Can 10,000 Pounds Of Ice Be Turned Into Giant Art? | ZHC

I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO SCULPT USING 10,000 POUNDS OF ICE! I'm really happy with how the sculpture turned out! This is one of my favorite videos I've made!
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I'm a 20 year old kid that loves art, making videos, and using money to help others/entertain. I have a best friend named Turkey and an original character named Dax. Also known as Artist Mrbeast.
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    Subscribe and I will turn you into an ice sculpture! Congrats Holoe, Shynzo, Master18block, and underwaterdiver for winning the gift cards! Subscribe to join my next giveaway! I love giving to my fans and making people happy! Shoutout to Matt, he was really genuine, nice and obviously talented in his craft! COngrats first comment: Savitar God Speed

    • Cherish Love

      Cherish Love

      9 giorni fa

      Could you come to Jamaica

    • prakash Salian

      prakash Salian

      12 giorni fa

      Your favorite color is green because I had seen you at green shirt. But I tell you .You are so creative and crafty I like your all video really.

    • Sara Hernandez

      Sara Hernandez

      23 giorni fa

      ZHC B

    • MHT7HZD


      24 giorni fa

      @ZHC hmhm

    • Khaled Albanna

      Khaled Albanna

      24 giorni fa

      ZHC yea if i was a yt i would do that to :)

  2. Iku Art’s

    Iku Art’s

    14 minuti fa

    My winter: -35°C Me : -12°C isn’t so bad- Also me: wait they probably don’t have the habitude to very cold temperatures, and like I live in Canada sooooo I have the habitude to this kind of temperature, but still-12°C does get very cold after a long period of time

  3. Izidiin Ahmed

    Izidiin Ahmed

    24 minuti fa

    I have never seen so many ads in one video!

  4. Aleksandra Famuła

    Aleksandra Famuła

    3 ore fa

    shaved ice tastes bad? well when theres winter in the country i live i eat snow.

  5. soto family

    soto family

    4 ore fa

    Zhc is cool

  6. LIM XIN LIN Moe


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  7. shehnaaz mather

    shehnaaz mather

    6 ore fa

    R. I. P TERKE

  8. Fandom_ Freak

    Fandom_ Freak

    9 ore fa

    Was I the only one who had the urge to jump in the ice shards??.... no? Alright... 😔

  9. CyberWolf


    13 ore fa

    12:52 can someone pls tell me the name of the music

  10. Myles in the Middle

    Myles in the Middle

    14 ore fa


  11. Avril Strutt

    Avril Strutt

    14 ore fa

    The ice blocks are bigger than my frige

  12. Emmanuel Larocque

    Emmanuel Larocque

    16 ore fa

    I loved it when turkey fell 😆

  13. Efma Aponte

    Efma Aponte

    17 ore fa

    Biggest fan i gave you 2k subs

  14. Chewy Lover

    Chewy Lover

    18 ore fa

    Oooooof he kneed himself in the head

  15. Casey Graves

    Casey Graves

    19 ore fa

    I Live in Kentucky

  16. Vicenta Zaragoza

    Vicenta Zaragoza

    19 ore fa

    How dare you disrespect fries like that wow just wow

  17. Learn to dance Kyker

    Learn to dance Kyker

    20 ore fa

    Just to say ZHC your the best youtuber and you save a lot of lives

  18. Reptopia


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    Sponsor to gravity for making this destruction possible!

  19. Gwen Tierney

    Gwen Tierney

    Giorno fa

    I did think of Mr Beast🤔

  20. Georgia McWilliams

    Georgia McWilliams

    Giorno fa

    90 10?

  21. Royale Bella

    Royale Bella

    Giorno fa

    To all the people who play roblox.... he uses the OOF Which I call ROBLOX OOF >:)

  22. Zarmina Tokhi

    Zarmina Tokhi

    Giorno fa

    what's your real name is it zack or charlie or what

  23. Michelle Edwards

    Michelle Edwards

    Giorno fa

    i loved the ice sculpture it looked very realistic

  24. Ruben Novotny

    Ruben Novotny

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  25. Karylle Del rosario

    Karylle Del rosario

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  26. Jonathan Lee

    Jonathan Lee

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    Cool 😎

  27. Sababa Afsar

    Sababa Afsar

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  28. Etlogtv Gaming

    Etlogtv Gaming

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    im not a ice zhc

  29. talented Kavya

    talented Kavya

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    I have subbed to zhc using my 14 emails

  30. medyanty tjahjadi

    medyanty tjahjadi

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    16:08 the letters together are hack

