Customizing An iPad In 10 Hours, 1 Hour, 10 Minutes, 1 Minute & 10 Seconds - Challenge | ZHC

Can I Customize An iPad In 10 Hours, 1 Hour, 10 Minutes, 1 Minute & 10 Seconds?
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  1. ZHC


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    Who do you think won? Please subscribe if you are new :)) My goal is to spread positivity and give back as much as I can! First comment: Johnson Wang

    • Angelica Miranda

      Angelica Miranda

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      AJ the PRO2.0

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      I subbed

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      Danielle Bjorhus

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      Dandy 022

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      Please send me one

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      Luxe_ Gold

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  2. 1wnate


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    I like all of them

  3. Francesca Russell

    Francesca Russell

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    Michelle: The sprinkles arnt outlined Me: when u buy a donut it never comes outlined like wHaTtTttTtttTt

  4. Eva Rizzuti

    Eva Rizzuti

    8 ore fa

    Can you make one for my pls

  5. Rocking videos

    Rocking videos

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    if you will give free then replay pls

  6. Rocking videos

    Rocking videos

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    can you give one i pad pro pls

  7. Midhun Mathew

    Midhun Mathew

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    Bro please give 1 tab to me

  8. TAYLORandLYLA Thomas

    TAYLORandLYLA Thomas

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    Me thinking:how much money is this! You tubers:only like 10 million dollars Me:😮😮

  9. Ligia Bird

    Ligia Bird

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  10. Megan Devine

    Megan Devine

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    i really wanted 1 of the 4 and my sisters have the rest because i have 3 sisters

  11. Ava Laurisch

    Ava Laurisch

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    I dont have instagram but i want an ipa😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤯😭

  12. Ava Laurisch

    Ava Laurisch

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    Leos german right he sounds so german

  13. Arsh edits

    Arsh edits

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    am sorry to say but......michael is scarry😶😶



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    Beautifull girl you looking so cute

  15. SauseySavages


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    i dont have instagram but i followed on tik tok

  16. Kyriaki Andreou

    Kyriaki Andreou

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    I swear ZHC is gonna surprise the president with a custom white house

  17. Zipzap 2354

    Zipzap 2354

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    Z won round 1 other guy won with parrot zhc won with turtle 🐢

  18. Bryson Stiltner

    Bryson Stiltner

    2 giorni fa

    what are those markers that u used called?

  19. Gatcha life Brownie

    Gatcha life Brownie

    2 giorni fa

    Makes Britney sound:Michelle I’m trying to focus

  20. Ocean of memes

    Ocean of memes

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    Don't subscribe because you want a giveaway,subscribe because the video is actually fun

  21. Kaisha Barnes

    Kaisha Barnes

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    Plz can I have the shout out coz I have never had one

  22. Ishaq Khan

    Ishaq Khan

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    Bro pls give me I pad

  23. Nishant Bishnoi

    Nishant Bishnoi

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    Plz gave me one🥺🥺

  24. Linda Manning

    Linda Manning

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    I want to win one

  25. Matthew Collins

    Matthew Collins

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    Whut markers do you yus zhc

  26. the amazingsq

    the amazingsq

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  27. evie lawrence

    evie lawrence

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    I l0ove your art can I have a shout out

  28. Kathryn


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    So cute



    3 giorni fa




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  31. jenelle arlan

    jenelle arlan

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    Wish I got one of those for online classes😔

  32. anselm kate

    anselm kate

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    them buying 10 ipads me : doesn't even have 20$

    • anselm kate

      anselm kate

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      @Christine Chesworth 😂

    • Christine Chesworth

      Christine Chesworth

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      I know right

  33. the ഗെയിമർ

    the ഗെയിമർ

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    Hey. Gays we want to reach 100million❤️❤️❤️❤️😘❤️😘

  34. Aryana Batrisyia

    Aryana Batrisyia

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    New Apple store

  35. Aryana Batrisyia

    Aryana Batrisyia

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    When next giveway

  36. Aryana Batrisyia

    Aryana Batrisyia

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    I wonder if I get some giveway

  37. Aryana Batrisyia

    Aryana Batrisyia

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    Really need 1

  38. Lara Aybar

    Lara Aybar

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    I love your designs and ideas.

  39. Pegam Tali

    Pegam Tali

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    I want one of the I pad

  40. Fighting Phoenix

    Fighting Phoenix

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    28,29,40 no one noticed like bruh

  41. Danut Oancea

    Danut Oancea

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  42. aesthetic


    4 giorni fa

    Omg pastel color



    4 giorni fa

    you guys are like art gods omg

  44. Ena B

    Ena B

    4 giorni fa

    11:07 black among us character u have to pause it in time

  45. Pukki Bidya

    Pukki Bidya

    4 giorni fa

    Otherwise god bless u I am so impressed with your work

  46. فلان الفلاني

    فلان الفلاني

    4 giorni fa

    Leo has this Accent that is kinda like he just got off on the wrong side of bed sorry Leo

    • evie lawrence

      evie lawrence

      3 giorni fa

      true ;]

  47. The Blaze

    The Blaze

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    If I was in there I would probably end up drawing smiley face...

