A FUNNY MONTAGE (art edition)

This is a montage and compilation of the funniest redraw moments from 2018! If this were a TRY NOT TO LAUGH challenge my best friend and I would've failed so bad. Can you make it through the whole video? Which one was the best?
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  1. ZHC


    2 anni fa

    EYYYYYYYYYYYOOOOOO ARTISTTT ARMYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! Which redrawing was your favorite from 2018? This is a montage and compilation of the funniest redraw moments from 2018! If this were a TRY NOT TO LAUGH challenge my best friend and I would've failed so bad. Can you make it through the whole video? Which one was the best? If this video gets 25k likes and 5k shares I will give away a $500 amazon gift card to a random subscriber! SUBSCRIBE OR I TAKE YOUR COPICS Congrats on first comment: Ronchas Gonzalez

    • JDVSN 2341

      JDVSN 2341

      9 mesi fa


    • MrKojiro1982


      2 anni fa

      Zhc you are the greatest artist in the world

    • Queenpoatotv Aj

      Queenpoatotv Aj

      2 anni fa

      What is the discord

    • الكعبي الكعبي

      الكعبي الكعبي

      2 anni fa

      You have a noisy laugh

    • Kritika Notani

      Kritika Notani

      2 anni fa

      @bb;-;bb gg;-;gg nah I am 4 🙍why?👦

  2. Khldx2 Ahmad

    Khldx2 Ahmad

    2 mesi fa


  3. Yvan Rags

    Yvan Rags

    3 mesi fa

    I love ZHC he is my favorite youtuber.

  4. Rishika Raman

    Rishika Raman

    3 mesi fa

    Best artist everr

  5. ayu edayu

    ayu edayu

    6 mesi fa


  6. Akash Paul

    Akash Paul

    7 mesi fa

    Anyone plz tell music name

  7. Jessarey Garrido

    Jessarey Garrido

    9 mesi fa

    HAHAHHAHAHHA stooopppp I can't laugh cause its already 1AM in our place

  8. TJ Salt

    TJ Salt

    11 mesi fa

    He proved he can make anything look awesome!

  9. Arsl malik

    Arsl malik

    11 mesi fa

    Yeah man this is cool

  10. Champagne Loopie

    Champagne Loopie

    Anno fa


  11. Murielle Louis

    Murielle Louis

    Anno fa

    Some people only have one hand why are you making fun of them you’re just bullying people who does who don’t have hands because some people do not have hands some people only have one hand it’s not funny it’s not funny

  12. Much Wow Suff

    Much Wow Suff

    Anno fa

    Zhc won

  13. meharwan singh

    meharwan singh

    Anno fa

    Too much

  14. funny dave

    funny dave

    Anno fa


  15. VFSAliena


    Anno fa

    Spidey Twerk

  16. Kurdish Guider

    Kurdish Guider

    Anno fa

    can you guys please give those songs name help please XD

  17. Diartsyone


    Anno fa


  18. Jhayson Reposar

    Jhayson Reposar

    Anno fa

    Can you give me 1000 dollars

  19. Happyninjayt


    Anno fa

    kabaddi champion XD

  20. Carlos Zurita

    Carlos Zurita

    Anno fa

    That skunk was bad ass lol

  21. Brooke Bell

    Brooke Bell

    Anno fa

    Fudge you Steve

  22. Arnav Verma

    Arnav Verma

    Anno fa

    Actually in Hindi religion we have a god who is half god half elephant so I didn't like this I hope you don't do this ever again.i like your channel ZHC but don't say or do something without knowing something 😕😕😕

    • Justified Jackass

      Justified Jackass

      Anno fa

      If he had to watch everything he draws according to every religion, he would literally be limited to everything. There is a form of a cult for anything and everything, everything has it's purpose. You can't just say it's offensive because it resembles your deity/entity you worship/or praise.

  23. Bruh Moment

    Bruh Moment

    Anno fa

    The rabbit at the end was horrifying but great art as always

  24. AhmetFLIX


    Anno fa

    Adam iyi çiziyo abi

  25. Mahir Bhuiya

    Mahir Bhuiya

    Anno fa

    Calm down with the edits bro. It's getting a little overboard. Otherwise, nice content.

  26. Frieda M. O'Spich

    Frieda M. O'Spich

    2 anni fa

    So basically you’ve mastered drawing hot muscle men? Draw some bara! 😉 lol Your character concepts are amazing! Great job.

  27. Müdebär


    2 anni fa

    You got a big problem with your ego. Duno how someone could have one's head in the clouds.

  28. Drawing & Music

    Drawing & Music

    2 anni fa

    Wow it's so beautiful, I also draw like you but not as good as

  29. Name


    2 anni fa

    Its pretty amazing that in the year 2019 AD, the term “noob” is still used.

