I want to make the world a happier place
I also like to give stuff away to my subscribers lol
- Gave away 2 houses
- Given hundreds of thousands to charity
- Donated over 100 phones to people in need
- Gave away over 100 iPads
- Giving away 40 Macbooks
- Gave away over 200 Airpods
- Donated 8 cars
- Surprised MrBeast with a house
- Surprised Charli D'Amelio with custom phones
- Surprised Addison Rae with her dream car
- Surprised Brent Rivera with an ipad mural
and a lot more

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  1. Ajay Thomas

    Ajay Thomas

    22 ore fa

    Dude ZHC that was really kind bro:)

  2. Blue Hoodie

    Blue Hoodie

    22 ore fa

    The spin the wheel is rigged

  3. MadMix Arts

    MadMix Arts

    22 ore fa

    You are really a king hearted person ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Sam Plays

    Sam Plays

    22 ore fa

    Can i please get one please❤️

  5. AndreaL


    22 ore fa

    How did you buy that lot!?

  6. BAN RUI WEN Moe


    22 ore fa

    What do you mean minheal,oh you mean Micheal afton



    22 ore fa

    you so good on paint and help people, you one of the best people i ever have seen on youtube.

  8. Amber Evelyn

    Amber Evelyn

    22 ore fa

    This vid inspired me to do art and not to be afraid Thx for posting

  9. Neji Roblox

    Neji Roblox

    22 ore fa

    can you give me one please :(

  10. DINKI


    22 ore fa

    Is this the first time i see u with a full T-shirt

  11. Liam Slavitt

    Liam Slavitt

    22 ore fa

    what markers were those?

  12. Andrea


    22 ore fa

    Draw a four-wheeler with a skeleton on it

  13. Harshitha Bokuto

    Harshitha Bokuto

    22 ore fa

    Addison was the most excited

  14. Neta Nepo

    Neta Nepo

    22 ore fa

    This is so cool😍

  15. Haydn Harries

    Haydn Harries

    22 ore fa

    I am such a fan I am only eight years old even my brother my brother is nearly 9

  16. Abuela


    22 ore fa

    Can i win won?

  17. Eukalyptus 15

    Eukalyptus 15

    22 ore fa

    That's the right Content. <3 U Zachary

  18. Blaze PlayzZ

    Blaze PlayzZ

    22 ore fa


  19. Sabeeh MN

    Sabeeh MN

    22 ore fa


  20. evilcloud


    22 ore fa


  21. Nico Shokimo

    Nico Shokimo

    22 ore fa

    Im a human dictionary :>

  22. FroggyBoi126


    22 ore fa

    he scam he using a lambo against a model 3 obiviously the lambo is gonna win

  23. Sharkbite12 the shark gang

    Sharkbite12 the shark gang

    22 ore fa

    And the one that's a shark pls.

  24. Perlin Rumnong

    Perlin Rumnong

    22 ore fa

    Please give one

  25. Fishy Army

    Fishy Army

    22 ore fa

    Fishy army rise

  26. Rafi Palgi

    Rafi Palgi

    22 ore fa

    Love your videos

  27. Hakkı Arda Önvural

    Hakkı Arda Önvural

    22 ore fa

    Türkler yine ünlü oldu

  28. Tanush I love ZHC

    Tanush I love ZHC

    22 ore fa

    I wish I had all the creativeness of zhc

  29. Vignesh v

    Vignesh v

    22 ore fa

    I need one. Hope that I may win one❤️. :)

  30. angel dan kevin

    angel dan kevin

    22 ore fa

    12:07 *Listen to BTS for one hour* *Me:GIMME IT*

  31. Chris joseph Casing

    Chris joseph Casing

    22 ore fa

    is it just me but smetimes when i saw that tablet my eyes is seeing it as a death note somehow?

  32. Tanush I love ZHC

    Tanush I love ZHC

    22 ore fa

    I love ZHC

  33. motheo dube

    motheo dube

    22 ore fa

    What worm was that

  34. T Frater

    T Frater

    22 ore fa

    Can I pay you to do mine 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🦋

  35. martu fruidoban

    martu fruidoban

    22 ore fa

    I want be s great as ZHC how can he do these crazy are videos

  36. India Forrest

    India Forrest

    22 ore fa

    if me and my family had 20 thousand dollars are life would be changed

  37. Noah


    22 ore fa

    Who is this blue hair loser?

