Customizing 20 iPhone 11s, Then Giving Them To People!!📱📞 ft. Tik Tok (Giveaway)

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  1. ZHC


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    Giving away 20 custom iPhone 11s! Join the giveaway! Btw please subscribe. I still have a cracked iPhone X since I want you guys to enjoy it first :) 2 million likes and I will give 50 iPhone 11s away! I'll actually do it lol Follow Me @zhcomicart on ig and @vexx

    • Beleng Phy

      Beleng Phy

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      Can you draw the avenger

    • Fazil Khan

      Fazil Khan

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      Please I need one thing from you which is custom from u I am great fan of u

    • Kameron Baker

      Kameron Baker

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      It pretty cool

    • Alex Castellanos

      Alex Castellanos

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      HOW do you join the giveaway

    • Banana 4

      Banana 4

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      Cann i pls have one my Birthay is in 1 mohnt and i want one so much

  2. Abel Driessen

    Abel Driessen

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    where ged you the iphones

  3. Tanner Morgan

    Tanner Morgan

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    Oh yeah

  4. wing chan

    wing chan

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  5. wing chan

    wing chan

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    NO NOT

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    wing chan

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    Hey bois

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    Maria Olivera

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  9. Maria Olivera

    Maria Olivera

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    That’s es lo único Things That ay Want

  10. Maria Olivera

    Maria Olivera

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    Please que New que mi

  11. Integirity Corporation

    Integirity Corporation

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    im fom nameba 😥

  12. Yousef :D

    Yousef :D

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    MAAAA GADH amazing

  13. Sigurður Sigbjornsson

    Sigurður Sigbjornsson

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    What is it the thumb nails with some secret paint?

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    Jaded Asejo

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    This my number 09510927365 meee plsssss.😖😞

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    Eva Iikes Chickens

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    Wait what about leo

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    Fidele T

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  17. Suchismita Jena

    Suchismita Jena

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    Wow I went too

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    Heather Hammond

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    I love this chanel

  19. Sani'ah Jade Moody

    Sani'ah Jade Moody

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    We even watch it after school everyday

  20. Sani'ah Jade Moody

    Sani'ah Jade Moody

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    Me and my little brother love your art so much

  21. Sani'ah Jade Moody

    Sani'ah Jade Moody

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    ZHC pls give away phones to people who haven’t got a give away

  22. Sani'ah Jade Moody

    Sani'ah Jade Moody

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    You got it

  23. Redz Baquiran

    Redz Baquiran

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    Very nice

  24. Noriel Aborde

    Noriel Aborde

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    Loves from the Philippines!❤️

  25. KieraGamez


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    I gotta say its very satisfying when you peel of that tape

  26. How To

    How To

    6 giorni fa

    A get so jealous everytime i see everyone having awesome phones wish I can afford one like you guys :(

  27. simran kapahi

    simran kapahi

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    I love it

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    ༻Säm Shëärën༺

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    Sack I am Malaysia ok 👍👍👍

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    Create Easily

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  30. Create Easily

    Create Easily

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    Nice contain

  31. Ryka Agrawal

    Ryka Agrawal

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    Zach pls make more videos with Leo

  32. eidi eidi

    eidi eidi

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    Tyrese Maxey

  33. Jabari Peoples

    Jabari Peoples

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    I'm homeless and all I got is a broken tablet and I like $0 I have Nanda pain but Bill and yeah I got a house on ITput I sold it to me but I don't have no job if I can just get off from the beginning 2000 dollars 50 element $1,000

  34. ورده النرجس

    ورده النرجس

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    ،ilove you

  35. Zaynoba، mahamad

    Zaynoba، mahamad

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    10 giorni fa

    WTF..........such a time waste.

  37. Eragbai Isunuoya

    Eragbai Isunuoya

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    I love zach first design



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    Lindsey Graham

  39. Priscilla Hernandez

    Priscilla Hernandez

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  40. Daniella Angela Gonzales

    Daniella Angela Gonzales

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    I really want one I never won a giveaway before

  41. Atish Shelar

    Atish Shelar

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    I like your customize

  42. megha anand

    megha anand

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    I love you

  43. carol dailey

    carol dailey

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    plz can i have one :)

  44. Sarth Awate

    Sarth Awate

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    How to participate in giveaway?

