Extreme Custom Car Race, But Winner Keeps The Car

I can't believe we customized a Lamborghini and a Tesla then gave them away!
Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching:)
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    • Helen Calhoun

      Helen Calhoun

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      Wait ZHC is Mr beasts son?

    • Pania Altoveros

      Pania Altoveros

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      H lamborghini

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      S B

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      Kitty tamil VG

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      I WANT A phone plz

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      Hi remember the wath

  2. Aaditya Kuldharan

    Aaditya Kuldharan

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    OOO!!! Lamborghini

  3. Sara Khan

    Sara Khan

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    12:56 ❤️ Happy

  4. Sara Khan

    Sara Khan

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    8:41 that's boyfriend and girlfriend ❤️🔥

  5. Bessame Rocillon

    Bessame Rocillon

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    change my life !

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    Que En Cher Ry

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    Noah Moss

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    What’s it called oh I forgot free forms 25 days of Christmas song

  8. Fishy Boi7484

    Fishy Boi7484

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    No way the sprite cranberry commercial returned😱😱

  9. Nathan Levario

    Nathan Levario

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    The Lamborghini is faze rugs

  10. Judah Paul

    Judah Paul

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    That lambo is zackttg’s now

  11. Jo Ann Martin

    Jo Ann Martin

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    Are Zac and Macal date8ng

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    Bad Boy

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    I am subscribe from turkey hı guys

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    In melbourne in resivoir

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    Bu. Im in Australia :(

  16. Hahn Moni

    Hahn Moni

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    people who want to have the cars👉👉

  17. Smoothie Shakes

    Smoothie Shakes

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    U should surprise Elon musk with a custom Tesla

  18. FlaxerFire21


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    ZHC gang Fore ver

  19. Zinhle Tau

    Zinhle Tau

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    U guys are litrily legit cool I wanted to ask can u give away iPhones from over seas like in south Africa

  20. Louis Hoang yt.

    Louis Hoang yt.

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    5:16 tell her that

  21. Welcome to Willo’s house and gaming channel

    Welcome to Willo’s house and gaming channel

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    The Lamborghini Huracan is fast

  22. Sana&Sanna Ahmad&Shirzad

    Sana&Sanna Ahmad&Shirzad

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    No way!😱😱

  23. Sana&Sanna Ahmad&Shirzad

    Sana&Sanna Ahmad&Shirzad

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  24. swathi k

    swathi k

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    Rug the code is 69420

  25. Lori Higgins

    Lori Higgins

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    YOuR FREnDS with JAMEs!?

  26. Andrew Escamilla

    Andrew Escamilla

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    OOF Roblox

  27. IdkWhatImDoingOnYt Lol

    IdkWhatImDoingOnYt Lol

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    Kinda is like the Lamborghini race by mr beast

  28. Felix Larsen

    Felix Larsen

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    i dunno how u went from painting monsters for 24 hours to giving away lamborghinis

  29. لولو


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  30. لولو


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  31. Junior Muntean

    Junior Muntean

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  32. Gabriel Tschida

    Gabriel Tschida

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    Your not me beast!!!!! (But I still love your videos)

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    devil enamy

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    Bro give me 100k subs

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    Whoever hasn't won a giveaway can like this.

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    Akram Plays

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    I’m faster than the human

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  37. Prince Joshua

    Prince Joshua

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    Wow man those cars

  38. TAN ZHEN HAN Moe


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    I’m a mega fan

  39. Jay Mejia

    Jay Mejia

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    Me I want a bag of chethoes

  40. Jay Mejia

    Jay Mejia

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    Omg bag of cheetos

  41. Nikhil Chandra

    Nikhil Chandra

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    lol rug was like do you know the address and zch was like yeah it's my house

  42. OG Gamer

    OG Gamer

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  43. kian clewley

    kian clewley

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  44. Kathy Lorenzo

    Kathy Lorenzo

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    you are the art version of MrBeast in my opinion-

  45. Amanda Rosas

    Amanda Rosas

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  46. Jessica Garza

    Jessica Garza

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    I know 99% of you won’t see this but the 1% that do have a great and successful day!