  38. ItsUnpug


    22 ore fa

    Woah, 69

  39. Emily Goodwin

    Emily Goodwin

    22 ore fa

    yayy lllllllllllllllllllll

  40. Manish Chhaya

    Manish Chhaya

    22 ore fa

    Please i need one

  41. Pancake King

    Pancake King

    22 ore fa

    The thumbnail killed me

  42. Devil Kitty

    Devil Kitty

    22 ore fa

    He’s changing lives for the better 😌

  43. Mark Lee

    Mark Lee

    22 ore fa

    I hope I get Nintendo switch 💚💚💚😁😁

  44. Akazi Mdsaleh

    Akazi Mdsaleh

    22 ore fa

    We don't waste our paint on drawing...we just waste our time to help people with the art

  45. Sharkbite12 the shark gang

    Sharkbite12 the shark gang

    22 ore fa


  46. verse evoid

    verse evoid

    22 ore fa

    Is Michelle your sister or girlfriend

    • Myra Patel

      Myra Patel

      22 ore fa


  47. Noob Show Squad

    Noob Show Squad

    22 ore fa

    One Side Ice, One Side Fire -Zach MHA Fans: ShoTOoOoOoOooOO

  48. DarkDevilCreator


    22 ore fa

    And bro show me how to make a gaming room carnage wall art with rgb lighting

  49. Haneen Elali

    Haneen Elali

    22 ore fa

    Thx ZHC

  50. Haneen Elali

    Haneen Elali

    22 ore fa

    And I’m only 10 and l Ike those games plz plz plz

  51. ritheash .v

    ritheash .v

    22 ore fa

    Fan from India

  52. Emily Purser

    Emily Purser

    22 ore fa

    Dude I need a switch all my friends have one and I’m the only on without one so I can only play with them when they are online on their PS4’s and that’s not there often

  53. Haneen Elali

    Haneen Elali

    22 ore fa

    Plz me I have never had one and I never won so plz



    22 ore fa

    Man it would be nice if I could get

  55. Dmoneyhustler


    22 ore fa


  56. Louise Kelly

    Louise Kelly

    22 ore fa

    Pls may I have one as I Watch you everyday and subscribe and like the video I always ask my i mum if I can watch you guys longer every night

  57. Roblox with sara

    Roblox with sara

    22 ore fa

    Hi I know you won’t respond to me but I would love to see you do a slow Mo video if you painting a good design please see this comment

  58. Mohamed Jaafar

    Mohamed Jaafar

    22 ore fa


  59. Mohamed Jaafar

    Mohamed Jaafar

    22 ore fa


  60. mona adventure

    mona adventure

    22 ore fa

    ZHC is so good omg I lov u guys.EVERYBODY SUBSCRIBE TO ZHC

  61. Pandora Phantom666

    Pandora Phantom666

    22 ore fa

    hey can i get a shoutout in future videos

  62. XxxxkawaiixxxX Kawai

    XxxxkawaiixxxX Kawai

    22 ore fa

    Awwww this is so cute! 🥺

  63. thoeun x

    thoeun x

    22 ore fa

    I have been wanting it so long

  64. Jen Handford

    Jen Handford

    22 ore fa

    zack i pefer your blue hair

  65. EndSheat -

    EndSheat -

    22 ore fa

    Your thumnail, isn’t paining it, it’s destroying it.

  66. wizzyworld


    22 ore fa

    I would absolutely love to have something that they have customised!!!💓❤️😂

  67. Reza Hakimi

    Reza Hakimi

    22 ore fa

    Hey men I a new gaming consol please and if you can it be ps

  68. Luna Gaming

    Luna Gaming

    22 ore fa

    I love ur vids they r so cool!

  69. Minecraft player

    Minecraft player

    22 ore fa

    Please can i get one i never had a nitendo switch

  70. Ayan Mukherjee

    Ayan Mukherjee

    22 ore fa

    how do you customize Cheetos?

  71. Vorleak Chea

    Vorleak Chea

    22 ore fa

    Can I have one Switches please

  72. Mitchell Crocetta

    Mitchell Crocetta

    22 ore fa

    respect for what you are doing man

  73. Wendy Lynn Cudiamat

    Wendy Lynn Cudiamat

    22 ore fa

    Can my daughter get a Nintendo switch because my daughter is a super big fan

  74. Cayle Fechner

    Cayle Fechner

    22 ore fa

    Please me never mind I know you well not sorry for asking

  75. daffygirl98ツΨ ϟ

    daffygirl98ツΨ ϟ

    22 ore fa

    u goat best artist i have ever seen or heard of

  76. ThatOneRandomBookNerd


    22 ore fa

    Alternate title: Flexing With Money and Beating A Poor Stuffy To Death

  77. Azaria Tewodros

    Azaria Tewodros

    22 ore fa

    Your so kind

  78. BJ Trishia Vinzon

    BJ Trishia Vinzon

    22 ore fa

    me pls

  79. Sree Apoorva.

    Sree Apoorva.

    22 ore fa

    Awwwww you are soooooooo sweet ⚡😍😍😘😚

  80. Pratik Rai

    Pratik Rai

    22 ore fa

    God bless uh bro