  45. Shuruq Muqati

    Shuruq Muqati

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    I. Doing. Like. Every. Day. Because. Your. Videos. Is. Very. Good 💙💙💙💙

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    jessica janes

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    Are you like green color ??

  47. Lorenz Staudinger

    Lorenz Staudinger

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    Picture of a water battle

    • Lorenz Staudinger

      Lorenz Staudinger

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      Yes or a bmx bike

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    ru ppo

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  49. kelvin mwangi

    kelvin mwangi

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    oh my no. 36

  50. faris auma

    faris auma

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    I ASK IPHONE11 1 rod

  51. Drew Sutton

    Drew Sutton

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  52. Viggo Torbjornsson

    Viggo Torbjornsson

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    I love yors vidos i look at the ale time # You the best

  53. davaanaran davaa

    davaanaran davaa

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    Bro green TOXIC ip11 nice

  54. Potato soup Man

    Potato soup Man

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    I am liking and commenting on every video

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    ruhani singh

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    Pls just male it

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    HArD BoY#23

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  57. Phillipmo Phillipmo

    Phillipmo Phillipmo

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    Can i have 2 pls😭

  58. mr random peps

    mr random peps

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    The last vid in this house

  59. Sergio Sanchez

    Sergio Sanchez

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    he just had a stack of cash on him. ZHC like one of the rappers now

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    Mia Bačelić

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    All i can say ,,WOWWWW"!!

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    Kate Alburo

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    | V ZHC

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    plase sub me

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    is really good in 2020

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    My house number is 14034

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    ONLY 1 PLZ

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    Bor Mhu Thaw

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      Levi Moscovici

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      Don’t put your address on the internet strange ppl will come to you

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      Bor Mhu Thaw

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      plz come to my house ZHC

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    veronica sanchez

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    Like and commenting in your all video ihope... until ZHC notice me for some giveaway... 🎁 go go go....

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    Mahammad Playz

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    Rempuia puipuia

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    ooooooo myyyyyyyyy goddddddddd😯😯😯😯😯😯😯

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    Mark Jayson Antolin

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    Danny’s Brother

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  75. Sarah Land

    Sarah Land

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    Hey ZHC project Zorgo is going to take down ITput forever in the spy ninjas you know them they’re trying to save ITput but

  76. محمد لل

    محمد لل

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  77. the boumalhab family omg

    the boumalhab family omg

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    Can you give me one

  78. Destiny Smith

    Destiny Smith

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    Can I have one

  79. Destiny Smith

    Destiny Smith

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    What’s your tictok name

  80. Mary Beam

    Mary Beam

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    Can I have one I’m kind of poor I live in Wilmington hydrangea place 2827😀 Please

  81. Rafael Leal Luna

    Rafael Leal Luna

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  82. Sunshine 0309

    Sunshine 0309

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    I can’t win half of the stuff cuz it be on insta and I’m not allowed to have it 😥😢🥺

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    Moosa Plays

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    Becky Root

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    Sondra Covert

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    I wish that you can come to my hometown, but I live in Georgia.

  86. Spi3s Aura

    Spi3s Aura

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    bro i was so sad when i lost on 11:49 i cried bro when i got home

  87. Idalin Molina Hercules

    Idalin Molina Hercules

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    i sub

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    The ZHC gang is here

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    Miranda Bradtmiller

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    What are the markers you use I really like your videos

  90. gaming with wolfy wolf

    gaming with wolfy wolf

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    Omg i love this

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    i love your work do you mind giving one for me

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    I love you

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    Who had never win before 👇🏻

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    Hanif Rahmansyah

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    I love when you guys peel off The Tape

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    mina sapkota

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  98. mina sapkota

    mina sapkota

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  99. Savitha Basavaiah

    Savitha Basavaiah

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    Who ever haven’t won a giveaway like this, can like this

  100. Sam’s Theater

    Sam’s Theater

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    I honestly love how they all have so different styles and ways to customize

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      LeeAnne Petersen

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      Me too

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      Oh yes I agree

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