Custom Lamborghini vs Tesla Race - Winner Keeps Car

Custom Lamborghini Vs Tesla Race - Winner Keeps Car
Thanks to Michelle and Rug for Participating!
@ FaZeRug
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  1. ZHC


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    • Kitty Tamil

      Kitty Tamil

      2 giorni fa

      I WANT A phone plz

    • yasmin lisany

      yasmin lisany

      18 giorni fa

      Hi remember the wath

    • R A

      R A

      Mese fa


    • elnur gamer

      elnur gamer

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      Bor hi

    • Iván Cruz

      Iván Cruz

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      @UCwa-i5_JYXotWdTx9WxGRZQ me

  2. Jelly Ninja

    Jelly Ninja

    7 ore fa

    I’m allergic to hot Cheetos

  3. Maria Keating

    Maria Keating

    9 ore fa

    can you make a how to draw channel please I'd love it I'm begging you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

  4. Jahsie Animations

    Jahsie Animations

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    God loves you turn over to Him and surrender your life to Him where you can be with Him forever in the end

  5. Arham Malik/SICAS Boys

    Arham Malik/SICAS Boys

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  6. Emperor FD

    Emperor FD

    Giorno fa

    his girl is a gold digger

  7. azada begzada

    azada begzada

    Giorno fa

    "Phone" "Subbed" "Afghanistan" Reason: I have a very very old version of tablet and it is not working I need it for my researchers

  8. Jhana Alojado

    Jhana Alojado

    Giorno fa

    What’s up i’m from the philippines and my little brother need a phone for online class co’z here in the philippines we dont have a face to face classes and my little brother dont have a phone to attend his class

  9. tintin


    Giorno fa

    “Phone” “Subbed” “Philippines” Reason-my phone is three years already there’s a lot of problems already and my parent can’t afford one

  10. Uzumaki Art Studio

    Uzumaki Art Studio

    Giorno fa

    "phone" "Subbed long ago" 🤩 "Philippines" Reason : i want good phone for my Art vlog 😭 im just starting in Ytube 🙏🥺

  11. Anthony Sutton

    Anthony Sutton

    Giorno fa

    I can eat a bag of hot Cheetos

  12. Dana Korba

    Dana Korba

    Giorno fa

    MrBeast + Art = ZHC

  13. Daniel Sowada

    Daniel Sowada

    2 giorni fa

    My Tesla is not the same as yours it's model X



    2 giorni fa

    My dad has a chustum challenger

  15. •CocaGaming _YT•

    •CocaGaming _YT•

    2 giorni fa

    Sub to ZHC

  16. Sam's drawing and gaming

    Sam's drawing and gaming

    2 giorni fa


  17. Thirdy Gxming

    Thirdy Gxming

    2 giorni fa

    I love Zhc

  18. Ralph Salindato

    Ralph Salindato

    2 giorni fa

    “Phone” “Subbed” “Philippines “ Reason: i dont have my own phone for online class.

  19. Mohamed Haitam Salmouni

    Mohamed Haitam Salmouni

    2 giorni fa


  20. Freylin YT

    Freylin YT

    2 giorni fa

    This is how many people never wins the giveaway 👇

  21. Varun Jarwani

    Varun Jarwani

    2 giorni fa

    Give other countries people to win

  22. Althea Matias

    Althea Matias

    2 giorni fa

    Your custom car's is very pretty.

  23. Kitty Tamil

    Kitty Tamil

    2 giorni fa


  24. Kitty Tamil

    Kitty Tamil

    2 giorni fa


  25. Ian Savella

    Ian Savella

    2 giorni fa


  26. Jayden t

    Jayden t

    2 giorni fa

    There is a 40,000$ car and the Lamborghini is like 200,000$



    3 giorni fa

    Cool Lamborghini

  28. donalevan moynihan

    donalevan moynihan

    3 giorni fa

    I love your video

  29. Ιασονας Κατρης

    Ιασονας Κατρης

    3 giorni fa

    Ιm sad for FaZe RuG rip custom lambo

  30. Angelica Ugale

    Angelica Ugale

    3 giorni fa


  31. Hasel Anne Haro

    Hasel Anne Haro

    3 giorni fa

    "Macbook" "Subbed" "Philippines" Reason: My current laptop is lagging and I really need it for online class/modules (I hope you notice this :>)

  32. im a potato

    im a potato

    3 giorni fa

    "Phone" "Subbed" "Philippines" Reason: i have a tablet for 5 years and it's laggy and also slowly damaging but I can't afford a phone

  33. Robin's Vlog

    Robin's Vlog

    3 giorni fa

    I want phone for my online class

  34. Chase Teitelbaum

    Chase Teitelbaum

    3 giorni fa

    zhc do a nother give a way

  35. Preya Prajapati

    Preya Prajapati

    3 giorni fa


  36. waheeda hashim

    waheeda hashim

    3 giorni fa

    "phone" "subbed" "india" reason: I don't have a phone.

