Anything You Customize, I'll Pay For Challenge (Giveaway) | ZHC

I literally paid for anything my friends customize and gave it away
New plushies -
Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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    Subscribe and I will take you shopping next time :) Stay safe everyone ❤️ First comment: YTB Sweet

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      ITput video my name is odida

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      Please give me i pad bro please give me 9249788747 this is my what's up number please bro give me

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    I love your ITput. Videos

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    Freya Veale

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    ❤️your videos

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    can you customize A PS4

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    I love you ZHC



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    I want one but I know I am never going to have it 😭 I hope you see this message! you are a pro that is art I love ittt

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    Mohammed Miraj

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    He Really was the Best YTBR

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    Hyperturtle 10

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    Hey zach I have a question would I still get some of the giveaways even though I live in Wales

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    Love cookies forever

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    You help a girl leo 🤩



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    May i have one plss i followed you on tiktok too

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    TK'S Fun House

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  15. Shagufta Aamir

    Shagufta Aamir

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    When will you come to Pakistan/Karachi. Please please come and do a give away.

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    Hi bro I need your help ...I need money for my mom she is sick I have been asking for help but no one ever replied to me

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    Azi Annikah

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    Like can you make me one and make it pink with a design of a cute character?

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    Azi Annikah

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    I suspbscribe

  20. Azi Annikah

    Azi Annikah

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    And please give meh one?!

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    Can I have the airpods please

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    Please give me even though I am 9 but please

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    i Love pink

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    Hi there i love your videos

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    I love you guys so much

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    What markers did you guys use? Sharpies?

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    I. Love 💗 you

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    I subc

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    Hay which One Erik si no es Apple Nine

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    ZHC = Zach Has Cash

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    I love you S0000000000 much

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    And I am suscribe and I touch the bell

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    I love the AirPods ☺️☺️

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    Plewse give me a ps4

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    • Emma Perales

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    Y‘all are so good at drawing

  46. karthikeya kumbham

    karthikeya kumbham

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    Me: Oh man I need to charge my beats again -_- Old apple users: I don’t have to charge my headphones :D ZHC: my AirPods is out of charge time to buy a new one and customize it Also I have a video idea 1.Every fan sends u a pic of their of favourite picture and u draw it on a Mac Pro and 2.Draw all the youtubers on a mec book keyboard (Each ITputr gets their key on the keyboard starting for their first letter) Example: Mr beast gets B Example: ZHC gets Z Example: Prestonplayz gets P Example: Unspeakable gets LETTER U

  47. breeze way

    breeze way

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    Michelle is so cute especially when she cried

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    Cake Pop

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    Please can I get the air pods

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    Dr Usman Mahboob

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    I love Leo customising

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    Can i Have a PS4 please AND era pa

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    Amaizing... God Bless You all

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    I have bun bun my brother have turkey

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    U r so kind to your subscribers

  56. OMG he loves me love

    OMG he loves me love

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    wowp u rich

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    I love Your Videos

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    dude zhc has a store inside his house respect.

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    Sandra Sexton

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    I'm never gonna win a giveaway I'll tell you my address though it's 465 saffron drive *sigh*

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    San Dar

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    I love you guys I am so happy that you are good

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    Peter Williams

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    ZHC may I get a prize

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    I really need something please my address is 4493 morning ave Youngstown Ohio west gate motel

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    Bo-Sapphire Harvey

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    Ello. I know I am really late but is there still the plushes in stock? :c

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    Ashley Mercier

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    Thank you

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    Isabella Chung

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    You’re so good at drawing keep the video up!

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    I think you should sign a gucci bag

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    You are pros at this my sister said that will do it like you



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    He is so kind

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    1 like on this comment = 1 ❤️ for my sadly dead hermit crabs

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    I love zhc

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    I want pf4 and play gta5

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    Ashcool games

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    I love you guys so much

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    Zinc: I’m gonna use this money for good Also him buying expensive things

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    That's so cool!

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    i want bunbun toy 🙂☺️🐰

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    Apple pencil

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    stay safe too

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    Hi zhc😎😃

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    Sabina Angela Bautista

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    Du a cat laptap pillis 😊😁

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    Shiraz Khan

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    I love you ZHC

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    try customizing the Quest 2

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    I love I pad give me plsssß

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