  47. Rio Storey

    Rio Storey

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    It’s the best video you’ve ever made

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  50. yaya Cici

    yaya Cici

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    this reminds me of somthing



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    When you realize he isn’t giving them to the winner

  52. Olivia Sawdy

    Olivia Sawdy

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    I love your work it’s great

  53. Tropical twinsnakes1983

    Tropical twinsnakes1983

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    honestly rug should've won

  54. Awesome Aiden

    Awesome Aiden

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    No wonder Lambo won you got a base range plus model 3

  55. Jessica O'Brien

    Jessica O'Brien

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    whey you go to team Rar house they our emey

  56. Shaik Abdullah Hyder

    Shaik Abdullah Hyder

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  57. Naomi Dance

    Naomi Dance

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    Hi ZHC i love you i real neeed a laptop for school and if you give me one i am going to cry i real need it love and can ypu make it pink puple Blue

  58. Matthew Summy

    Matthew Summy

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    Cool. Cars

  59. veronica tera

    veronica tera

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    Wow car race

  60. Moon Walking Matthew

    Moon Walking Matthew

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    Cough* performance Tesla would roast the lambo. *Cough

  61. Samia Waqas 8008

    Samia Waqas 8008

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  62. Lucy Roberts

    Lucy Roberts

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    I was rooting for Michelle the whole time!!

  63. anshul dahiwale

    anshul dahiwale

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    It gives me mr beast vibes 😆😆😆😆

  64. Jenson Perez

    Jenson Perez

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  65. PhromasieOof


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    U Japanese Or Chinese Or Korean Or Malaysian, Indonesian Or American?

  66. Alba García

    Alba García

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    can i get a giveaway plz

  67. Eric Mcleish

    Eric Mcleish

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    ZHC buys the real cars, meanwhile Vexx customizes a toy Tesla and Lamborghini.

  68. Ayaan Shabib

    Ayaan Shabib

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  69. Jessica Abarca

    Jessica Abarca

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    So it was like among us but with cars

  70. Elita Huzinec

    Elita Huzinec

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  71. Elita Huzinec

    Elita Huzinec

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  72. Harley plays fornite Mosey

    Harley plays fornite Mosey

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    IV just broken my finger 😭😭😭

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    jayleen rios

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    michelle is a cheater

  74. SIRAJh CH


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    I love the car🚗❤️🚙😍🚘💜💙

  75. Hardcore Violet

    Hardcore Violet

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    Michelle is the boss at riddles

  76. Conor Gray

    Conor Gray

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    I knew I saw that lambo from faze rug’s videos

  77. Manar Nasar

    Manar Nasar

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    Hey can you customize my KIA

    • Gamer Squash

      Gamer Squash

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  78. Ashley Batrez

    Ashley Batrez

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    Zhc I subscribe to you and I love your ITput channel

  79. Ярослав Play Lev

    Ярослав Play Lev

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    Ты самый лучший в мире

  80. Amir Boucetta

    Amir Boucetta

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    Let me tell you something if you don't have to buy details tomorrow 3 you don't have to buy the Tesla model 3 if you just bought a Tesla model s that's 800 horsepower the Tesla model s and the fastest accelerations 2.3 seconds the first acceleration in the world if you just bought that car cost $145,000 she cost $145,000 very expensive car not bad

  81. Samer Wisam

    Samer Wisam

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    is that FaZe rug

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    Next Gen Gaming

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    Michelle Hernandez

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    i love your video i subscribe to you hi

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    Zach : At My House Rug: You know the address ? Zach: 🤦‍♂️

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    You and your friends are so cool 😎

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    Me beast already did this

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    Please support my channel.....I will support your channel......

  89. I love Adopt me

    I love Adopt me

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    No ur not dumb Just Michelle is smart

  90. I love Adopt me

    I love Adopt me

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    Michelle:the unsaid genius

  91. I love Adopt me

    I love Adopt me

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    The girl who just randomly took a video without asking was so rude HACE SOME RESPECT FOR HER PRIVACY DUDE!

  92. I love Adopt me

    I love Adopt me

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    ZHC in 2090:buying the apple company then giving them away

  93. Leapers Demon

    Leapers Demon

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    where your house? do you know the address? zhc: its my house lol

  94. Leapers Demon

    Leapers Demon

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    michelle is a massive fan of James Charles❤

  95. Akshit Garg

    Akshit Garg

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    Not fair Only people who subscribe in California get a giveaway

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    i love to see it

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    at 5:42 you can see jonny

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