Customizing 12 Hydro Flasks, Then Giving Them To People!! 💧💦ft. Marko & Vexx (SATISFYING) | ZHC

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  1. Rheaya Thompson

    Rheaya Thompson

    Giorno fa

    my next item to by is now a hydro flask sk sk

  2. najmiah abduljalil

    najmiah abduljalil

    3 giorni fa

    Just kidding

  3. najmiah abduljalil

    najmiah abduljalil

    3 giorni fa


    • najmiah abduljalil

      najmiah abduljalil

      3 giorni fa

      Just kiding

  4. najmiah abduljalil

    najmiah abduljalil

    3 giorni fa

    I want a bonbon water botle to

  5. najmiah abduljalil

    najmiah abduljalil

    3 giorni fa


  6. Khadija Amr

    Khadija Amr

    4 giorni fa

    Watching in 2021 and seeing how Zack changed wow

  7. Hope Mckenney

    Hope Mckenney

    4 giorni fa

    You should paint KEURIG COFFEE MAKERS!!!!

  8. Marc Kean Aganon

    Marc Kean Aganon

    4 giorni fa

    Ivv wached all his videos

  9. Purple Donut

    Purple Donut

    5 giorni fa

    Watching while drinking out of my hydro flask

  10. TekniquezZ


    5 giorni fa

    You make grate videos SUBSCRIBE TO ZHC

    • TekniquezZ


      5 giorni fa


  11. Romi


    6 giorni fa

    Me watching this thinking about the good days back then when i watched him for good drawing content. Now he's just a Mr Beast rip of

  12. TPG tamil Gaming

    TPG tamil Gaming

    6 giorni fa


  13. JO Thompson

    JO Thompson

    8 giorni fa

    Everyone: talking about giveaways AND customising Me:SKSKSKSKSKSKSKSK *the whole entire video

    • WeaPianOnIst


      7 giorni fa

      No that's me!

  14. anna-lena


    10 giorni fa

    Which markers do the use?

  15. Baillie Brough

    Baillie Brough

    10 giorni fa

    He is the best artist like I can't even draw a stick person

  16. Jocelyn Mciver

    Jocelyn Mciver

    11 giorni fa

    ZHC you should make a how to draw channel that would be fun I would 100% join!!!!

  17. thu thu

    thu thu

    11 giorni fa

    Tặng em một cáy bình

  18. Mario Morella

    Mario Morella

    11 giorni fa

    Can I have 200 dolars

  19. Layla&Shrimp


    11 giorni fa

    This is the video where scrunchie and bun Bunn were born

  20. Ricarda Gesine

    Ricarda Gesine

    13 giorni fa

    You are soooo talented wow 🥺

  21. Roxxane Gutierrez

    Roxxane Gutierrez

    13 giorni fa

    Hi I'm

  22. Aniket Shelgaonkar

    Aniket Shelgaonkar

    15 giorni fa

    Can you pls keep a soccer-related theme in your next video ???

  23. Eren Yeager

    Eren Yeager

    16 giorni fa

    Next buying a 747and costumiz it

  24. Briene Salosagcol

    Briene Salosagcol

    17 giorni fa

    ba ding

  25. Twins Create

    Twins Create

    17 giorni fa

    I woild love to show you my drawings and sketches

  26. Twins Create

    Twins Create

    17 giorni fa

    Omg it would literally be my dream to meet you also in the beginning when michelle knocked the hydroflask his face lol 🤣

  27. Janina Pascua

    Janina Pascua

    18 giorni fa

    MICHELLE THE DESTROYER hhhshashshahsahhs she's so hilarious in every single video

