Customizing Everything In A Store, Then Giving It To People!! - Challenge (Giveaway)

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  1. ZHC


    Anno fa

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    • ArTiSt AdRiEn

      ArTiSt AdRiEn

      Giorno fa


    • Kenny Lavallee

      Kenny Lavallee

      20 giorni fa

      .KAs!so !

    • SlickNoobLOL


      Mese fa

      You're my favorite youtuber

    • Hanifa Mansurova

      Hanifa Mansurova

      3 mesi fa

      My mom has the Balenciaga shoes but from the store

    • Faith Kahuure

      Faith Kahuure

      4 mesi fa

      ZHC please can I have some

  2. Canvas Watford

    Canvas Watford

    3 ore fa

    i want yeezy

  3. Ronald Felipe

    Ronald Felipe

    Giorno fa

    6:48 thats Chandler(✧Д✧)→

  4. Jonathan Gidcumb

    Jonathan Gidcumb

    2 giorni fa

    Customise your whole art room pls

  5. ANDREW 89

    ANDREW 89

    2 giorni fa

    10:56 name of this song ?

  6. Binal Patel

    Binal Patel

    2 giorni fa

    In Indian

  7. Binal Patel

    Binal Patel

    2 giorni fa

    Come to Surat

  8. Amore Green

    Amore Green

    2 giorni fa

    Hi ZHC crew I'm new here and I already love it 😀

  9. Briana Moore

    Briana Moore

    7 giorni fa

    I want the van

  10. Fly Guy Kam

    Fly Guy Kam

    8 giorni fa

    Who wonder his logo look the same as mr beast!....?

  11. Taryn Kirbo

    Taryn Kirbo

    10 giorni fa

    Notice the guy said no words and then said more words???

  12. Omari Faison

    Omari Faison

    11 giorni fa

    Make naruto shoes for me and some fiyer shoes for my 7 year old brother I'm 14

  13. ashley wagner

    ashley wagner

    12 giorni fa

    In a couple of minutes, I’m going to wake up and be in my bed 😂😂😂

  14. Vusiwe Dlamini

    Vusiwe Dlamini

    12 giorni fa

    May I hv one

  15. aldjackson5


    13 giorni fa

    not bad can you buy me one

  16. Milen Savov

    Milen Savov

    14 giorni fa

    6:30 There is a woman twerking by the window

  17. Kishor Shrestha

    Kishor Shrestha

    14 giorni fa

    I think it's everybody's dream today to own a lot of such snickers but they're very expensive to afford😭😭

  18. Thien-Hau Do

    Thien-Hau Do

    15 giorni fa

    the person who won the gucci shoes " i like your skechers you like me my gucci shoes"

  19. Duane Shillinglaw

    Duane Shillinglaw

    15 giorni fa


  20. koshy varghese

    koshy varghese

    16 giorni fa

    ZHC: Customizing Everything In A Store, Then Giving It To People me: mom can u buy me a pair of shoes?? mom: "sweety I SAID NO" me: *sadlife*

  21. Princess Sophia

    Princess Sophia

    16 giorni fa


  22. Princess Sophia

    Princess Sophia

    16 giorni fa


  23. Avery Benedict

    Avery Benedict

    17 giorni fa

    Back when there was no masks....

  24. Andres 350z

    Andres 350z

    18 giorni fa

    How do I win something lol

  25. Cody Filori

    Cody Filori

    18 giorni fa

    Another good video ☺️

  26. Cal Capstaff

    Cal Capstaff

    18 giorni fa

    What shop is this



    18 giorni fa


  28. Acel B.C

    Acel B.C

    20 giorni fa

    imagine that baby watching this video not knowing he's in it and sees his mom and be like "y is my mom in this vid' and thinks ''wait i have a custom shoe" then be like "wait whaaaaaaaaat am i that baby"

  29. Zēlos


    20 giorni fa

    Woooww I would like to art.. like you

  30. Abert Bule

    Abert Bule

    20 giorni fa

    He is the BEST

  31. skate for art

    skate for art

    20 giorni fa

    you are so nice go sud to zhc and miles LeFevour!!!!!!

