I want to make the world a happier place
I also like to give stuff away to my subscribers lol
- Gave away 2 houses
- Given hundreds of thousands to charity
- Donated over 300 phones to people in need
- Gave away over 100 iPads
- Giving away 50 Macbooks
- Gave away over 300 Airpods
- Donated 10 cars
- Surprised MrBeast with a house
- Surprised Charli D'Amelio with custom phones
- Surprised Addison Rae with her dream car
- Surprised Brent Rivera with an ipad mural
and a lot more

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  1. Sashreek.V


    10 ore fa

    He hit more like 20 mil

  2. Itz_Lyric


    10 ore fa

    ZHC: **slaps wall** Me: **slaps wall hard** OWWWWWW

  3. Porfirio Vargas

    Porfirio Vargas

    10 ore fa

    Hi i love your art and i subscried to all the channels and i even drawed MsMuunchie tooo

  4. freedom fury 123

    freedom fury 123

    10 ore fa

    Omg only jayes

  5. Blythethan GonzalesEthann

    Blythethan GonzalesEthann

    10 ore fa

    i dare you to draw your girl firend

  6. Manish 8bp

    Manish 8bp

    10 ore fa

    it isn't much of a life😂😂😂

  7. Cameron Martin

    Cameron Martin

    10 ore fa

    imagine forgetting KARL

  8. mohd 5

    mohd 5

    10 ore fa

    Hi z h z I am ayah aim from Sadea arbe i love you lak uor challenges

  9. JudeTG


    10 ore fa

    Can i a nitedo please

  10. Christopher Reyes

    Christopher Reyes

    10 ore fa

    ZHC in the future: Customizing 100 planets and giving them away to random solar systems.

  11. Sapphire Ajero

    Sapphire Ajero

    10 ore fa

    Did'nt know this exist..

  12. Sugandha Ghimire

    Sugandha Ghimire

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  13. yashichanx


    10 ore fa

    i want to see a video where zack gives custom stuff to the dsmp

  14. AGG GG Official

    AGG GG Official

    10 ore fa

    Awesome videos 🤪 🔥 My fav. is Lamborghini one. I request you to please do some more with cars … 😬

  15. Extream Hunter

    Extream Hunter

    10 ore fa

    From 4 year I see your every art work I know how much struggle you do 🥰🥰😍

  16. TNT Arrows

    TNT Arrows

    10 ore fa

    Topika express i where they got there food

  17. Alek Figueroa

    Alek Figueroa

    10 ore fa

    Lol I won’t win but I’ll try😄

  18. Phillip Rivera

    Phillip Rivera

    10 ore fa

    18:17 the dad in the background lol

  19. Nadim Khan

    Nadim Khan

    10 ore fa

    What you live

  20. Sridhar Gunda

    Sridhar Gunda

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  21. Samm Santhosh

    Samm Santhosh

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    I love you

  22. Kimberly Wright

    Kimberly Wright

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    Can i git a ns

  23. jaycee fancher

    jaycee fancher

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    August 17 is my birthday!

  24. DoctorRobertBobby


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    What obnoxious bullshit. Jesus.

  25. sodam kwak

    sodam kwak

    10 ore fa

    who are you giving the iPhones to? You never replied...

  26. The Nugget Cat

    The Nugget Cat

    10 ore fa

    Everyone wants iPhones XD

  27. ctoothless


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    but amazing vid

  28. ctoothless


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    has been pinkinated

  29. ctoothless


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    NOOO the toothless

  30. Razor Fall

    Razor Fall

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    What does hat

  31. ctoothless


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    YES a toothless

  32. Luna Moon

    Luna Moon

    11 ore fa

    I agree with you I love snakes they’re so cute with their little BDI’s

  33. Madelynn Constas

    Madelynn Constas

    11 ore fa

    god bless to humans and animals, we can make a better world by donating to homeless people and granting their wishes

  34. Maeji and Yanni in wonderland Vega

    Maeji and Yanni in wonderland Vega

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    Happy 20.M subsriberss

  35. skaijuto.sketch


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    the house is basically an art museum

  36. Trang Cao

    Trang Cao

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    damn it!

  37. xd DEV7L

    xd DEV7L

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    Now that I think about it whoever will actually live here would be so embarrassed if anyone came over

  38. Ella Zheng

    Ella Zheng

    11 ore fa

    Anybody here in 2021 ???

  39. Moudi AlHassoun

    Moudi AlHassoun

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  40. Winter Wild

    Winter Wild

    11 ore fa

    I would have loved to be in this video I love painting and I love doing art I just think it is so relaxing

  41. Annie Chenille

    Annie Chenille

    11 ore fa

    At first I thought that was a piano when I saw the screen at first!!! LOL

  42. Sus Plays Games

    Sus Plays Games

    11 ore fa

    Leo is a PiwdiePie with accent

  43. Deedra Doherty

    Deedra Doherty

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    And you'r hare

  44. Sarina's Umproblamatic World

    Sarina's Umproblamatic World

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    can you donate some art supplies to me I've been doing art since forever(Started 3 months ago) no one needs to now we can keep this on the low. I'm playing I love you guys

  45. Sarina's Umproblamatic World

    Sarina's Umproblamatic World

    11 ore fa

    This video oddly made me laugh thanks

  46. Jody Mongilutz

    Jody Mongilutz

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    Zhc is so cool

  47. Nicholas Melkert

    Nicholas Melkert

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    Me I got 1000000000000000000000000000000008 Legos

  48. Wally Etika

    Wally Etika

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    Zhc Morning and his wife are in the same room

  49. Adelaide Playz

    Adelaide Playz

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    :0 It’s Jayus!!!!

  50. Cindy Demello

    Cindy Demello

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    I think nasa wants this lol

  51. Ben 10

    Ben 10

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    I know i will never get picked but I love zhc

  52. Lori Lavado (AV)

    Lori Lavado (AV)

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  53. Katia Delacruz

    Katia Delacruz

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    He is literally so generous, I hope I have the money to do stuff like this. :)

  54. Sophia Travis

    Sophia Travis

    11 ore fa

    Hell yes that was awesome that dude can rap and you can draw.

  55. Tendai animations

    Tendai animations

    11 ore fa

    The caylus how did they do that😂

  56. DUCKY 6AM3R


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    this would be so fun :(

  57. Bhaumashree Nanda

    Bhaumashree Nanda

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    Love from India

  58. Smith Japitan

    Smith Japitan

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    How i wish i can have a calligraphy haha