  37. Isabella Aguilar

    Isabella Aguilar

    4 giorni fa

    Hopefully I can win a custom air forces And if I do when I am size 6

  38. Riyan Jamall

    Riyan Jamall

    4 giorni fa

    Love yuo

  39. Kristine Tubina

    Kristine Tubina

    4 giorni fa

    Are you in england

  40. G a B b Y

    G a B b Y

    4 giorni fa


  41. Wellbe Rompas

    Wellbe Rompas

    4 giorni fa

    "phone" "Subbed" "Indonesia" Reason: My old phone can't accommodate all of my work file storage so I hope to get a new phone for my work, I want to be a gaming ITputr but my phone can't play games, hopefully I get it ... good luck and thank you❤️❤️

  42. Siddika Sultana

    Siddika Sultana

    4 giorni fa

    If mrbeast was there he would give the cars for free

  43. Carl Angelo

    Carl Angelo

    4 giorni fa

    "Phone" "Subbed" "Philippines" For online class maybe you'll notice me

  44. Josh


    4 giorni fa

    Computer" "Subbed" "Ecuador" I need a computer for class but they are very expensive.

  45. magnum mavis

    magnum mavis

    4 giorni fa

    Surprise me waiting for the day

  46. Skullyz


    4 giorni fa

    I always hated Tesla’s

  47. Lili Avila

    Lili Avila

    4 giorni fa

    I feel sorry for Michelle

  48. Mohamed Nadhim

    Mohamed Nadhim

    4 giorni fa

    Bro customize your mask

  49. Dr. Abdul Azeem

    Dr. Abdul Azeem

    4 giorni fa

    "car" "Subbed" "India" Reason:for my mom

  50. Mor9 G

    Mor9 G

    5 giorni fa

    I neeeds that

  51. Mor9 G

    Mor9 G

    5 giorni fa


  52. Angel Angel Angel

    Angel Angel Angel

    5 giorni fa

    "Phone" "Subbed" "Philippines" Reason: For my online class, I hope you choose me. Thank you! 😊

    • it's me Adeen

      it's me Adeen

      2 giorni fa


  53. Neeshika sanichurwah

    Neeshika sanichurwah

    5 giorni fa

    Love from Mauritius ❤️🇲🇺

  54. Artbypem x

    Artbypem x

    5 giorni fa

    ‘Mac book’ ‘Subbed’ ‘UK/London’ Reason: I want to start making ITput videos of my art and a Mac book would help me to edit them👩🏽‍🎨🎨🖼

  55. Nevermore


    5 giorni fa

    Hi again Zach, how can i join a giveaway? i need a laptop for my school:c i wish zach can see this:) And Thank you for making me happy

  56. Rac TV

    Rac TV

    5 giorni fa

    “Phone” “Subbed” “Cambodia” I dont want be a pussy but i just want a new phone ..... i wont be me there like millions of people comments

  57. Steven h

    Steven h

    5 giorni fa

    Would love to be in a challenge

  58. Kathrina Solis

    Kathrina Solis

    5 giorni fa

    "Phone" "Subbed" "Philippines" With great connection for online classes requires good phone and stable internet. I needed one, hope I win. And the phones you customize is so dope, I really want one.

  59. Celina Salas

    Celina Salas

    5 giorni fa

    Give me some hot cheetos

  60. Kirby Griffin Memes

    Kirby Griffin Memes

    5 giorni fa

    The ride height on that Lambo...

  61. Jesús Duarteam

    Jesús Duarteam

    5 giorni fa


  62. Claire Nicgorski

    Claire Nicgorski

    5 giorni fa

    Haha this is such a fun video! I love the concept! 😂

  63. Shawnita Jackson

    Shawnita Jackson

    5 giorni fa

    Can you do a Mercedes next

    • Shawnita Jackson

      Shawnita Jackson

      5 giorni fa

      And a Tesla again can you do a Tesla get and a Mercedes

  64. M.Hamzah


    5 giorni fa

    Upcoming video: Customizing 100 dollar Bill's and giving it away to my subscribers.