  28. Swag Fizz

    Swag Fizz

    18 giorni fa

    How do you make the podcast markers stay and shiny

  29. Genesis Monoya

    Genesis Monoya

    20 giorni fa

    Hi yes yes😄

  30. ishxn


    21 giorno fa

    When u that rich...u can call a steel water bottle a *hydro flask*

  31. Sanjitha Hari

    Sanjitha Hari

    22 giorni fa

    Zach is really serious at customizing

  32. Zain Imran

    Zain Imran

    23 giorni fa


  33. Element


    23 giorni fa

    Where scrunchie and bun bun are born



    24 giorni fa

    ZHC I really need an Apple watch

  35. Nordy tube

    Nordy tube

    24 giorni fa

    ZHC is Chubby

  36. Old lady Pringles man

    Old lady Pringles man

    24 giorni fa

    Can I have a shout out

  37. annie-eve dumontier

    annie-eve dumontier

    24 giorni fa

    so butiful

  38. Lisa Gottberg

    Lisa Gottberg

    24 giorni fa

    Because I think I would be prfict

  39. Lisa Gottberg

    Lisa Gottberg

    24 giorni fa

    Hey Zac do you have a girl firend😘

  40. Wolfie girl

    Wolfie girl

    24 giorni fa

    The same thing that happened to bask happened to me

  41. Rebekah Bailey

    Rebekah Bailey

    24 giorni fa

    BTW Dax sounds a lot like Drax from guardians of the galaxy movie

  42. The queen SP

    The queen SP

    25 giorni fa

    Michele really went like bye felisha with that teal hydro flask

  43. kelvin mwangi

    kelvin mwangi

    25 giorni fa


  44. Winson Wan

    Winson Wan

    25 giorni fa


  45. Kaylee Richard

    Kaylee Richard

    26 giorni fa

    You are so nice

  46. Oli Halshaw

    Oli Halshaw

    27 giorni fa

    ZHC I challenge you t drawing Virgil

  47. Chidinma Braye-Yankee

    Chidinma Braye-Yankee

    29 giorni fa

    Yes I know

  48. Jahmir Jeremiah

    Jahmir Jeremiah

    29 giorni fa

    2:29 it say's rip some thing ?????????

  49. avocado berry

    avocado berry

    Mese fa

    do yall like my hero acidemeia

  50. Yeshwanth S

    Yeshwanth S

    Mese fa

    Name of the song pls when customizing vexx 's hydro flask anyone By the way vid is cool 😎 bro



    Mese fa

    I try to draw but can never get nicely



    Mese fa

    So talented

  53. Rosa Coyantes

    Rosa Coyantes

    Mese fa


  54. Chris Harrelson

    Chris Harrelson

    Mese fa

    My Hydro Flask drawing

  55. Pinal Patel

    Pinal Patel

    Mese fa

    And I am from India

  56. Pinal Patel

    Pinal Patel

    Mese fa

    I want that you painted in this video

  57. Malcom Delva

    Malcom Delva

    Mese fa

    CSC can I please get a PS4

  58. Spidernat Smith

    Spidernat Smith

    Mese fa

    What colouring pens are you using

  59. veronica sanchez

    veronica sanchez

    Mese fa

    Like and commenting in your all video ihope... until ZHC notice me for some giveaway... 🎁 go go go....

  60. legion Girl

    legion Girl

    Mese fa

    You are seriously so talented!! The way you get a rough idea of what to draw, the colour combination and all are really amazing 🤩. I really wish one day I will draw like you! Hope you do more and more like this, best wishes from India 🇮🇳

  61. Macy Merritt

    Macy Merritt

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    Hi vsco girls

  62. Lilly & Oscar

    Lilly & Oscar

    Mese fa

    Your rich just by your intro

  63. Brad Bryant

    Brad Bryant

    Mese fa

    I love the first one i think it’s the best one

  64. gaming with wolfy wolf

    gaming with wolfy wolf

    Mese fa

    Im a youtuber im gaming with wolfy wolf

  65. Dammam FM

    Dammam FM

    Mese fa


  66. Jharna Barman

    Jharna Barman

    Mese fa

    Him: Spending hours customizing..... Viewers:😯 👁👁 🔴 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 ?

