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  1. ZHC


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    Winners will be announced starting May 23rd not March :)) Hope you enjoy the video and stay safe! Subscribe with notifications on to stay updated :)) Make sure to enter the huge Nintendo Switch giveaway! First 3 comments win custom ipads items too! Froggy Skates Gianni Lanese Fortnitehourt

    • Keaton Flick

      Keaton Flick

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      No flipping way

    • Andrew Marañon

      Andrew Marañon

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    • Vasques Cabrera

      Vasques Cabrera

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      Hi ZHC

    • Kevin Hernandez

      Kevin Hernandez

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    • Fairytail


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  2. Super Mason

    Super Mason

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    Customizing nintendo switch joy cons of five nights at candy's 3 please and you guys are awesome

  3. Bhuvana Bhuvana

    Bhuvana Bhuvana

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  4. Martin Russell

    Martin Russell

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    vanessareynarivera29gmail com

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  6. Trang Dao

    Trang Dao

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  7. Mehran Ahmadi

    Mehran Ahmadi

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    I just love that he starts with the base and ends with the detail!

  8. thu thu

    thu thu

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    Tặng em 3 máy chơi game

  9. 主人ウィーブうずまき


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    Yo I did it how do i get it

  10. fabianation


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    i love the video so i have to make a reaction video

  11. fabianation


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    can i make a reaction video?

  12. VSG CUTE


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  13. Alam Rahimi

    Alam Rahimi

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    Nintendo switch

  14. Ivory Hazelwood

    Ivory Hazelwood

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    hey can you guys do another vid so i have a chance to get one pls

  15. Joey Barberis

    Joey Barberis

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    I love the mario one

  16. Dimitri Follin

    Dimitri Follin

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    HURL Furax

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  19. Silvana Elis Paganotto

    Silvana Elis Paganotto

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  20. Peter Molnar

    Peter Molnar

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    how can you draw so well

  21. Joel Calderon Juarez

    Joel Calderon Juarez

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    I have the Nintendo switch

  22. Sandra Sexton

    Sandra Sexton

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    Zch: time for satisfying tape Me: I mean it's kinda satisfying

  23. Tagada 90fr

    Tagada 90fr

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    J'en veux une 😭 elles sont magnifiques. Giving me one is too beautiful what you do

  24. Whacker McCarthy Home school account

    Whacker McCarthy Home school account

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    Please me I want one

  25. Daniel Cardoso

    Daniel Cardoso

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    cd os brs

  26. Lia Portillo

    Lia Portillo

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    Wow amazing!!

  27. 4ever Milo

    4ever Milo

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    U are so talented

  28. 4ever Milo

    4ever Milo

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    Nice video’s

  29. Brahim El Achak

    Brahim El Achak

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  30. Haleema Khawaja

    Haleema Khawaja

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  31. Lewis Brown

    Lewis Brown

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  32. Luis Guillermo Lopez Aispuro

    Luis Guillermo Lopez Aispuro

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    For some reason The Nintendo switches unboxings are pure satisfaction 🤩🤩🤩

  33. Mae Malaque

    Mae Malaque

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    getmemoney im subscrlbed

  34. Mohd Isa Jasman

    Mohd Isa Jasman

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    you so talented

  35. Aloura Jake

    Aloura Jake

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    can you guys send us your awsome nintendo switch the normal switch you guys are super awsome like the one to slide of the joy cons

  36. Caleb Ryhal

    Caleb Ryhal

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    That moment when you realize this video costed $21,599 to make........

    • Caleb Ryhal

      Caleb Ryhal

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  37. 大大


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  38. unspeakable Team Buitrago

    unspeakable Team Buitrago

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    But am Canadiens and am watching this in 2021 How will I get Giveaway if zhc is California and am Canada 🇨🇦 🤔 😕 Not fair



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  40. Kevin Kang

    Kevin Kang

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    Give my one pleace

  41. Camren Williams

    Camren Williams

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  42. playdoe gaming

    playdoe gaming

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    Is it me or is peeling the tape not satsfiying

  43. Nigar Sarıgül

    Nigar Sarıgül

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    Pls 1 Nintendo dwihic plsss

  44. KJ Skwaired

    KJ Skwaired

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    ZHC can you sub to KJ skwaired please

  45. Entity Nova

    Entity Nova

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    My favorite was the switch lite that had the wolf design on it.

  46. Anthony Morgan

    Anthony Morgan

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    I lkie yuo

  47. Michael Heinecke

    Michael Heinecke

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    I like the yellow one.

