Customizing 1,000 Phone Cases

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  1. ZHC


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    Subscribe and I might give you custom phones, ipads, cars, or even a house! Like this video if you enjoyed it! I will be bringing on more subscribers to compete in challenges and win free custom items! Thank you for all the support! Love you all! Also Thanks Lords Mobile For Sponsoring! Download Lords Mobile to win BIG prizes here: 10 MACBOOK PROS, $25,000 CASH GIVEAWAY and a $350 gift pack for everyone!

    • Oliver Llaban

      Oliver Llaban

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      Z z Z z Z z Z

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      Rainforest Shadow

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      @nukerboy 0704 👀👄👀 bro no you aint-

    • Yashwanth Goud

      Yashwanth Goud

      27 giorni fa

      i really need a mac would u give me

  2. karen karwan

    karen karwan

    2 minuti fa

    I wanted pink MacBook

  3. Minh Pho

    Minh Pho

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    Hi! The designs are so cool!

  4. Vihaan Punjabi

    Vihaan Punjabi

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    Y20 s

  5. Hafsa’s World

    Hafsa’s World

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    But I canot download this game so sorry

  6. Aiden Coffey

    Aiden Coffey

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    Like and subscribe guys. Zack works his butt of for this vid and probably took a week or to. So much work was put into this video like and subscribe to zack.



    Ora fa

    I wonder how it feels to have one of those

  8. Maira Anwar

    Maira Anwar

    3 ore fa

    0.12-0.14 that's whem he knew that he **** up

  9. Calypso Dolman

    Calypso Dolman

    3 ore fa

    Anyone has notice how they label their whole house, like the stairs said, ‘Stair 1, Stair 2, stair 3..........’ and the door said, ‘Door’

  10. Ali


    3 ore fa

    ZHC: I invited a few friends to help me. Friends: Enter the room like an army

  11. Shekou Sissohor

    Shekou Sissohor

    4 ore fa

    I love your art

  12. Honey Crystal

    Honey Crystal

    5 ore fa

    I LOVE ALL THE ANIMAL ONES ESPECIALLY THE TIGER EYE Maybe for another customisation could be some horses of different breeds, colours and settings ;)

  13. Shanthi Grigg

    Shanthi Grigg

    6 ore fa

    Pls can I have ine mac book

  14. Hamda Saif

    Hamda Saif

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    ساعدو الو غله في مشروع العشره مليون🥺❤️

  15. Sanniya Moeen

    Sanniya Moeen

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    customizing a car

  16. Karsyn Sheridan

    Karsyn Sheridan

    7 ore fa

    i see logo of poscas

  17. Robert Mendoza

    Robert Mendoza

    8 ore fa

    Pls give that if i take that im gonna offer it in carty

  18. Henry Cassell

    Henry Cassell

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    Can I have a iPod touch 5 case

  19. Robert Mendoza

    Robert Mendoza

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    196 Brgy santa monica novalitches Quezon City philipins

  20. Robert Mendoza

    Robert Mendoza

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    Im a sub

  21. Mishal Khan

    Mishal Khan

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    Subscribe ing dont

  22. Efrain Rosario

    Efrain Rosario

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    Um what are the name of the markers that you use tell me please

  23. Vanessa Brost

    Vanessa Brost

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    Omg I could not do that much I can’t believe that you guys did it you guys are so talented I just can’t believe I just can’t believe how oh how can you do it I love it you guys sound have thousands of subcribe

  24. Khalila Jackson

    Khalila Jackson

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    Can you please give me one

  25. •MoOn charmy•

    •MoOn charmy•

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    Poor zHc😞

  26. Luzviminda Comedido

    Luzviminda Comedido

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    1m cases

  27. Julisa Fullerton

    Julisa Fullerton

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    Chanson i

  28. Jasmin Caldino

    Jasmin Caldino

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    ZHC you are coping mrbeast

  29. Heather


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    1like=1 admire how he made this so short

  30. Megan Mccord

    Megan Mccord

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    I didn’t no u have friends;):)



    11 ore fa

    Where’s the description

  32. John Payling

    John Payling

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    I love the tiger eye!

  33. Cocoy '

    Cocoy '

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    Nice 😁

  34. PRO boss gaming 1

    PRO boss gaming 1

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    Zhc big fan of you can you plzz give me a custom thing I have subscribe to all of your channels Plzz help

  35. Mela Plays

    Mela Plays

    12 ore fa

    I need a mac brook for my sister birthday and I don’t have enough money 🥺

    • Mela Plays

      Mela Plays

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      I meant to say mac book pro

  36. Abbigay Raymond

    Abbigay Raymond

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    You can draw

  37. Jose Perez

    Jose Perez

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    Giv mi di campir

  38. Baljinder brarjggj

    Baljinder brarjggj

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    I like turtle

  39. Baljinder brarjggj

    Baljinder brarjggj

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    Can I have a Mac book pro pls

  40. Fortnite Noob Kid

    Fortnite Noob Kid

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    Can I plsssss get one

  41. Baljinder brarjggj

    Baljinder brarjggj

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    Next time he is gonna paint 1000 people and give them away lol

  42. fireflies_glow14


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    ZHC: *walks in the apple store* Apple employs: here we go again

  43. Chris Barely

    Chris Barely

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    I am I don’t have that much money

  44. billy maury

    billy maury

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    Cool I'm do it

  45. Jaylah Cervantes

    Jaylah Cervantes

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    Hi ZHC you should do for corps a Among us one😃

  46. Melissa Hanson

    Melissa Hanson

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    your varufide

  47. Maddy1 Zorko2

    Maddy1 Zorko2

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    He is literally giving away millions of dollars in Apple devices and Teslas.He is the most wholesome ITputr in th world!Comment how long you've been a subscrber!I've been for 3 years!

