Customizing An iPad In 10 Hours, 1 Hour, 10 Minutes, 1 Minute & 10 Seconds - Challenge | ZHC

Can I Customize An iPad In 10 Hours, 1 Hour, 10 Minutes, 1 Minute & 10 Seconds?
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  1. ZHC


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    • Danielle Bjorhus

      Danielle Bjorhus

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    • Dandy 022

      Dandy 022

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      Please send me one

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      Luxe_ Gold

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    • Breeen Ellasus

      Breeen Ellasus

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      Thankyou fr your kindness , love your videos 🇵🇭🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    • cristina mesa

      cristina mesa

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      Woooow 😍❤

  2. Alhr -2

    Alhr -2

    11 minuti fa

    LOVE 💓

  3. riya mahajan

    riya mahajan

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    80 years later ZHC makes a comstum tiger

  4. Kelley Ryden

    Kelley Ryden

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    Don't worry Leo I'll do the rest of the push ups for you

  5. Carica May

    Carica May

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  6. gisella cesario

    gisella cesario

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    you are a big artist

  7. 2019 is my Favorite I am allie Grant

    2019 is my Favorite I am allie Grant

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    I did subscribe

  8. Adyan Salman

    Adyan Salman

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    honestly ZHC is just another MrBeast

  9. Maddison Talbot

    Maddison Talbot

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    Pls can I have one I don’t have Instagram pls

  10. Patti Perks

    Patti Perks

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    Hi am not feeling too good today because now I get to blame tonight try to have leased but I can't solve we but I will see you next weekend by

  11. Tosiender


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    you like to spend money, especially on Apple xd

  12. Oliver Lewis

    Oliver Lewis

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    WOAH since when did you get a million subs!?

  13. Oliver Muralles

    Oliver Muralles

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    i think zach wonnnnn

  14. Ellie Caldwell

    Ellie Caldwell

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    I can't draw 1 bit... I think they got a little bit to much talent

  15. Hiranyada Bhatt

    Hiranyada Bhatt

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    Honestly, how rich r u????????

  16. Knaby 142

    Knaby 142

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    Leo deserve round 3 more than 2

  17. Ahmed Surkugid

    Ahmed Surkugid

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    Everybbody commenting to get one but legends say anybody recive one

  18. Olivia Embury

    Olivia Embury

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    ZHC: food that's hard what am I gonna do for this Me: that doesn't look like food Michelle: I don't know how Dragon is food Me:it looks like a Dragon doughnut XD



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    So fun watching Zach lose 😂😂 LMOA

  20. Kazuto Kirigaya

    Kazuto Kirigaya

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    12:26 Holy shot man is ripped

  21. Even Nikolay Engevold

    Even Nikolay Engevold

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    5:20 MEGA FLEX

  22. Ida Lahteinen

    Ida Lahteinen

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    And i subcribed you🥰

  23. fish carma

    fish carma

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    Me thinking dont bee stressed that makes you slower

  24. Chris Hyland

    Chris Hyland

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  25. Francesco Gemma

    Francesco Gemma

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    Imagine zach and michelle break up... yt would never be the same

  26. M Saud

    M Saud

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    I love your vidios and drawings and I also wana be an artist

  27. Judd MacDonald

    Judd MacDonald

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    I want you to teach me how to become a great artist like you :(

  28. Hannah Hotmar

    Hannah Hotmar

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    ZHC I think you won

  29. Hannah Hotmar

    Hannah Hotmar

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    Omg they are all gooooooood

  30. clbarbercb1cb


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    Can you make a snake plushie a fire plushie

  31. Sarah chaheine

    Sarah chaheine

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    My mind: make a donut!!!!

  32. Shaan Ahamed

    Shaan Ahamed

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    Zach I am your BIGGEST FANN!!!

  33. shah ubaid

    shah ubaid

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    Bro please give me only one product

  34. daryl galban

    daryl galban

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    I wish i winned xD

  35. Aadya Jindal

    Aadya Jindal

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    If i its me instead of u i would not open the wrapper and keep it safely in showcase

  36. Ferchito 393

    Ferchito 393

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    Eu para los que hablan español y no saben porque mierda están viendo este video quiero comunicarles que este es el morro de los plumones versión súper sayayin xd

  37. trimdabarber


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    Can't you do some Samsung things

  38. Makayla Tūbe

    Makayla Tūbe

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    what are the makers you use

  39. Mohammed Ali Ahmed

    Mohammed Ali Ahmed

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  40. siya gupta

    siya gupta

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    Is it just me or does Leo look like Little Huddy

  41. محمد اوس

    محمد اوس

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    Pls give aewy

  42. Wira Sulthan

    Wira Sulthan

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    my phone cry watching this



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    How in this Earth are you so rich ?