  48. Foxter Playz

    Foxter Playz

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    4 giorni fa

    20 years later surprising nasa with a custom rocket. When it renters the atmosphere boom al black rocket

  50. Audrey Guapillo

    Audrey Guapillo

    4 giorni fa

    hi you are so cool

  51. Kristen Nemec

    Kristen Nemec

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    Hi I love your videos

  52. bluestr1kers


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    can u customize a game computer once plsssssssssssssssss

  53. bluestr1kers


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    wow you are rich you do a giveaway from like 10 ipads

  54. adeba khan

    adeba khan

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    Cheating in the first round he did not DRAW FOOD

  55. KaTsUkI bAkUgOu

    KaTsUkI bAkUgOu

    5 giorni fa

    I would Love to win One but i live in Germany and thats far away from Were you Guys live 🥲😔

  56. Layla Yerance

    Layla Yerance

    5 giorni fa

    lol leo at theend ( water ballons)

  57. Dipanjana shee

    Dipanjana shee

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  58. Dipesh Nandi

    Dipesh Nandi

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    Give me idap

  59. Harris Ahmed

    Harris Ahmed

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    Plz can I have a tablet for my mums birthday 🥳 plz

    • Harris Ahmed

      Harris Ahmed

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      I pad

  60. Arundeep Singh

    Arundeep Singh

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    Who has found zhc then watch him since then I I I I I

  61. Kellie Heitzkey

    Kellie Heitzkey

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  62. Fatima Azaz

    Fatima Azaz

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    Hi i am abdullah and i need a apple fone

  63. Omlette


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    Yeah man ,.......👍👍



    5 giorni fa

    your are very good i hope one day i be like you :)

  65. Matt Munn

    Matt Munn

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    I hab epad ples

  66. Alondra Cruz-Cruz

    Alondra Cruz-Cruz

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    Have you heard of a cace

  67. Firebuster 1

    Firebuster 1

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  68. US Butter_Nuna

    US Butter_Nuna

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    I think Zach won 🏆

  69. US Butter_Nuna

    US Butter_Nuna

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  70. the racer

    the racer

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    Clearly, i think Michele is cheating Zach i think she likes Zack

  71. ඞChloeDrawz_Stufze's Flipaclip channelඞ

    ඞChloeDrawz_Stufze's Flipaclip channelඞ

    6 giorni fa

    YES DEY USE PSOCAS MY FAV PENS *they go over everything so understandable*

  72. nour She loves you all

    nour She loves you all

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    Give me one 🥺💕🤝🏻

  73. UB Gaming

    UB Gaming

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    Give it to me please

  74. Carter Queenan

    Carter Queenan

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    ZHC Hi

  75. Patricia Melendez

    Patricia Melendez

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    I subscibe

  76. Madyson Nikita

    Madyson Nikita

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    I don't know they're really good. Could you make a Harry Potter one.



    6 giorni fa

    She cares only about thr sprinkles not the master piece

  78. Victoria


    6 giorni fa




    6 giorni fa

    Him:-says pee- Me:-who just ate-

  80. Arpit j

    Arpit j

    6 giorni fa

    Is this giveaway for countries like India or not

  81. Louise B

    Louise B

    6 giorni fa

    I love this Videos

  82. thatLaceArt 4

    thatLaceArt 4

    6 giorni fa

    Am I the only one that finds Leo’s accent so amazing!!!! I just love this channel!

  83. Jake O'Connell

    Jake O'Connell

    6 giorni fa

    What kind of pens do you use

  84. • your local alien •

    • your local alien •

    7 giorni fa

    50 years later: he surprises NASA with a custom moon

  85. Basil Keane

    Basil Keane

    7 giorni fa

    they do do ones that arent on instagram right by the way im not on my account on my dads

  86. حلمي 1000مشترك {Joker}

    حلمي 1000مشترك {Joker}

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    1000 مشترك 😥

  87. 제니Mystical_cherry blossom신비로운 벚꽃

    제니Mystical_cherry blossom신비로운 벚꽃

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    Wasting money lol

  88. Mariarca Nobile

    Mariarca Nobile

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    Ciaooooo I am itali byyyyy

  89. Yepachedula Padma

    Yepachedula Padma

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    I 💘 u zhc I love your work and art And you are a good artist 🎨 ❤ ♥

  90. Nelli Vlogs

    Nelli Vlogs

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    One day: ZHC suprise America whit a costumised man!

  91. Amna Amin

    Amna Amin

    7 giorni fa

    I will never get these I pads because I live In Pakistan rawalpindi bharia town.

  92. robert rajaseelan Masilamani

    robert rajaseelan Masilamani

    7 giorni fa

    50 years later he'll give away a custom earth XD



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    me subscribe :)



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    From so many days it's recommending finally the day is today..

  95. Wolfgirl Herren

    Wolfgirl Herren

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    I love the donut dragon it looked so good!!!! I want it!

  96. Matta Reddy

    Matta Reddy

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    I want apple watch

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    EatAlone ASMR

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    so oddly !! pls come and say hello on my channel ASMR Thai style 🙏🙏🙏 love you all 💌

  98. Stacey Bailey

    Stacey Bailey

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    ASMR Leo and Zack

  99. Little Girl

    Little Girl

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    ZHC fifteen years later.... Surprising London with custom big Ben ZHC nineteen years later... Surprising Paris with custom Effiel Tower ZHC sixteen years later... Surprising the Himalayas with a custom mount everest

  100. Nayeli Mora

    Nayeli Mora

    7 giorni fa

    ARE U RICH??? 🤨 😝 🤨 OMG LOVE YOU

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