  32. Beastie


    20 giorni fa

    You remind me so much of me.beadt

  33. Christian Nieto

    Christian Nieto

    20 giorni fa

    I just noticed when it says he was doing that it is on my b-day

  34. Emma DePalma

    Emma DePalma

    22 giorni fa

    What you do is wonderful you’re a hero to all the people

  35. Jishu


    24 giorni fa

    Bad luck every time 😶

  36. Elijah and Jordan

    Elijah and Jordan

    25 giorni fa

    Those shoes sick

  37. kelvin mwangi

    kelvin mwangi

    25 giorni fa

    cool kicks no. 33

  38. Veggies Play

    Veggies Play

    25 giorni fa

    If I watch videos like this I feel like I NEED ALL the shoes

  39. 9twineY Gaming

    9twineY Gaming

    26 giorni fa

    I appreciate - french man

  40. Junn Kuek

    Junn Kuek

    28 giorni fa

    Can i have a hydro dype nike

  41. Tomas Verdugo Arias

    Tomas Verdugo Arias

    29 giorni fa

    Wow he is like super nice and good at drawing

  42. lxccaa 13

    lxccaa 13

    29 giorni fa

    00:11 lmfaooooo “yayyy” no emotion at all😭😭😭😭

  43. Wyatt Hsieh

    Wyatt Hsieh

    Mese fa


  44. hector garcia

    hector garcia

    Mese fa

    What kind of marker pimp

  45. Fàŷáž - _ - Ùddîń

    Fàŷáž - _ - Ùddîń

    Mese fa

    Who here is watching this in December 2020 lol

  46. Collin Magew

    Collin Magew

    Mese fa

    plz i live in ancroomdale size 5 or 4

  47. Collin Magew

    Collin Magew

    Mese fa

    cab you get ne a pare of your shoes but black and white

  48. Damion Chatman

    Damion Chatman

    Mese fa

    I what to see you in real live but I live Colorado 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  49. veronica sanchez

    veronica sanchez

    Mese fa

    Like and commenting in your all video ihope... until ZHC notice me for some giveaway... 🎁 go go go....

  50. noah moche

    noah moche

    Mese fa

    Funny that yall are at coolkicks and i saw your vid from coolkicks saying we cant believe zhc did this

  51. Cordell Littles

    Cordell Littles

    Mese fa

    Dope 🔥🌪🔥

  52. Alex Garcia

    Alex Garcia

    Mese fa

    Can u make me G Balenciagas one

  53. Erin Johns

    Erin Johns

    Mese fa

    You are so nice to give those to people I think you made them really happy

  54. Jadyn Hung-Soto

    Jadyn Hung-Soto

    Mese fa

    Where is this store

  55. Sufiyan Hebbal

    Sufiyan Hebbal

    Mese fa

    Hello Big Fan bro Luv ur videos When are you giving away in India



    Mese fa

    What have u used for customisation

  57. Noushin Atashband

    Noushin Atashband

    Mese fa

    this is my favorite VID FROM ZHC AND IF YOU want you can sub to Boostani Boost you dont have to

  58. Strijkijzer


    Mese fa

    How do you know which size they have?

