Anything You Customize, I'll Pay For Challenge (Giveaway) | ZHC

I literally paid for anything my friends customize and gave it away
New plushies -
Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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    Subscribe and I will take you shopping next time :) Stay safe everyone ❤️ First comment: YTB Sweet

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      Can I get something please

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      Cook you

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      Im suscriber

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  2. Carolanne Moyne

    Carolanne Moyne

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    Where do get the money bruh 💰

  3. Luis Sosa

    Luis Sosa

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    Yo nezezito

  4. Binkos Liefting

    Binkos Liefting

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    Cyan is the imposter

  5. Crystal Holskey

    Crystal Holskey

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    I just got on this video

  6. Adriana Vázquez

    Adriana Vázquez

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    i love your video

  7. Sykkuno s1mple

    Sykkuno s1mple

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    And can i have a just a phone because im not expert at big gadgets

  8. Sykkuno s1mple

    Sykkuno s1mple

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    I promise i sub to your channel all the time

  9. jelly candy

    jelly candy

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    But i live in myanmar? Can you com in Myanmar?

  10. LOO KAH MEI Moe


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    Please give me a dragon and my face please

    • LOO KAH MEI Moe

      LOO KAH MEI Moe

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      Who want me to show my real face

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    dino delvaille

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    Konduru Akshara

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    Stay safe 👇🏻👇🏻

  13. Joseph Pascual

    Joseph Pascual

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    I sub and i like your video so much i like all your drawing me plsss i want the phone and i pad

  14. its me pineappel cheap

    its me pineappel cheap

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    I want a airpods pwease

    • louise dupuy

      louise dupuy

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  15. Lana Green

    Lana Green

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    I in a different country

  16. Isabell Hemsworth

    Isabell Hemsworth

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    Fiee Tsf

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      louise dupuy

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  19. Jet Bongar

    Jet Bongar

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    If I was Leo I would get all the things all

  20. Kishor Jadhav

    Kishor Jadhav

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    Hi ZHC I am form india I love your videos I sub your chanel

  21. OVida Claudia

    OVida Claudia

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    OPG Miracel Whip marks and I want want for me in my sister

  22. the living tribunal

    the living tribunal

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    I want to win giveaway

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    Mars Lock

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    Kitkat Galvez

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  25. _ Perfection in Music

    _ Perfection in Music

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    U are so rich

  26. Jeroben Tania

    Jeroben Tania

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  27. Lovely Capulong

    Lovely Capulong

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    Me apple pencil pls pls pls pls 😭🙏🙏😭😭🙏 on Manila

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    seema agarwal

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    YTB cute

  29. Jack Lee

    Jack Lee

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    Pls phone I have never have a phone pls

  30. Wilhelmina Ersson

    Wilhelmina Ersson

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    I love yur videos im from sweden

  31. ProxyonCZ


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  32. Arsenal_isthebest 234

    Arsenal_isthebest 234

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    zhc: oh no my bag is full. me: oh crap

  33. Leo Patrick Gulapa

    Leo Patrick Gulapa

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    your the best youtuber

  34. Tinker Traveller

    Tinker Traveller

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    I want that what do girl made

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    sarmelah rajikeli

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  36. Morgan Bule

    Morgan Bule

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    I subsribe

  37. Katelynn Kuahine

    Katelynn Kuahine

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    with three camra

  38. Katelynn Kuahine

    Katelynn Kuahine

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    can it be a iphone11 piease

  39. Katelynn Kuahine

    Katelynn Kuahine

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    can i have 2 pink iphones with bunnys on it please

  40. Jen Jen jendueukie jennie

    Jen Jen jendueukie jennie

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    How do you buy lots of phones I wish I can have one (Philippines)

  41. fun pixel TV

    fun pixel TV

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    YTB sweet Omg omg omg omg omg omg I luv them so so much 😍😍😍 U guys are great painter's... Wish I could draw and paint like you all ☺️😃

  42. norul akop

    norul akop

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  43. velagapudi sabitha

    velagapudi sabitha

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  44. pikachu cookies Navarro

    pikachu cookies Navarro

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    Michelle is so freackin cute!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤

  45. Felix Antonio Lucero

    Felix Antonio Lucero

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  46. Yazmin Campo

    Yazmin Campo

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    hi Zhc

  47. Angelique Pologa

    Angelique Pologa

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    i love the gucci shoes

  48. Deslynjoy Ruiz

    Deslynjoy Ruiz

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    Plese me !!!!!!!🙋🙋 Im new her!!!!