  48. Teka Corby

    Teka Corby

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    Draw one with sonic

  49. Sibulele Fuzile

    Sibulele Fuzile

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    I wanted it my whole life

  50. Sibulele Fuzile

    Sibulele Fuzile

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    Nintendo switch please

  51. Aleksandra Kowalska

    Aleksandra Kowalska

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    Me like:i wont get it cuz ik my patents wont let me have one cuz i have one but my friend are Real jeluase of meh i need one so bad with an Among us on it ;( =(

  52. 7k8k924k


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  53. meu nome é Felipe neto

    meu nome é Felipe neto

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  54. Mia Haugen

    Mia Haugen

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    I have birtday in may

  55. Mia Haugen

    Mia Haugen

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    My have birtday then. I never get somting

  56. Joseph O'Neil 4

    Joseph O'Neil 4

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  57. Ashanty Cruz Gonzalez

    Ashanty Cruz Gonzalez

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    can i get one

  58. Alice Iwanoczko

    Alice Iwanoczko

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    can you not say follow on instagram bc lots of people dont have it including me

  59. Nicolas Billiet

    Nicolas Billiet

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    Que le vidéo c'est génial ▶️📲👍

  60. Carlos Rengifo

    Carlos Rengifo

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    Zhc you shod play among us one day

  61. Team Fortis

    Team Fortis

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    Can you come to the Netherlands

  62. Virginie Gilbert

    Virginie Gilbert

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  63. Shadow Lizard

    Shadow Lizard

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    I have a pet bearded dragon to

  64. Rachna Ky

    Rachna Ky

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    I sub and like also like and follow you on Instagram

  65. Rachna Ky

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    I sub and like

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    Rama Fifi

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    واو ابداع

  67. norixo yt

    norixo yt

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    For me plz

  68. Vivi Roman

    Vivi Roman

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    My cusin will on me the Mario one

  69. Dean gaming and crazy spongebob fan

    Dean gaming and crazy spongebob fan

    2 giorni fa

    What songs did you use

  70. ᄌᄋᄇ


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    닌텐도 스위치 , 닌텐도 라이트 분량이 적은 이유를 알아냈다

  71. Justin Arias

    Justin Arias

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    Thats so cool

  72. amber hart

    amber hart

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    I’ve never had a give away can I have one

  73. Vzweaty


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    You should start a series where we send u stuff and u customize it then u send it back to us

  74. Sergeant Crazy

    Sergeant Crazy

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    Lol Michelle died

  75. Sophie Martinex

    Sophie Martinex

    2 giorni fa

    Me: what dose zhc mean??? My brain: it means Zach has cash

  76. me cool

    me cool

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    8:54 also funyuns :) if you dont know what i mean you're missing out!

  77. Mya, Gymnastics for ever

    Mya, Gymnastics for ever

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    ZHC can you customise youtuber plaks it would be cool

  78. AlstomMatrix Limited

    AlstomMatrix Limited

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    Can I have a 3Nintendos

  79. Anne Lise Piques

    Anne Lise Piques

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  80. Kai


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    Lol 51sek beliver

  81. Zayan banna

    Zayan banna

    2 giorni fa

    Dad:gets new markers Me:Takes it Also me:SINGS THE SONG WHEN THEY PAINT LOL

  82. Manuel Morales

    Manuel Morales

    2 giorni fa

    You guys are the best at customizing of the Nintendo Switch

  83. Captain shadow

    Captain shadow

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    Hi :)

  84. Steffi von Offenberg Sweeney

    Steffi von Offenberg Sweeney

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    Best ASMR Channel ever🤣

  85. Pinkpikachu Pink

    Pinkpikachu Pink

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    He like paint but poo is his favourite he like putting in his wife’s bed

  86. vitek vaníček

    vitek vaníček

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    Hello can you give me 1 Nintendo switches

  87. Oscar Torres-Alvarez

    Oscar Torres-Alvarez

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    I want a other switch giveaway plzzz you MY BEST ITputR IN THE WHOLE WORLD🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  88. Jonathan the gamer

    Jonathan the gamer

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    Can I get a Nintendo i nerver pleyd on a nintendo

  89. מיכל גפני

    מיכל גפני

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  90. luka qarsaulidze

    luka qarsaulidze

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    Artist mrbeast in a nutshell

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    inderjit kaur

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    Ryder Thompson

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    You’re my favourite ITputr

  95. Ryder Thompson

    Ryder Thompson

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    I think can you do the same

  96. Ryder Thompson

    Ryder Thompson

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  97. NIji Nazim AlShamlal

    NIji Nazim AlShamlal

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    zhc hi

  98. King Fire Panda Official

    King Fire Panda Official

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    Can u do a ps5 one?

  99. דה מיסטר אופנוע The Mister Ofanoa

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    The pride of my country is aaaaaa 🇯🇵

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