  67. Gabriel Bernabe

    Gabriel Bernabe

    Mese fa

    kind of a vsco

  68. Abbas세훈


    Mese fa

    Either that monster your Logo or space design you don't need to think and we don't need to guess either cause it's going to be one of them🤣

  69. Prince Mitchem

    Prince Mitchem

    Mese fa

    zhc hi love you video

  70. Prince Mitchem

    Prince Mitchem

    Mese fa


  71. Icecream girl

    Icecream girl

    Mese fa

    Are ZHC’s customised products for sale ?! I really want them

  72. Xxpotato-twinsxX


    Mese fa

    I was litterally was seeing this while PAINTING xD

  73. April Jones

    April Jones

    Mese fa

    I’m your bigist fan

  74. justine canales

    justine canales

    Mese fa


  75. justine canales

    justine canales

    Mese fa

    Sana all

  76. soso xoxo

    soso xoxo

    Mese fa

    ZHC: Are you a visco girl? Her mind: Who told him?! Omg! What now?? I have to hide! Safe me turtles!

  77. Marcelle Villaverde

    Marcelle Villaverde

    Mese fa

    Funny Funny mi j

  78. Isn’t mike Op?

    Isn’t mike Op?

    Mese fa


  79. Mohammed Ayaan

    Mohammed Ayaan

    Mese fa

    Next decorating headphones 🎧

  80. Rosalinda Rached

    Rosalinda Rached

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    Cuz I like what you buy

    • Rosalinda Rached

      Rosalinda Rached

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  81. Sunris3. Drift

    Sunris3. Drift

    Mese fa

    Does anyone know what stationary he is using??? 😂😂

  82. Jy Heng

    Jy Heng

    Mese fa

    can you draw naruto

  83. Shiva kutty art maker

    Shiva kutty art maker

    Mese fa

    What marker is he using

  84. Claudia Gaudiosi

    Claudia Gaudiosi

    Mese fa

    michelle before pink hair WOOWWW

  85. Evie Morton

    Evie Morton

    Mese fa

    I will give u all the love and support I hope u stay safe U are so talented s̺t̺a̺y̺ s̺a̺f̺e̺

  86. alex wang

    alex wang

    2 mesi fa

    I love Turquaze

  87. Hayley Stengel

    Hayley Stengel

    2 mesi fa

    Vexx the vsco girl

  88. Samia Waqas 8008

    Samia Waqas 8008

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  89. jacqueline dickerson

    jacqueline dickerson

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    Design your store and make amazing videos I know you have

  90. Daniel Castellon

    Daniel Castellon

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    hola 👋😁🥤🥤🥤🥤🎉😭😱😁😉 hola

  91. Tatum Wright

    Tatum Wright

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    can you give one to me plz because i live in texas

  92. Ashaz Zamran2021

    Ashaz Zamran2021

    2 mesi fa


  93. Ashaz Zamran2021

    Ashaz Zamran2021

    2 mesi fa


    • Ashaz Zamran2021

      Ashaz Zamran2021

      2 mesi fa


    • Ashaz Zamran2021

      Ashaz Zamran2021

      2 mesi fa


    • Ashaz Zamran2021

      Ashaz Zamran2021

      2 mesi fa


    • Ashaz Zamran2021

      Ashaz Zamran2021

      2 mesi fa


    • Ashaz Zamran2021

      Ashaz Zamran2021

      2 mesi fa


  94. Jasmine Townson

    Jasmine Townson

    2 mesi fa

    Wait... Scrunchi came from this video!?!? Bun bun ALSO came from this video!?!?

  95. Tripatreet Kaur

    Tripatreet Kaur

    2 mesi fa

    Next: Getting a country and giving it away

  96. Lianna Laudato

    Lianna Laudato

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  97. Jeppe Congregation

    Jeppe Congregation

    2 mesi fa

    do a prank by panting unspikeble houes

  98. EllieZsus .E.

    EllieZsus .E.

    2 mesi fa

    The noise is so weird!

  99. Namitha


    2 mesi fa

    Lol when i was watching this video- i was actually drinking out of MY HYDRO FLASK which was customized for meh... by one of mah besties- and shes talented bro- u should do a non edited video LOL

  100. Emilija Misevičiūtė

    Emilija Misevičiūtė

    2 mesi fa

    where are you getting those markers??

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