    • medyanty tjahjadi

      medyanty tjahjadi

      Giorno fa

      Bruh I was was wrong

  31. sergio daniel zatarain tirado

    sergio daniel zatarain tirado

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  32. Madisson Diaz

    Madisson Diaz

    Giorno fa

    Poor turkey

  33. Balily Nnordby

    Balily Nnordby

    Giorno fa

    You are going to go broke

  34. Ignacio DE LOS SANTOS

    Ignacio DE LOS SANTOS

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  35. Jb Plays

    Jb Plays

    Giorno fa

    It’s very icy 🥶

  36. Noah Simard

    Noah Simard

    Giorno fa

    Zhc: it's so cold here 10*c Me: in Canada be like what that not cold bro

    • Iku Art’s

      Iku Art’s

      11 minuti fa

      Depends on how much time you stay in there And Canada gang!

  37. Fatty Ratty9

    Fatty Ratty9

    Giorno fa

    This is how much times he said safety first

  38. Gloria Bright

    Gloria Bright

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    Do you ever laugh like 30 seconds after they make a joke but then when it’s really funny and you want to love you hold it in ha ha ha ha he he🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  39. Charmaine Jaaroud

    Charmaine Jaaroud

    Giorno fa

    Can i adopt turkey i think I'd be a much better parent to him than Zach

  40. Chumporn Kohram

    Chumporn Kohram

    2 giorni fa

    I love your art

  41. Chumporn Kohram

    Chumporn Kohram

    2 giorni fa

    I love ice

  42. ssheff total

    ssheff total

    2 giorni fa

    when u realize u didnt hit record button

  43. TheBlazingHacker


    2 giorni fa

    5 days of building something just to destroy it, all that time 💀💀💀

  44. Justin_ Bieber

    Justin_ Bieber

    2 giorni fa

    Hahaha I thought it was a mr beast vidd hahah but the vid is still good even if it dose not have jimmy

  45. samaria nowrin

    samaria nowrin

    2 giorni fa

    15:00 Sweating extremely nervously

  46. Broken Hook Amber

    Broken Hook Amber

    2 giorni fa

    Excellent work dude

  47. Gaming with Clay

    Gaming with Clay

    2 giorni fa

    Who else is from Canada watching in winter🥶

  48. Lily Tang

    Lily Tang

    2 giorni fa

    10 degrees is cold me Canada 50 degrees it’s too cold for school woop

  49. Familia Neto Da Cruz

    Familia Neto Da Cruz

    2 giorni fa

    The ice freezing his hands

  50. Tatil 3147

    Tatil 3147

    3 giorni fa

    15:43 He was actually triggered It took him 5 days and the first second it was reveled they broke it!

  51. Chu Chiang

    Chu Chiang

    3 giorni fa

    WOAH! How do u do these kind of stuff!?

  52. Moonstar 58

    Moonstar 58

    3 giorni fa

    The person who helped them make that ice sculpture was at first like: What? What is this nonsense? Isn't this a serious thing? And then more at the end he got the hang of it and started joining the nonsense✊😌

  53. GrandDiJay


    3 giorni fa

    While watching this video i became cold

  54. Gaming with Lina

    Gaming with Lina

    3 giorni fa

    I’m so sad that you broke it, it was butty ful😩

  55. Jacob Playz

    Jacob Playz

    3 giorni fa

    youtube mr beast

  56. jask 4

    jask 4

    3 giorni fa

    7:48 does it even look easy?

  57. Rebecca Adair

    Rebecca Adair

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    zhc: this is u if u dont subscribe !!!!!! me: subscribe , like , post nonifcations !

  58. George Tawiah TIDAKBI

    George Tawiah TIDAKBI

    3 giorni fa

    10 year old me: I fought fire with fire😭😭😭😭it didnt work ZHC:Fight ice with ice 15 year old me: 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  59. cool cookiefox23

    cool cookiefox23

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    1 like = 1 hug

  60. The Gacha twins UwU

    The Gacha twins UwU

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    Hello! If you are reading this come check out my original gacha movie!