  59. Patience


    Mese fa

    My face when i see you customise those air forces 😮

  60. Safa Taha

    Safa Taha

    Mese fa

    Great job 😰😰



    Mese fa


  62. Ekta Lapsia

    Ekta Lapsia

    Mese fa

    where is this shop at which place i also want to come

  63. Ekta Lapsia

    Ekta Lapsia

    Mese fa

    amazing video i also want something

  64. Ekta Lapsia

    Ekta Lapsia

    Mese fa

    if yes then i also want pls pls

  65. Ekta Lapsia

    Ekta Lapsia

    Mese fa

    do we really get things

  66. אביתר משה

    אביתר משה

    Mese fa


  67. cathay tan

    cathay tan

    Mese fa

    i love the editing

  68. Ender Hasan ツ

    Ender Hasan ツ

    Mese fa

    Man I just want the Travis Scott Jordan’s they look so COOL

  69. Paria Abdulrahman

    Paria Abdulrahman

    Mese fa

    Can you Give away yeezy shoes size 3

  70. All Rounder

    All Rounder

    Mese fa

    so sick😍

  71. BunRong Hydro Arts

    BunRong Hydro Arts

    Mese fa

    nice customize and give away 💞

  72. Karson Eckert

    Karson Eckert

    Mese fa

    I wish I could get a pair

  73. Young K.G

    Young K.G

    Mese fa


  74. Cuh_ Orbit

    Cuh_ Orbit

    Mese fa

    Zhc is the goat

  75. S4turn chanel

    S4turn chanel

    Mese fa

    This work is sick i like it bro!

  76. basket ballpro

    basket ballpro

    Mese fa


  77. Ayaz Khan

    Ayaz Khan

    Mese fa

    You are the best person in he world 🌎. 🔨🔨🔨 you work so hard

  78. noor zaman

    noor zaman

    Mese fa

    i meant win a giveaway

  79. justine canales

    justine canales

    Mese fa

    Sana all i want your customize shoes

  80. justine canales

    justine canales

    Mese fa

    Sana all

  81. wdsprdpnc


    Mese fa


  82. foxy_Sadie


    Mese fa


  83. ZRX_gucci ZRX_gucci

    ZRX_gucci ZRX_gucci

    Mese fa


  84. Warchief Gaming

    Warchief Gaming

    Mese fa

    ZHC you forgot to customize onething i.e your city🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  85. Sarah Smith

    Sarah Smith

    Mese fa

    My favorite shoe is Air Force ones

  86. Lilian Jimenez

    Lilian Jimenez

    Mese fa

    I love your videos so much and you guys make me belive in myself love you!!!!💗💗💓💓💕💕🎨🎨🎨

  87. Jaden Kamweru

    Jaden Kamweru

    Mese fa

    they are soooo cool

  88. galaxy on crack

    galaxy on crack

    Mese fa

    f for those who washed these shoes

  89. Sharp Productions

    Sharp Productions

    Mese fa

    Did anyone just look at the dog the whole time

  90. Gavin Gularte

    Gavin Gularte

    Mese fa

    That baby’s mom in a few years trying to explain to him how he got those shoes: “this mans by the name on zucchini came to me and said, shoes customize yes,”



    Mese fa

    I wish I would come to the store

  92. Nagireddy Ari

    Nagireddy Ari

    Mese fa

    that is how you get a lot of fans

  93. Marisa Adriana

    Marisa Adriana

    Mese fa

    I want this plsss

  94. Hilda Hernandez

    Hilda Hernandez

    Mese fa

    ZHC YOU SHOULD MAKE A AMOUNG US PAIR OF SHOES! it would look so cool!

  95. Harini Pappu

    Harini Pappu

    Mese fa

    He is custom child

  96. Jason Lynch

    Jason Lynch

    Mese fa

    You are a very nice person and I love your drawings and I draw to. Once I drew a very good pug for my friend and a tesla also.

  97. Jacob Greer

    Jacob Greer

    Mese fa

    NOT TRYING TO BE RACIST but........ this dude is like the asian artist Mr.beast 👇thats how many people agree

  98. Jonah Bunke

    Jonah Bunke

    Mese fa

    Not gonna lie, this man looks like ZexyZek 6:04

  99. Penguini Puddles

    Penguini Puddles

    Mese fa

    I would never in my life win.

  100. Danial Fakhri

    Danial Fakhri

    Mese fa

    Bruh,you should be a designer😍😍😍

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