykkuno s1mple

    Sykkuno s1mple

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    I love your drawing as well

  12. Sykkuno s1mple

    Sykkuno s1mple

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    Please me i already subscribe

  13. Victoria Watson

    Victoria Watson

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    How does he afford this!?

  14. Tata Jelek01

    Tata Jelek01

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    Is that Charlie Damelio

  15. Cindy Bernardino

    Cindy Bernardino

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  16. Patrick Martin

    Patrick Martin

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    11:28 can you find Waldo

  17. Michelle Ackerman

    Michelle Ackerman

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  18. Farhanah ahmad

    Farhanah ahmad

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    zack i drew your youtube pictuure it took 25 minutes i wish i could give it to you

  19. Tara vs Enes Bislimi

    Tara vs Enes Bislimi

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    I'm your subcrider

  20. Tara vs Enes Bislimi

    Tara vs Enes Bislimi

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    Give me iphon11pro max



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    ngl, the unboxing part IS LIKE A MUSIC VID FR

  22. Mostafa Kamel

    Mostafa Kamel

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    Meeeee plzzzzzz I want a phone plZzzzzzzzzz🥺

  23. Md Afjol Hussain

    Md Afjol Hussain

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    I Love your video so much

  24. AGS Ali

    AGS Ali

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    İm Türk and TURKEY is My brother

  25. samira afrose

    samira afrose

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  26. Silver Strawberry

    Silver Strawberry

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    this is extremely AMAZING !!!!!!!! I can’t even draw a stick man good 😅

  27. Not matt123 Weaver

    Not matt123 Weaver

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    Um I in omg omg omg🙏🤩🤩🤩🤩

  28. accuratecloud99


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    Zhc is such a big inspiration to me

  29. mohammed bhaiji

    mohammed bhaiji

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    Plz plz can I have 1 I phone plz plz😣😣I beg u

  30. Roshan Naik

    Roshan Naik

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    Please give me a phone in so poor😭 please

  31. Luke Nenn

    Luke Nenn

    13 ore fa

    I’m happy that you made other people happy:) Good Job ZHC

  32. Arron apelado

    Arron apelado

    13 ore fa

    Can I have one

  33. Bhargav Sadineni

    Bhargav Sadineni

    14 ore fa

    How exactly do the giveaways work cause I saw many videos of giveaways and still can't figure it out..

  34. Victoria Stapleton

    Victoria Stapleton

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  35. Crystal Gem

    Crystal Gem

    15 ore fa

    The only one I would be able to make is the watch lol

  36. Aimee Aden

    Aimee Aden

    15 ore fa

    Does anyone else want him to show us some of his work as he's doing it

  37. Mary Camacho

    Mary Camacho

    15 ore fa


  38. James Albanez

    James Albanez

    17 ore fa

    I love your vids and i love you too.

  39. Elizia Meskill

    Elizia Meskill

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    I wish I could win but I don't have Instagram and my birthday is tomorrow

  40. Roseypup85


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    Plz decor cases for the items u customize.

  41. Kaden Krause

    Kaden Krause

    17 ore fa

    how much money do you have!

  42. Zaid Mohammed

    Zaid Mohammed

    18 ore fa

    i want all them please canada ontario

  43. Satria di

    Satria di

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    saya mau bang aiponnya saya dari indonesia daerah saya di lomboktimur

  44. Lucy Reed

    Lucy Reed

    20 ore fa

    I wish ZHC did other designs besides the same old space one and his own characters

  45. Tajesther Hunte

    Tajesther Hunte

    21 ora fa

    That's like 250000 thousand dollars man but it's worth it

  46. Ivory Le

    Ivory Le

    21 ora fa

    We. Love your voice

  47. Kathy Sauvageau

    Kathy Sauvageau

    21 ora fa

    omg u chuold custumies TATOUS

  48. Olsa Hoxha

    Olsa Hoxha

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    Well i will never get won BC i live in switzerland

  49. Olsa Hoxha

    Olsa Hoxha

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  50. Josh Tona

    Josh Tona

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    I'm in Nigeria you have to send it

  51. Josh Tona

    Josh Tona

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    Let me add 2million

  52. Wayne howcroft

    Wayne howcroft

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  53. Lizaury Rodriguez-Morales

    Lizaury Rodriguez-Morales

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    I needed a Apple Pencil

  54. NARUTEIRO Cara de Pão

    NARUTEIRO Cara de Pão

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  55. jose javier toral

    jose javier toral

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  56. jose javier toral

    jose javier toral

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  57. jose javier toral

    jose javier toral

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  58. jose javier toral

    jose javier toral

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  59. jose javier toral

    jose javier toral

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    ZHC your best pet camilian acchualy said UHH MI NEW BED ITS COMFY XD! GOD LUK NEXT TIME XD~ YEET!