  48. CoCoPop


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    AHHHH I broke my back watching this

  49. lilliie-rose Jenkins

    lilliie-rose Jenkins

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    Cun you pls pleasedo a horse phon cas

  50. juventusbros 14

    juventusbros 14

    17 ore fa

    I don't wanna try to get a mac book bc every give away i lose i never win

  51. Madeline Tarbell

    Madeline Tarbell

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    hey where's my mac book pro???????

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    Gamerboy 99

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    I want a macbook

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    subscribe to zhc

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    Anju Vijayan S

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    Big fan from India 🦋

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    Omg ...

  56. Nora Taylor

    Nora Taylor

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    21 ora fa

    Plz give me money need to be a artist like you need money big fan ZHC @ZHC

  58. Emily Ayton

    Emily Ayton

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    Hi ZHC I have never got a giveaway and I really want a giveaway bye

  59. Desi Unicorn

    Desi Unicorn

    21 ora fa

    2050: surprising nasa with a new custom spaceship 🚀 😂

  60. Baducaran Da Silva

    Baducaran Da Silva

    21 ora fa

    I love you guys

  61. Izabel Broughton

    Izabel Broughton

    21 ora fa

    Can you please do stitch for next one I love u lots and lots AND I love pink pie she funny

  62. *Insert cool name here*

    *Insert cool name here*

    21 ora fa

    The tv: subscribe if you can read this Me: checkmate

  63. Kastuki Edits

    Kastuki Edits

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    you should try to start diamond paintings! those are viral on tiktok

  64. boiboi boiboi

    boiboi boiboi

    23 ore fa

    People who haven’t won a giveaway like this...

  65. clarissamicaela


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    2:24 the tiger eye😍😍

  66. Gloria Duarte

    Gloria Duarte

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    Can i have one

  67. strawberry you tuber

    strawberry you tuber

    23 ore fa


  68. astrie elravita

    astrie elravita

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    I allready have Lords Mobile tho....

  69. Wolf Song Animations

    Wolf Song Animations

    Giorno fa

    Is that Cyan and white from among us, and it isn't turqy it's cyan... Just saying.

  70. Chua En Qi Stazier Student

    Chua En Qi Stazier Student

    Giorno fa

    Can you do a among us but is yellow with a cat hoodie thanks

  71. Chua En Qi Stazier Student

    Chua En Qi Stazier Student

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    ZHC I wish I was in you ur country cuz I am a huge fan and I love your art and craft skill cuz I am a art club member with my school so one day I am gonna be like you ! 👼🏼💕👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😛😛😛

  72. Breanna Bilger

    Breanna Bilger

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    I love your art please let me have the giveaway I'm really young and I really wanted one

  73. Ibrahem Zangana

    Ibrahem Zangana

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    Sorry I mean kpop

  74. Tessa Reyes

    Tessa Reyes

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    1:00 that aint no space man thats lime from among us😏😆

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    Christopher Ramos

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    mi n a m e i s ghfssgh_romo

  76. NTH PetterTot

    NTH PetterTot

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    ZHC is Just an other mr beast

  77. PAASA 2016

    PAASA 2016

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    I wanted soooo baaddddd the sea turtle design!!!! I hope I will win in your future give a way. Hi from the Philippines!!

  78. Eduu Freitas

    Eduu Freitas

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    ZHC i live in madeira or portugal

  79. Missy Nerona

    Missy Nerona

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    Omg the tiger eye look real 😻

  80. Denise Jane Ababon

    Denise Jane Ababon

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    Can you do among us pls

  81. خالد خالد

    خالد خالد

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    ذا يزق فلوس 😂😂😂

  82. Caramel Cream

    Caramel Cream

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    **sad android noises*

  83. Its Lavender

    Its Lavender

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    Dis is gud



    Giorno fa

    you should sell custom cases and cell phones.

  85. Juno Li Del Castillo

    Juno Li Del Castillo

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    At 10:13 a sub had a jjba shirt

  86. Juno Li Del Castillo

    Juno Li Del Castillo

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    I have NEVER won a giveaway is it because im in the philipines?🤔

  87. Bailey Boling

    Bailey Boling

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    You guys are AMAZING

  88. eshaal maryam

    eshaal maryam

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    Liam Thompson The outro reminds me of reasons to live on mars

  89. Lil mochas

    Lil mochas

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    Who elsebis scrolling to see black panther🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️

  90. sparklexcows


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    the fruit one should be for Addison Rae

  91. Sibani Mohanty

    Sibani Mohanty

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    I’m just curious but ..... WHERE THE HECK DO U GET SO MUCH MONEY 💰🤑😵

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    Kevelle Boucaud

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  93. Aaradhya Gupta

    Aaradhya Gupta

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    Whoever hasn't won a a give away l Can like this👇

  94. Zeus Bumanglag

    Zeus Bumanglag

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    Imagine you meet the person who has the same style as your case

  95. Rorixz Gaming

    Rorixz Gaming

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    Hahah lol i know i am not gonna win

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    Benneth dulla

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    Can have one please i'm from philippines🇵🇭 notice me please

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    Ok lol now I want one 😭

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    Zhc home tout5

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    Clapping 🤑🙌🏽🙌🏽

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