  30. Calvin Leong

    Calvin Leong

    2 anni fa

    9:37 i thought the watyer was coming through to me i jumpd

  31. Jury Jerimi Bautista

    Jury Jerimi Bautista

    2 anni fa

    Why you are so good at drawings?? You can imagine anything and drawing anything! Amazing💓

  32. Zelly Z

    Zelly Z

    2 anni fa

    That pikachu though xD

  33. Santiago Schmidt

    Santiago Schmidt

    2 anni fa

    Level 35 boss

  34. youtoon art

    youtoon art

    2 anni fa

    SY comic "art"

  35. Saul Cohen

    Saul Cohen

    2 anni fa

    I literally get chased around by 4th and 5th graders asking me to teach how to draw. And I still am nowhere as close to being as good at drawing as you.



    2 anni fa

    Oh no spiderman



    2 anni fa

    Musick 5:52 pls

  38. Bigboysean 79

    Bigboysean 79

    2 anni fa

    Ur a really good artist/drawer and I want to be as good as u but I think u add a little too much shading but the drawing is still really good

  39. Andy Gaming

    Andy Gaming

    2 anni fa

    I have a request to make I dont know if you will make it but, can you draw Kakashi Hatake?

  40. hardCore Gamer

    hardCore Gamer

    2 anni fa

    Did you sale before your drawings

  41. MYSTIC


    2 anni fa

    ITput recommended this 4 days after this was uploaded and I thought why is your hair still black and not green/blue?😂🤣

  42. Kaulana Lopez

    Kaulana Lopez

    2 anni fa

    Hold on did that Venom clip day Halawa? I just subbed but I swear that's a Hawaii prison o.O

  43. RoઽE Creative Destruction

    RoઽE Creative Destruction

    2 anni fa

    I'm too late

  44. Xaxio汤米


    2 anni fa

    Can you put japanese captins? Cus i dont knew much english :)

  45. Diablo 69

    Diablo 69

    2 anni fa

    I forgot how to draw! Ara!?

  46. Suganthi Jagathesan

    Suganthi Jagathesan

    2 anni fa

    3: 05 amazing soundtrack....... And those drawings are way cooler.... 😍

  47. Christina Gutierrez

    Christina Gutierrez

    2 anni fa


  48. Jul Ian

    Jul Ian

    2 anni fa

    song at 4:30?

  49. Master JoneS

    Master JoneS

    2 anni fa

    Only "who can't draw" people can like this

  50. Manju Sharma

    Manju Sharma

    2 anni fa

    Anybody can be perfect

  51. supernetic man

    supernetic man

    2 anni fa


  52. ItzKatlyn


    2 anni fa

    I would really like an amazon gift card! I do buy all artist things I need, I do really wanna be an artist and everything in my country is Very expensive so I really wanted to have amazon gift card it would rlly help me out making my dream become true and I would like to let my watercolors paint my life.

  53. Imrul ir

    Imrul ir

    2 anni fa

    Can you beat iphone face lock with your drawing????

  54. Djalesta Bima

    Djalesta Bima

    2 anni fa

    Your friend is gay lmao

  55. Zichiri chi

    Zichiri chi

    2 anni fa

    why do you suck so much at being bad! awesome work!

  56. cxy hehehehhehehe

    cxy hehehehhehehe

    2 anni fa

    2:23 I hate that girl laughing

  57. shoji


    2 anni fa

    I wish i had a friend like zach 😂😂

  58. Ingrid Claur

    Ingrid Claur

    2 anni fa

    Happy new year ZHC your the best artist ever you make me wanna draw to improved my skill luv u do more plss

  59. 芸術Kagashii


    2 anni fa

    ZHC is the best ❤️❤️

  60. 芸術Kagashii


    2 anni fa

    Artist Army! I have a favor please Support my ITput Channel 🙏🎨😂(K/DA Mikataru Arts)

  61. Daw Khin Swe Oo

    Daw Khin Swe Oo

    2 anni fa

    U r my favorite replies me

  62. MikkiMang


    2 anni fa

    0:00 you sound like the “burger king foot lettuce” guy It’s definitely the “errrr”

  63. LeBaron Baptista

    LeBaron Baptista

    2 anni fa

    Elephant Man!

