Customizing A $10,000,000 House

I can't believe we painted a $10,000,000 house then paid for a ton of my subscribers rent lol
Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching:)
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  1. ZHC


    19 giorni fa

    Subscribe and I might give you custom phones, ipads, cars, or even a house! Like this video if you enjoyed it! I will be bringing on more subscribers to compete in challenges and win free custom items! We also helped a lot of people with rent because this is a video about a house. Thank you for all the support! Love you all!



      Giorno fa

      u are the greatest guy that i had watch

    • Lively Dela cruz

      Lively Dela cruz

      4 giorni fa

      I hope i win for my mom😶 i came from philippines watching your youtube channel because its so cool

    • kylle sanchez

      kylle sanchez

      4 giorni fa

      hmmmm hoping to win a giveaway

    • reyden requillo

      reyden requillo

      11 giorni fa

      I want i phone for my online class I hope you will see this comment.thank you lot of people fans you in the philipines

    • Lisa Hicks

      Lisa Hicks

      11 giorni fa

      I Zhc i im a really big fan of yours i love your videos so much i wish i can meet you in real life but i live far far away so im sad but thats okay maybe one day:)

  2. Rayan Riyaz Ibrahim

    Rayan Riyaz Ibrahim

    Minuto fa

    This is what happens when a artist have a huge house then runs out of paper or canvas

  3. Subzerosubhan


    2 minuti fa

    Plz pick this make a video in which you and your friends have to draw legendary anime sketches

  4. Olivia-Louise Brownisky

    Olivia-Louise Brownisky

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    4 minuti fa


  6. chloe simpson

    chloe simpson

    8 minuti fa

    My last name is Simpson

  7. Logan Mysliwy

    Logan Mysliwy

    9 minuti fa

    ZHC: look behind this painting to find THREE CUSTOM PHONES THAT ARE GIVIN TO MY SUBSCRIBERS?! I love this so much

  8. SuperCat559


    11 minuti fa

    To the 99.99% to the people who see this I wish these comment to stop appearing on the YT comment...

  9. Justin Muller

    Justin Muller

    12 minuti fa

    Wow this was so amazing you all did so good 😊

  10. Vortex1Dripz


    14 minuti fa

    Oh my god

  11. Arthur Yianni

    Arthur Yianni

    16 minuti fa

    Ive been subed for about 8 months

  12. Ice-cream Velvets

    Ice-cream Velvets

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    "Macbook" "Subbed" "USA" I want a Macbook for school

  13. Umer Gaming

    Umer Gaming

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    Me it will help me my phone 📱 I so cracked

  14. Umer Gaming

    Umer Gaming

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    Pls give

  15. Twitch_Fake_ elvar

    Twitch_Fake_ elvar

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    Imagine winning

  16. JღyJღy


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    “How hot are you?” ZHC: 4:30 ✨

  17. rajmarc gordon

    rajmarc gordon

    21 minuto fa

    I never win a giveaway in my life

  18. Erl Crox

    Erl Crox

    21 minuto fa

    I can barely draw a circle and they are painting an entire house. Wow I suck

  19. Vortex1Dripz


    23 minuti fa

    I want the house

  20. Ihsan Mahmood

    Ihsan Mahmood

    24 minuti fa

    Cool 😎 house 🏠

  21. Nima Imani

    Nima Imani

    25 minuti fa

    So cool😢

  22. Nima Imani

    Nima Imani

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    Need one🥺🥺

  23. Zephan Collins

    Zephan Collins

    25 minuti fa

    I love this channel

  24. Mr.Popcorn Man

    Mr.Popcorn Man

    25 minuti fa

    You weak how din’t you get to throw paper what ever you thourgh

  25. Hilarious Ellie

    Hilarious Ellie

    25 minuti fa

    How do you guys have this much energy!? I would have just quit of day 1! Goodluck!!

  26. AAnaqiGZ Uns

    AAnaqiGZ Uns

    30 minuti fa

    I would have drawn Godzilla or saitama or Ironman or predator

  27. Jad Simbulan

    Jad Simbulan

    31 minuto fa

    Hope I was talented and rich dang I'm broke.

  28. sam go

    sam go

    31 minuto fa

    Thank you for your nice Videos

  29. ANST DU 13

    ANST DU 13

    32 minuti fa

    you know.....if you have too much iPhones, and don't know what to do with them, i am here you yeah.....

  30. Aarav Ketan Jain

    Aarav Ketan Jain

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    Love your art will visit uk once to meet you

  31. Opinions BG

    Opinions BG

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    Hope I win :) My dream To win Give away

  32. Akshath


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    I don't even think I can win a giveaway.