  61. ItzIsshanna


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    16:51 me: haven't like the video ZHC : what's that you didn't like the video Me : quickly like the video

  62. WhiteRxseii Sundayy

    WhiteRxseii Sundayy

    3 giorni fa

    Keep your armpits clean~ - ZHC

  63. ItzIsshanna


    3 giorni fa

    8:47 Michael : now your cool

  64. ItzIsshanna


    3 giorni fa

    8:41 war upon zhc just started Savage Micheal

  65. ItzIsshanna


    3 giorni fa

    I feel almost pity for turkey xD 8:50

  66. Never Mind

    Never Mind

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  67. Ananya Chauhan

    Ananya Chauhan

    3 giorni fa

    OMG ................................. 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐

  68. Zimal Mohsin

    Zimal Mohsin

    3 giorni fa

    OMG I love it it is really good

  69. Diem Vo

    Diem Vo

    3 giorni fa

    There over here making ice art Me over here couldn’t even stack ice cubes together

  70. Shiny Star Gaming

    Shiny Star Gaming

    3 giorni fa

    Turkey was so funny lol 😂😄😆

  71. Good Will

    Good Will

    3 giorni fa

    Zinc is chubby

  72. MR. VR

    MR. VR

    3 giorni fa

    The first few clips where the spoil alerts

  73. Landy O

    Landy O

    3 giorni fa

    Pretty sure you don’t want to throw snow at Turkey because he’s already sitting on ice cold freezing water ice cubes that not even you made and he still doesn’t have a jacket making corn

  74. Michael Tukuafu

    Michael Tukuafu

    3 giorni fa

    I do stone cutting

  75. jamie wells

    jamie wells

    4 giorni fa

    Zach my handwriting doesn't work at all me clueless

  76. Abraham Felipe

    Abraham Felipe

    4 giorni fa

    satisfaction level: %%%

  77. Celine Belderok

    Celine Belderok

    4 giorni fa

    Him: it's around 10 Celsius. Me in the Netherlands: uhm its 8 Celsius right now😑

    • Laetitia Van Hecke

      Laetitia Van Hecke

      2 giorni fa

      Ooh spreek je dan Nederlands?

  78. Aivan & Xianne Unboxing And Gaming World

    Aivan & Xianne Unboxing And Gaming World

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    Naomee Medina

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    ZSHAK Venom

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  81. suravi Dey talukdar

    suravi Dey talukdar

    4 giorni fa

    Love from India 🇮🇳 ..... 💝💝💝❤

  82. Salma Alfarraj

    Salma Alfarraj

    4 giorni fa

    If I was next to that I would be so small I’m 4’11

  83. Mj cj Balolong

    Mj cj Balolong

    4 giorni fa


  84. Claire Bear

    Claire Bear

    4 giorni fa

    Wait did he get to do this for free or did he pay him 5000 and wha5 he needed to pay him oringly?

  85. Angel Angel Angel

    Angel Angel Angel

    4 giorni fa

    "Phone" "Subbed" "Philippines" Reason: For my online class, I hope you choose me. Thank you! 😊

  86. Boo-Boo Bear

    Boo-Boo Bear

    4 giorni fa

    He says he’s too cold yet he’s wearing shorts?

  87. MannyCRivera06


    4 giorni fa

    Mr. Beast of Art

  88. Andy’s World

    Andy’s World

    4 giorni fa

    7:34 “I’m going to be in here forever!” 7:37 “that’s all for today”

  89. Brako Playz

    Brako Playz

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    Ur bad and no one likes your videos they are so trash. READ THAT BUT DWITCH THE BAD WORDS INTO GOOD VERSIONS HOPE JR HAPPY

  90. Jungkooks Wife

    Jungkooks Wife

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    8:14 wha-

  91. Victoria Brewer

    Victoria Brewer

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    You are my favourite youtuber omg your videos are so Satisfying i am your number #1 fan omg

  92. Etzel Silva

    Etzel Silva

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    I wish I was in a give away

  93. Rachael Shumway

    Rachael Shumway

    4 giorni fa

    Zhc: OoOoOHhHh YoU DiDn"T SuBcRiBe? WeLl TaCk ThIs!!!!!!

  94. Igor Puglord

    Igor Puglord

    5 giorni fa

    Do turke nexe time

  95. Dalgom coming at you

    Dalgom coming at you

    5 giorni fa

    The whole time my dumbass thought it was mrbeast working with him

  96. TheDemon


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    Is that what you sound like in bed 11:11

  97. Jakob Skriver

    Jakob Skriver

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    Im sub

  98. DEADLY _1274

    DEADLY _1274

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    What if they make a godzilla sculpture not only a godzilla sculpture A GIANT GODZILLA SCULPTURE

  99. Abraham Felipe

    Abraham Felipe

    5 giorni fa

    subscribe to ZHC

  100. UseStarCodeDab


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    Asmr in 1:15

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