  65. اريام علي

    اريام علي

    5 giorni fa


  66. Karen Wilkins

    Karen Wilkins

    5 giorni fa

    i like the Cars♡♡♡♡♡

  67. Rebel State Sovereign

    Rebel State Sovereign

    6 giorni fa


  68. Trisha Mae Ang

    Trisha Mae Ang

    6 giorni fa

    "Philippines" "Subbed" Phone” Reason: because my cellphone is broken and I also want my younger sister to have her own cellphone, but our parents can't afford it,due to financial problem I hope you can choose me for the lucky one to win a phone



    6 giorni fa

    Omfg ZHC sucks so much now. I want him to go back.

  70. Lauren Kaswan

    Lauren Kaswan

    6 giorni fa

    ZHC is literally so talented i wish I could draw and paint like that

  71. Synched [Clash]

    Synched [Clash]

    6 giorni fa

    james charles looks good without makeup

  72. Akshay Entertainment

    Akshay Entertainment

    6 giorni fa

    Please give me car

  73. Al Tehan

    Al Tehan

    6 giorni fa

    Hi there I just wanted to check if u have a iPhone11

  74. AW1C Capili PAF HAS dy WSO

    AW1C Capili PAF HAS dy WSO

    6 giorni fa

    "Phone" "Subbed" "Philippines" Reason: for online classes.

  75. Albert Kershaw

    Albert Kershaw

    6 giorni fa

    bru I never get picked and neither dose like 99.99 present of people here

  76. Ahamed Mohideen Mohamed Irshard

    Ahamed Mohideen Mohamed Irshard

    6 giorni fa

    I like your videos 😊😍 my family members all are watching your videos 😊 they also love u

  77. jaki nthambi

    jaki nthambi

    6 giorni fa


  78. Russian Ugandan Knuckles

    Russian Ugandan Knuckles

    6 giorni fa

    Tesla hire this man and stonks

  79. Quick Bits

    Quick Bits

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  80. Skrupey


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  81. Fatmir Meraj

    Fatmir Meraj

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  82. JR. Tafim

    JR. Tafim

    6 giorni fa


  83. F8ZE_destinyslen


    6 giorni fa


  84. ThoroughWalk 661

    ThoroughWalk 661

    6 giorni fa

    Did anyone realize this video was made when they were customizing the house

  85. sunshine rodas

    sunshine rodas

    6 giorni fa

    :🇵🇭 Ang swerte nyo naman Ang yaman nyo.😍 Napaka-talented nyo pa at ang bait nyo.😍

  86. Sophboz18


    6 giorni fa

    Commenting hi on ZHC videos till zack AKA ZHC notices

  87. Rania Rania

    Rania Rania

    6 giorni fa

    Ebullient💋 Convivial 😘 Joyous💕 Suave💗 Magnificent🤩 Love from pakistan🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  88. Safwan Khan

    Safwan Khan

    6 giorni fa

    I really appretiate if i got one i pad to help me study medicine.. its been so hard with 11 year old laptop

  89. jeon minhan97

    jeon minhan97

    7 giorni fa


  90. The Gaither Fam

    The Gaither Fam

    7 giorni fa


  91. Jatinder Singh

    Jatinder Singh

    7 giorni fa

    Subscribe the ZHC

  92. Vedant Kotgire

    Vedant Kotgire

    7 giorni fa


  93. Borbor Kanyako

    Borbor Kanyako

    7 giorni fa

    I wanted the Lamborghini to win

  94. Banyu Bening

    Banyu Bening

    7 giorni fa

    Im comming here rn cuz zack you supose to win and dont give them more ipone if you know you know

  95. CJ&A Tv world

    CJ&A Tv world

    7 giorni fa

    Watching from HK I wish I have one house and lot this coming Christmas 😒and money to help my family😒God bless you ♥️

  96. VEB Weet

    VEB Weet

    7 giorni fa

    Mishell cheated when she doesn’t know how to play Minecraft she can’t do the task that really unfair

  97. Glicher M

    Glicher M

    7 giorni fa

    Your my fav

  98. DARK M34 gaming

    DARK M34 gaming

    7 giorni fa

    cant she just sit and eat coz TESLA HAS A FREAKIN AUTOPILOT!..

    • Hihello


      6 giorni fa

      She didn’t know the next clue.

  99. Jihan Khan

    Jihan Khan

    7 giorni fa

    The best ITputr you customise and you are my favourite youtuber

  100. JJ_VLOGS _YT


    7 giorni fa

    I wish I have a phone

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