  60. Joseph Mawdsley

    Joseph Mawdsley

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    His idea to a “dragon” is a lot different to mine!

  61. Willem Erasmus

    Willem Erasmus

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    I love you so much my name is gerhard and i live at 51street i wish i could be like you guys and you are my favrout artist

  62. NUSRAHNA Missna

    NUSRAHNA Missna

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    Bro give me i phone11 please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 please please please

  63. Nailah Smith

    Nailah Smith

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    Nobody: Literally nobody: The girl at 15:55: OmG nO wAy SwEaR FoR MeE

  64. Nailah Smith

    Nailah Smith

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    I love you guys so much and i really want a phone from you guys but i live quite far away

  65. Kitty Tamil

    Kitty Tamil

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    I want a phone

  66. Sean Pitero

    Sean Pitero

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    Can i have an ipod and airpods for my online class because my phone is broken im in the philippines in quezon city thank you if you received this message

  67. Jung mira bts

    Jung mira bts

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    I love it ❣️

  68. Shaan Ahamed

    Shaan Ahamed

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    I am your BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!

  69. Teddy Mallari

    Teddy Mallari

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    Give me please I am from pillipines I am grate fan

  70. Mihirdeep Khavad

    Mihirdeep Khavad

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    Play free fire

  71. irfan khan

    irfan khan

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    How can i win ism in pakistan its realy beautiful

  72. Mr .T

    Mr .T

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    ZHC in 30 years Reaching another solar system and giving away a pet alien 👽

  73. El Zy

    El Zy

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    Im in from phillipines

  74. Joey Lua

    Joey Lua

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    Me Charli I want it I want your you are good at it

  75. Zoltán Pap

    Zoltán Pap

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    Hi I want to enter the givaway

  76. Gagan Swain

    Gagan Swain

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    I am your biggest fan

  77. Precious Riz Lusung

    Precious Riz Lusung

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    I want a phone

  78. yusaini ahmad

    yusaini ahmad

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    You use what pen maker

  79. Muskaan Irshad

    Muskaan Irshad

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    Which paints do you use for craftingggggg?

  80. Liza Porlaje

    Liza Porlaje

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    Sorry wer in filipino

  81. white wolfy

    white wolfy

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    am i in? i did what u asked i riley want the one from james

  82. Jesus Aguilar-Gutierrez

    Jesus Aguilar-Gutierrez

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    Snow of

  83. Cool Cody

    Cool Cody

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    Ha infinite lists be like satisfying 2:54

  84. RubixCubix


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    Are you wearing a wig zhc my brother said you defiantly have a wig

  85. Jms Ant

    Jms Ant

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    I ilak and i yan pls

  86. Nazma Farhat

    Nazma Farhat

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    A glaxy would more nicer

  87. Birendra Lama

    Birendra Lama

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    Hi i am your big fan

  88. Pro 221

    Pro 221

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    Your soooooooooo nice ZHC



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    qual e a rua cidade pais bairro cep estado para a gente se mudar para i ?

  90. Wafflenoob


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    This girls crying cause she couldn’t afford a I phone man I don’t have a phone



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    i think its a vwastage because thats of apple and thats too expensive!

  92. Suzana Zaman

    Suzana Zaman

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    Me malay

  93. mackenzie


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    when you dont have insta :((

  94. PastYT


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    I cant lie you and lio are the best art duo but sorry for my spelling

  95. kim avant

    kim avant

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    i did

  96. garden of Edens gacha hoomans

    garden of Edens gacha hoomans

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    I have watched form the beginning and watched all the videos

  98. Andres San juan

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    And go find and find my house that use the map on the on your on your on your car that use the map on your car and put on an English I mean healing spell for you you can find my house and give it and please can you give me up give me and my school is not okay because I was school because I'm a go to outline let me go to school okay I will tell you when my school zone okay goodbye I will put my name for you okay we already put my name for you here okay okay bye

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    My name is Andreas and I told you this was one time I told you I don't have because I don't know how I'm Antebellum because I'm 7 I'm 7 and I really want a Apple phone and watch 3 Apple phones customer for me I want I want to eat for my for my sister's for me and for my three for my two little sisters I guess I will have the donut the donut jackets and my sisters will have to there they will have two pandas and the other one gets a a a a a ice dragon okay ice dragon okay okay bye I hope you give me a okay bayous 110k in the my name is undress let me spell my name

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