  64. Nghia Doan

    Nghia Doan

    2 anni fa

    Hey I dare you to draw a bts member and it your choose they are boy so your lucky there not female

  65. Karti


    2 anni fa

    I want merch High DC I want some more please can you give me 1,000 1,000 Copic markers please tell them you love them and I love them and do I love you I love you and I draw what you all today any Divas Mann man my name is my name is Nicholas Mane and my name is n e a g u s s m a n n

  66. Zane the hedgehog

    Zane the hedgehog

    2 anni fa

    Bring Steve back

  67. I I

    I I

    2 anni fa

    I want you to remake my ones

  68. Sr. Supreme

    Sr. Supreme

    2 anni fa

    Only OG’s know this is a compilation of all the art challenges you did wit yo friend that’s why I was confused when I saw the beginning

  69. Hasan Enam

    Hasan Enam

    2 anni fa

    2019 anyone?

  70. Brigita Kurlinkutė

    Brigita Kurlinkutė

    2 anni fa

    You are so rude. Some humans don't know how to draw soooYOU ARE MEAN!!!!

  71. Apple Pro

    Apple Pro

    2 anni fa

    Hey artist army I wanted to ask if the giveaway winners have been reveled.

  72. Zeus


    2 anni fa

    Oh hey it's Thefatrat

  73. HackElek


    2 anni fa

    Subscribe please my channel!

  74. Mj Demesa

    Mj Demesa

    2 anni fa

    Song? At 2:50

  75. Philip Pens

    Philip Pens

    2 anni fa

    Yoooo. I also upload drawing videos. CHECK IT OUT GUYS.😁

  76. C Ohazulume

    C Ohazulume

    2 anni fa

    I can draw pretty good, but it is not nice if you call people that can't draw good Noobs

  77. Luis Fuentes

    Luis Fuentes

    2 anni fa


  78. Sturmv0gel


    2 anni fa

    But...can you draw a Tank ?

    • Sturmv0gel


      2 anni fa

      Also....Happy new year



    2 anni fa

    Please ZHC check out my channel I am only 13 years old and I really want to see if you like my drawing like this comment if you read this comment👌👌👌

  80. Lazarus


    2 anni fa


  81. Cherri Mercier

    Cherri Mercier

    2 anni fa

    Thanks you for responding to The COMMENTS😃😊

  82. Shady Animz

    Shady Animz

    2 anni fa

    So basically you gave the first guy a broken pencil and a paperclip, and the second guy access to all the art supplies in the known universe

  83. Shadow Infantry

    Shadow Infantry

    2 anni fa

    Should have used the Pillar men theme

  84. Kitlois Claur

    Kitlois Claur

    2 anni fa

    Happy new year I hope y'all have a great 2018 luv u guys

  85. SandroPancho


    2 anni fa

    When you mix old ZHC with new ZHC

  86. Air Drexel

    Air Drexel

    2 anni fa

    Hello 2018

  87. bi F

    bi F

    2 anni fa

    Can you teach me how to do that shadow on the elephant part?

  88. Jaroslav Pista

    Jaroslav Pista

    2 anni fa

    Doing just 4 stiff poses every time and rendering them that't art that people like..Got it :D

  89. Umesh kumar sagar

    Umesh kumar sagar

    2 anni fa

    What's your you tube song

  90. Apple Pro

    Apple Pro

    2 anni fa

    Hey ZHC I love your recreating art videos. I love your creativity and how you have a positive attitude and give back to the community all the time. Hope you have a awesome New Year and always better your skills. For the giveaway I would like to win the Copics cause they will help me achieve and pursue my dream as an anime artist and also because they are too expensive for me to buy. Hope you have a happy New Year!!!🎆🎊

  91. Koralivia World

    Koralivia World

    2 anni fa

    The twerking spider-man was my favorite...

  92. MisterKZ


    2 anni fa


  93. Renáta Kiss

    Renáta Kiss

    2 anni fa

    Okay there are so much sick ideas.. But every time you upload a video you surprise me with a new silly idea😂 it's funny and cool at the same time, like it! Maybe you should do a video where you redraw your subscribers characters! I would definitely send mine. :D Aaaand.. How do you know the amount of shares on a video? 🤔 Yeah and please, please, change that bad pikachu meme!! 😂😂🙏🙏 Use your own face instead 👌🤣



    2 anni fa

    Kids this is why we practice drawing 40 hours a day if you wanna be as good as this dude. L L

  95. evana o

    evana o

    2 anni fa

    This video motivates me to draw. But I'm not gonna decieve myself on the last day of the year, so I'm not gonna waste good paper. I love the venom and deadpool you and Steve did, really funny 👌🏽

  96. Mochaburrito


    2 anni fa

    2:28 is amazing

  97. laceythefox


    2 anni fa

    You do before and after because your,s is better 😎

  98. Bob Lob

    Bob Lob

    2 anni fa

    getting good at drawing is a pain in the ass

  99. laceythefox


    2 anni fa

    Oreo please can you do?

  100. XHANTERX _


    2 anni fa

    Happy new year🐸💜

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