  49. calma kayrene

    calma kayrene

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    OMG! i love your video's i'm your biggest fan

  50. JikaiJuan Ji

    JikaiJuan Ji

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    Airpods more like Soapods It rlly be looking like soap

  51. Kensley Vickers

    Kensley Vickers

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    I love you ❤️

  52. Carlos Puentes

    Carlos Puentes

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    I always wanted a give away so I subscribe and I also subscribe to your other channel I’m going to follow you on TickTock and follow you on Insta please notice me I’ve always wanted a painted atender switch please please please

  53. Cole Dillon

    Cole Dillon

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    I used to not like your videos cause they made me jealous, but then I realized that instead of being jealous just feel good for those who can do those things and I did and I feel way better thanks.👍👍👍👍

  54. Rooster Canon

    Rooster Canon

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    Hi ZHC! I have one question to ask you? What type of makers do you use and if you know plz tell me in the comments plz

    • Rooster Canon

      Rooster Canon

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      Dang it I meant markers I am so sorry!!!

  55. Karla Soto

    Karla Soto

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    Hi 🥳🥳🥳🥳

  56. Akambeer Singh

    Akambeer Singh

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  57. zake. is dum Deutsch

    zake. is dum Deutsch

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    Can I please get a phone because my sister needs one

  58. Phoenix Grady

    Phoenix Grady

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  59. Leah Gordon

    Leah Gordon

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  60. Liza Deaett

    Liza Deaett

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    I would like if you could make me in one

  61. Vanessa Vago

    Vanessa Vago

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    I love your videos your the best

  62. Tracy Cordell

    Tracy Cordell

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    I like the things Michelle made they were very pretty and pink! My favorite thing she did was the air pods they were very cool

  63. Pisith Phour

    Pisith Phour

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    How about they keep it!

  64. samsung Lejarde

    samsung Lejarde

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    And also phone

  65. samsung Lejarde

    samsung Lejarde

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    I want an tablet

  66. MrHuakhaivinh


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    I love zhc

  67. Rajvi Pardeshi

    Rajvi Pardeshi

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    How can you all draw so good

  68. Atreyu Ramachandran

    Atreyu Ramachandran

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    ZHC: Satisfaction Warning Me: "died of satisfaction

  69. Atreyu Ramachandran

    Atreyu Ramachandran

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    Wow you are rich

  70. Shar Soe

    Shar Soe

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    I want the PS4

  71. Mateusz Malecha

    Mateusz Malecha

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    I like cameleon

  72. Jason Jimenez

    Jason Jimenez

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    Mind your business pewdiepie

  73. lilly j

    lilly j

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    Memememe please

  74. Jennifer Ruiz

    Jennifer Ruiz

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    Do you have a red bunbun

  75. J A Slimes

    J A Slimes

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    I want to win a give away

  76. David JL

    David JL

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    Soooooo cool

  77. Hailey Pacheco

    Hailey Pacheco

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    When zach said something cute with the ps4 I was Turkey scrunchi and bun bun and it's a scary monster I was like lol

  78. Anime Wolf

    Anime Wolf

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    At 10:30 he said its gonna be cute but then he draws a monster

  79. Grace Tischer

    Grace Tischer

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    YTB sweet

  80. The PC GAMER

    The PC GAMER

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    Bro I am the biggest fan from India please give me something in a giveaway

  81. Yann Tabet

    Yann Tabet

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    YTB Sweet

  82. Pro ADR

    Pro ADR

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    Love from india

  83. AVE 92

    AVE 92

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    zhc i subcribe can i go shopping next time to:zhc from:Abram

  84. AVE 92

    AVE 92

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    YTB Sweet

  85. Ashi Tandon

    Ashi Tandon

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    Please reply

  86. Ashi Tandon

    Ashi Tandon

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    Can't u give away in india

  87. Ritvik Chawla

    Ritvik Chawla

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    if some one asked me what would you do 10 i pad pros or 1 custom made by zhc i pad mini i would go for the 1 custom i pad mini by zhc

  88. Bailey Guastella

    Bailey Guastella

    Giorno fa

    When I was so into the space desine I dident even realize he was wearing my fav chariter from my hero academia xD

  89. Леон Мщисеенко

    Леон Мщисеенко

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  90. Amaz Swagger

    Amaz Swagger

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    My name is jeff

  91. Hy Tera

    Hy Tera

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    Hi zhc

  92. Ara Bella

    Ara Bella

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    I like Leo's accent it's soo cute 😂😂

  93. Yok Fatt Yap

    Yok Fatt Yap

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    I want Plese

  94. Milo Mixer

    Milo Mixer

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    pls give to me i pad

  95. Marc Moua

    Marc Moua

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    If ZHC sees this, please invite me

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    Mia Pena

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  97. Mia Pena

    Mia Pena

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    Can I have one

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    FZ PH03N1X

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    id like to go shopping but i dont live in california lol

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    Sanjit Anand

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    I love your arts all are wonderful amazing ❤️

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    I Love your vids!!

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