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  45. Danda Raj Thapaliya

    Danda Raj Thapaliya

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    plsss me

  46. faidzsal rafdzi

    faidzsal rafdzi

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    Can i have the give away

  47. Lachzerini


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    Zac have them abs tho

  48. jenna baggaley

    jenna baggaley

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    My daughter loves your art

  49. Linnika Abbott

    Linnika Abbott

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    But I don't have Instagram I'm not old anoth yet :( 😭😞😔☹😩😱😤😢😡🤬

  50. Alexander The Gamer

    Alexander The Gamer

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    ZHC Is Like the 2nd version of MrBeast

  51. Yousif OWD (AL)

    Yousif OWD (AL)

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    Your vids always make me draw

  52. Harvey Ramirez

    Harvey Ramirez

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    Best youtuber next to mr beast 🔥🔥

  53. Koala_ Milliegirl

    Koala_ Milliegirl

    21 ora fa

    My friedn on zhds first one: how is a dragon foood? Me:duh its a donut dragon

  54. Hnubci Yang

    Hnubci Yang

    21 ora fa

    Dragon being food..? One of my games screen name was food dragon :3

  55. Lillian Folds

    Lillian Folds

    22 ore fa

    At 14:52 what was that face XD

  56. Jesteena James

    Jesteena James

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    I want that dragon one

  57. Adriana Fair

    Adriana Fair

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    Imagine if Leo made all of the shots with the ping pongs XD

  58. Lamp Post

    Lamp Post

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  59. Elle Francoeur

    Elle Francoeur

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  60. xD Boltz

    xD Boltz

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    To expensive plushy

  61. Victoria Watson

    Victoria Watson

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    can i have one!

  62. Kaden Krause

    Kaden Krause

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    I love your videos

  63. Yarilys Yarilys

    Yarilys Yarilys

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    10:21 I have a pillow literally like that but it's pink

  64. Hugo Hernandez

    Hugo Hernandez

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    you zhc

  65. Redmi Sm

    Redmi Sm

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    I really want to get a gift from zch. Because I am a fan of zch if I can tq very2

  66. joycelyn cucul

    joycelyn cucul

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    Beautiful drawings🙂🙂

  67. The Wolf Pack

    The Wolf Pack

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    30 yrs later : Zhc surprises space with a custom planet

  68. Wasabka noxyÑ

    Wasabka noxyÑ

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    Whats name for maker?

  69. Lillyam Hernandez

    Lillyam Hernandez

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    I didn’t know Zach had abs

  70. Faith Ramroop

    Faith Ramroop

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    Wait Leo said 29 and then 40 huh

  71. Gacha_kali


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    My brothers name is dax

  72. Jesus Zee

    Jesus Zee

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    I like the fire and the turtle and the Bird

  73. Landon Lindsay- sweem

    Landon Lindsay- sweem

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    you overuse the same type of thumbnail

  74. Chick fil a

    Chick fil a

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    Terrible formation for the push up

  75. The Defiant

    The Defiant

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    “I touched up my fire one” Literally turns it into dragon

  76. RompTime Gaming

    RompTime Gaming

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    I need a pc



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    Can I be a part of your channel please reply please please please? Make me in

  78. Shaiyanna Lewis

    Shaiyanna Lewis

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    Hi I hope I win something



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    2:44 Lol

  80. Khalid AL kourdi

    Khalid AL kourdi

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  81. Sanveer Mahabir

    Sanveer Mahabir

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    I really like your vidoes ZHC

  82. Nadine :V

    Nadine :V

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    Zach:finishing painting 10 minutes Me:can't even finish a math exam 30 minutes 😭

  83. Sky Christensen

    Sky Christensen

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    omg! you posted this on my bday!

  84. Hafsa Asim

    Hafsa Asim

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    80 years later... zhc surprises someone with a private jet and aria plane

  85. Kaydan Pietersen

    Kaydan Pietersen

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    I love all of it and I would like to get one sign by you I love your channel

  86. Ethan Lam

    Ethan Lam

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    Zac:Michelle it has pink your favourite colour LEO: YOU

  87. sahil aggarwal

    sahil aggarwal

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    Change judge

  88. Kieran Milnes

    Kieran Milnes

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    What kind of pens do you yus

  89. Anna mene

    Anna mene

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    because I need it forte lesson would you do me a favor maybe one where you made us a drawing🙏🙏

  90. Anna mene

    Anna mene

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  91. Anna mene

    Anna mene

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    You can send me a tablet I need

  92. Ethan Ellerby

    Ethan Ellerby

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    I passed my 11+ today

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    Regina gathata

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    Hey I'm from Kenya how can I get one

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    I love your videos🌻🌻🌻🌻

  95. Sarah Pk xd

    Sarah Pk xd

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    11 years later

  96. kamal lidder

    kamal lidder

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    Plese send 1 i pad for me

  97. Aqela Hossaini

    Aqela Hossaini

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  98. Lilly Flechsenhar

    Lilly Flechsenhar

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    So cool

  99. ART Cosmos

    ART Cosmos

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    Hey zhc plss pic me i follow you last year plsssss verry need that my phone is only oppoa5s plsssss

  100. Skrillex


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    What are those pens called

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