  33. BlaZe Cheefri

    BlaZe Cheefri

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    bruh please fly me out im a really big fan of u pls

  34. Highlinner84 Knows

    Highlinner84 Knows

    36 minuti fa

    I guess you can kind of say this was a waste of money but at the same time it’s content

  35. DOUBLE A


    39 minuti fa

    Alot of off white in the house but no one wearing off white lmfaoo

  36. White Choco Official

    White Choco Official

    39 minuti fa

    Me watching them costumazing the house Me:Wow how did they do that I need to be pro at painting Me after 2 minute painting Me:Wow it's so hard

  37. Debbie Deere

    Debbie Deere

    41 minuto fa

    Hi zhc love you 😍

  38. Gaëlle henriou

    Gaëlle henriou

    43 minuti fa

    "Phone" "Subbed" "Belgium" Hello, my phone is break To have inphone 11📱🍏 ( pro max ) is my dream. I am 12 years old . Y LOVE YOU !!! 😜👍🏻. YOU ARE THE BEST AND MORE YOU DRAW VERY WELL... 🤷‍♀️😋🤪😳🤯 THANK YOU .😁🤩😘.

  39. Jeenasofficial -

    Jeenasofficial -

    45 minuti fa

    Your house is sick

  40. {.itsCookie play.}

    {.itsCookie play.}

    45 minuti fa

    I swear the God he's freaking rich 😂😂

  41. viral social

    viral social

    46 minuti fa

    I have no intrest in art but love this channel

  42. Sofie Jouzova

    Sofie Jouzova

    46 minuti fa

    IT s So cool 🤩 i lovit ❤️❤️ IT s Hauser So beautiful 🥰🥰



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    Hail Lord ZHC!!

  44. Tweety Bird

    Tweety Bird

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    I want that house!

  45. Andrew Worsham

    Andrew Worsham

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    I love all the Transition :)



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    Bro plzz help me pay my rent my rent is 100$ bro plz



    50 minuti fa

    Bro plzz help me pay my rent my rent is 100$ bro plz

  48. Giorno Giovana

    Giorno Giovana

    50 minuti fa

    ZHC 2025: Today we are going to customize the whole earth in a year

  49. Carla Moukarzel

    Carla Moukarzel

    52 minuti fa

    You are a great artist I hope I can become like you love you keep up the work



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    Phone subbed italy

  51. greed dono

    greed dono

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    Chill mr beast

  52. Leander Zwiers

    Leander Zwiers

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    You can draw a beautiful princess Drawing 🤔🤔🤔🤔 👸👸👸👸 I think you can't do it 🤔

  54. Papc Vlogs

    Papc Vlogs

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    Your Restroom is like our entire house

  55. Dagger5461


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    U won't reply

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    Nikistori games n Gacha

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    TRS_B3astMod3 ?

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    Wait I just watched the giveaway video umm I can’t comment or watch it again??

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    Joseph Slewoo

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    10M? Oml



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    YEET MAN03

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    Dude you're 1 vid had become private

  62. Rich Angelotti

    Rich Angelotti

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    My dad is a great artist and loves your vids his Chanel in Angelotti creative and I’m a girl so I’d you wanna know what I look like what all the videos to find me



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    He deleted his latest video💭👀

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    Tanjaya 2013

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    You Have 768rb likes

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    Dagohoy Adam

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    What if the last comment won this time HAHAHA.

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    sumber sumber

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    Who else saw his new video of giving 1000$ laptops i think

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    just lize xxx

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    "Phone" "Subbed" "Germany" I might be a little young for a giveaway but my family really needs some money, we are really struggling to get enough food to eat. We dont even have electricity in our house

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    Varvara Velentza

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    I subscribe!

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    Sihyeon Kim

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    Please can stop using that beautiful colour use somrthing else

  70. Mayar Noureddin

    Mayar Noureddin

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    Wowwwwww this is sooo cool I just can't stop watching the video it is just so cool and iam you're biggest fan and I really like you're video's you are amazing

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    You vid is private

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    Its all fun and games until it gets flooded there

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    Can u hear me

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    Ya new vid priv make it public

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    tak kira patrick💔

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    Your new vid priv make it public

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    Can I win a giveaway thx the best youtuber😇😇😇😍😍😍

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    Im watching this only because im poor lol

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    Did anybody else get a notification that he posted a new video but it says is a private video

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    Or maybe the sunset 😱😍😍

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    Plz make a merch!

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    It’s very much to costumice 😞

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    I would even buy this for 800 trillion dollars only if I had 900 trillion dollars

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    My favorite painting was the red tree one it was beautiful 😍😍

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    So cool

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    Bro your pool is massive

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    Oh sweet

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    I love how people can customize everything they want to, It's unique.

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